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Lieutenant S'vor

Name S'vor

Position Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Vulcan
Age 46

Physical Appearance

Height 6'2"
Weight 178 lbs
Physical Description Just like any other vulcan, healthy, strong looking and non-emotional facial expression.


Spouse None
Children None
Father So'vak
Mother T'Prilk
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family None

Personality & Traits

General Overview S'vor is a Vulcan, so he is highly intelligent, logical, and disciplined. However, he is also compassionate and empathetic, which is unusual for a Vulcan. He is fiercely loyal to his friends and family, and he is always willing to put himself in danger to protect them.

S'vor is also a skilled tactician and strategist. He is able to think quickly and clearly under pressure, and he is always one step ahead of his enemies. He is also a skilled hand-to-hand combatant, and he is proficient in a variety of weapons.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Strategic thinking, tactical planning, hand-to-hand combat skills, proficiency in weapons, loyalty, compassion, empathy
Weaknesses: Can be too logical at times, which can lead him to make decisions that are not in the best interests of his crew or his ship. He also has a deep dislike of intelligence agencies, which can sometimes cloud his judgment.
Ambitions S'vor is ambitious, but his ambitions are not personal. He wants to make a difference in the world, and he believes that Starfleet is the best way to do that. He wants to be a captain one day, so that he can lead his own crew on missions of exploration and discovery.
Hobbies & Interests S'vor is a very private person, and he does not have many hobbies or interests. He enjoys reading, playing chess, and practicing martial arts. He also enjoys spending time with his friends and family.

Languages: Vulcan, Federation Standard

Personal History Childhood History:

Commander So'vak was traveling to attend his brother's funeral on the same ship that T'Prilk was taking to meet her fiance. Unfortunately several of the power conduits blew en route. Although there was no immediate danger the ship was halted in its journey(there were sufficient supplies to last the passengers and crew for the duration of the lengthy repair process).

T'prilk had more pressing issues as she entered the throes of Pon Farr. On a ship crewed primarily of gorn, the only person with whom she was compatible proved to be another Vulcan name of So'vak. T'Prilk fell pregnant from the experience. To the horror of her noble-rank family, she requested a change in future husbands. So'vak and T'Prilk soon married and continued their time on the USS Leyte Gulf after S'vor's birth on Vulcan.

S'vor was born on Vulcan to So'vak, a Starfleet commander, and T'Prilk, a noblewoman. His childhood was marked by tragedy when his mother was killed in a transporter accident. Though he was young, this would, in time, come back to him to truly test his emotional and rational mind set. His father, on the other hand, took this hard, despite the fact that he was vulcan. He was a single father, and so, he resigned his command and took S’vor back to Vulcan to focus on raising the young child. As Vulcan was a highly structured and disciplined society, it would help both So’vak and the child to heal through the loss of S’vor’s mother.

In the early years of his childhood, S’vor was taught the value of logic, reasoning, and self-control over emotions. He was introduced to a wide variety of subjects, including mathematics, science, history, and philosophy. While at home, he was expected to contribute to the family and the local community by doing chores around the house, help in the community, and learn a trade.

S’vor, along with other Vulcan children, underwent the ritual known as Kahs-wan, the Rite of Passage. This ritual was a test of their physical and mental abilities. It was also a time for them to reflect on their place in Vulcan society and to make a commitment to living a life of logic and reason. During this ritual, only he and one other child were able to make it through the ritual without receiving a serious wound prior to the end of the ritual. Though he did get several lacerations and a broken arm, he was able to protect one seriously injured classmate from an attacking lizard. This event had a profound impact on S'vor, and it led him to pursue a career in Starfleet so that he could protect others from the same kind of pain that he had experienced.

Starfleet Background.

S'vor graduated at the top of his class from Vulcan academy, to which, with the assistance and approval from his father, he applied to Starfleet command. Once accepted, the young vulcan quickly took on the challenge, with relative ease, though the struggle of being away from vulcan and around so many other species was the biggest struggle. This is the time he started to pick up additional training. As part of his general studies, security, tactics, S’vor also trained in fighter pilot basic tactics. This led to advanced fighter pilot training, but in the final year of the academy, his focus was more on security and tactics, primarily war tactics.

The fourth year cadet was assigned to the USS Peking for his cadet cruise. However, his cruise was interrupted by Starfleet Intelligence, who sent him on a secret mission to Romulan space. The details of his mission are classified, but it is known that he developed a deep dislike of intelligence agencies during this time.

