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November Report

Posted on Thu Nov 28th, 2019 @ 9:11am by Captain Jane Saulitis

USS Majestic- November Report

Sim Updates:
We have a new dark skin. Hazzah! It's so pretty and has the banner that our Lt. Sullivan designed as well. We actually have one more dark skin being worked on to give people some options. just figured that after a year we should have a bit of a change up.

Crew Updates
We lost no one and gained Lieutenant Laural Hawke as Encryption Specialist . Chief Intelligence officer was promoted to Lieutenant.

Story Elements
We are just finishing our story about negotiations with the Claddin Empire. The crew of the Majestic ran into a little snafu in that area but managed to avoid an international incident. Also, they are much closer to discovering the secret of the injuries and odd behavior everyone has been experiencing. I've opened up shoreleave as we are visiting Starbase Poseidon for yet another wedding.

Other Information:
I'm actually thinking about having a contest to design a logo for us to use as the image on our discord and could be included on our website. Not sure if anyone is interested but it's a thought and something I would like to have done at some point. I'm not a graphic designer at all.

Statistics: Bit of a slower month but we're just getting back into the swing of things after some real life drama on my part:

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Player characters: 14
New players: 1


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