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December Report

Posted on Sat Dec 29th, 2018 @ 9:25am by Captain Jane Saulitis

Sim Updates
No updates worth mentioning. Once the mission concludes I'm going to talk to my webmaster about putting up awards on the manifest.

Crew Updates
We have one new crew member this month. Welcome Ensign O'Donnaghue who is playing our chief flight control officer! We hope you have fun with us. We lost no one this month. Awards and promotions will be done as we get closer to the end of the mission.

Open Positions include: Chief Strategic Operations Officer, Chief Operations Officer and Chief Science Officer

Story Elements
The Majestic is still adrift in space. Despite the good posting count a lot of them weren't mission related, which is fine because I know a lot of people were traveling and busy with the holidays. I'd like to wrap up this part of the mission soon though so we can move on to part three and the conclusion which is much more interesting in my humble opinion!

Other Information
Just wanted to say I'm really pleased with the post count this month. Despite the month being a busy one for holidays we still managed to have a good count with some interesting posts! Thanks, you guys (and gals) are awesome!


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Category: General News