After completing his mission and completing StarFleet Academy, S'vor was assigned to the USS Liberty as an security/tactical officer. He served on the Liberty for several years, and he gained a reputation as a skilled and reliable officer. This was until the Dominion War started and sent the whole fleet into a completely different mindset than most were trained for. This lead to a lot of failures and mistakes.

During the Dominion War, this was where he got the field training he only learned during his studies in war tactics, to which even the holodeck training sessions only laid out a basic understanding. But half way through the war, the Ark Royal was destroyed in battle, but several crew members, including S’vor, were able to escape and survive in time. S'vor distinguished himself by saving the chief engineer and the rest of the engineering crew during the evacuation of the Ark Royal. The cost of his heroics were met with receiving severe injuries, placing him on extended leave while he went through recovery and rehabilitation.

Lieutenant S'vor returned to the war as a co-pilot/weapons specialist on the USS Gladiator, an Intrepid-class starship. This was a change from his previous role, but the lack of ships and tactical officers led leadership to rely on personnel's secondary training. The squadron was a unique mix of Marine and Starfleet pilots.

It was here that he met his marine pilot and wingman, 1st Lieutenant David Hawkins. S'vor noted in his personal logs that Hawkins was a skilled tactician and pilot, but also cocky and overconfident, which sometimes made their assaults on the enemy borderline reckless.

What Hawkins didn't realize was that S'vor was capable of surprising emotions, and that they shared a type of unspoken connection that made them like brothers. Although they butted heads at first, they eventually developed a deep bond that continued throughout their lives.

After the war, S'vor was assigned to the USS Fitzgerald as the assistant security/tactical officer. He served on the Fitzgerald for a short stint before resigning his starfleet position to advance his skills and knowledge in the Federal Intelligence Agency, despite his previous dislike of the intelligence agencies in his earlier years.

S'vor's decision to join the FIA is a curious one. It is possible that he was motivated by a desire to change the intelligence community from within, or perhaps he simply saw it as an opportunity to use his skills and experience in a new and challenging way. Whatever his reasons, S'vor's unique background and perspective was better tuned as part of the FIA. He learned much more advanced skills, in which he soon was able to mold into his Starfleet experience.

As a member of the Federation Intelligence Agency (FIA), he dedicated over two decades to serving the United Federation of Planets. During this time, he honed his skills in information gathering, infiltration tactics, and assisting with judicial cases to bring down all levels of negative influences. His work exposed him to a wide range of viewpoints and experiences, which challenged his narrow-minded Vulcan perspective and forced him to see the world in a new light. He learned that not everything is black and white, but rather a complex tapestry of shades of gray, with varying degrees of right and wrong.

After over two decades of service in the FIA, Vulcan officer S'vor decided to return to Starfleet. He had always felt a strong connection to the organization, and he was eager to use his skills and experience to serve the Federation in a new way.

S'vor applied for a position in the security and tactical department, and he was quickly accepted, on the USS Cortez. His experience in the FIA made him an ideal candidate for the role, and he quickly proved to be a valuable asset to the team.

S'vor's skills and experience were put to the test immediately. The ship was soon caught up in a dangerous conflict with a Ferangi ship, and S'vor's expertise in tactical maneuvers and combat strategy was essential in helping the ship to emerge victorious. S'vor was commended for his bravery and leadership.

In his new role, S'vor worked closely with the ship's security chief to protect the ship and its crew from threats both inside and outside the ship. He also trained and mentored new security officers, and he helped to develop new strategies and tactics to counter emerging threats.

S'vor was a valuable asset to the security and tactical department, and he was respected by his colleagues for his skills, experience, and dedication. He chose to move forward and apply for a Chief position, after learning all he could from his former supervisor, to allow for his further growth and experience to continue forward.
Service Record Education:
Basic Schooling - Sohk-Pak, Vulcan
Vulcan Institute for the Defensive Arts, Vulcan
Starfleet Academy, Earth

Service Record:

Starfleet Academy - Tactical/Security/Intelligence
USS Peking (Academy ship) - Security and Tactics Training
USS Liberty - Security/Tactical Officer
USS Ark Royal - Security/Tactical Officer

USS Gladiator (Intrepid class) - Tactical Officer - Fighter Squadron
USS Fitzgerald - Assistant Security/Tactical Officer

Federation Intelligence Agency (FIA) - Field Agent
Federation Intelligence Agency (FIA) - Case Agent
Federation Intelligence Agency (FIA) - Special Agent

USS Cortez - Assistant Security/Tactical Officer