Master Chief Petty Officer Benjamin Fisher

Master Chief Petty Officer Benjamin Fisher

Name Benjamin Robert Fisher

Position Chief Of The Boat

Rank Master Chief Petty Officer

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 55

Physical Appearance

Height 6'2"
Weight 175lbs
Hair Color Dirty Blond (Greying)
Eye Color Blue


Spouse Divorced
Children Lucas Fisher, 20 Years Old Earth
Father Major General Lucas P. Fisher, Deceased
Mother Linda J Fisher, Retired, Earth
Brother(s) Sergeant Major Thomas H Fisher, SFMC Ret, New Bajor Colony
Master Gunnery Sergeant Lincoln Fisher, SFMC RET, Risa
Sister(s) Holly Fisher, Resort Manager, Risa

Personality & Traits

General Overview Benjamin Fisher is his job and has let it come between himself and his family and relationships since he enlisted. Benjamin is a very fair leader although is very demanding of his subordinates and even of his superiors. He is well known in all of the commands he has served for having the admiration of his subordinates, attention of his peers, and respect of his superiors. When off duty Benjamin generally keeps to himself or within a small group of his friends which are generally within his own department or within the Chief's mess since being elevated to Chief Petty Officer.
Ambitions Benjamin has reached most of his career ambitions that he started out with however he is hoping that he will be able to continue to make a difference within the fleet and elevate to a command position within Starfleet that will allow him to ensure the development of the Non-Commissioned Officers and Enlisted personnel of Starfleet.

His family ambitions currently involve maintaining a relationship with his now adult son.
Hobbies & Interests Benjamin enjoys playing both the piano and the saxophone in his spare time. In addition to music he also enjoys holodeck programs about various ancient seagoing vessels including tall ships and even military vessels from the 20th and 21st century.

Personal History Benjamin Robert Fisher was born on Earth in the Starfleet Medical Facility at a base located on the Australian Peninsula and has since been disbanded. His father Jeffery Calvin Fisher was the commander of the Military Police Unit assigned to the then Marine Base and his mother a teacher at the primary school located on the base for Starfleet dependents.

Benjamin's family had a long and proud history serving in Starfleet and as dictated by the family tradition he joined the Marine Corps. He was, however, the first one to join while still in school and attended recruit training during the summer between his junior and senior year of High School. He graduated from his Marine Recruit Training and was placed in Delayed Entry Status until he graduated from High School and then reported a few weeks later to Military Police school.

Following Military Police School he reported to Alpha Company, 2ND MP Battalion, 3rd Marine Division where he served in various positions from Military Policeman to Squad Leader, and even Logistics NCO for the Company. During his years with Alpha Company, he befriended and became best friends with one of the Fleet Marine Force Corpsman attached to his unit. It was during his friendship with the Corpsman, Jason Holmes, that he found an interest in medicine. When his second enlistment period was up he requested and was granted transfer to Starfleet.

When he transferred to Starfleet he was reduced in rank one pay grade from Sergeant to Petty Officer Third Class and was given the rating of Master-at-Arms the equivalent to the Marine's Military Police. He applied for Health Service Technician (better known as Corpsman) "A"-School and was granted that assignment. Upon completion of Corpsman school, he was advanced back to his previous pay grade which was now Petty Officer Second Class. From A-School he went straight to Independent Duty Corpsman training as well as Fleet Marine Force training due to his prior service as a marine.

It was at his first assignment to the Fleet Marine Force that he met his first wife though they divorced after a year after some differences in career planning. About a year after his divorce he met another woman and they married only six months after meeting each other. Their marriage was much more successful and they had a son who was born aboard the USS London.

It was aboard the USS London that he had been advanced to Chief Petty Officer marking a major advancement in his career and his command ambitions. While aboard the USS London tensions began ramping up toward the dominion war and he volunteered for reassignment to the Fleet Marine Forces. When he volunteered to serve with the Marine Corps. again his second wife decided that it was against her wishes and divorce papers were signed the day before he transferred to the 11th Marine Division.

He served in multiple forward combat operations during the Dominion war and afterward, he returned to a Stand Down assignment with a vacation that included stops on Risa and Earth. Relations with his estranged wife and son became worse after he decided to return to service at the completion of his stand down time and he was assigned to the USS Courageous where he was the Independent Duty Corpsman or Medical Petty Officer and the ship's sole medical provider. As it was a small command and options were slim he became qualified as an Officer of the Deck on that command and fell in love with being part of command even more.

His next assignment granted him his wish of being part of a command team when he was assigned to the USS Kir where he served as not only the Chief Corpsman but the Command Senior Chief. He had advanced to Senior Chief while aboard the Courageous. His next tour of duty was aboard the USS Sovereign as Chief Corpsman. While serving aboard he advanced to Master Chief Petty Officer and extended aboard for another tour this one as Command Master Chief and having no other secondary role aboard ship due to its size.

Much to Ben's disappointment, it was time for a shoreside assignment and he returned to Deep Space 4 as it's Command Master Chief. It was on Deep Space 4 that he worked hard on extending his education wanting to move forward in the command realm to a fleet level or higher command position. He then went back to Earth to Training Center Petaluma where he became Command Master Chief of the Corpsman School. While on Earth he was able to re-establish a relationship with his estranged son. At age 18 his son was partaking in civilian education to become a historian and archeologist.

When Ben received his assignment to the USS Healy, as Command Master Chief, he decided that this would be his last shipboard command and he would either move to a higher level of command or retire to try and keep a relationship with his son after he graduated from his university program.