Petty Officer 2nd Class Renner Tycho


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Petty Officer 2nd Class Renner Tycho

Name Renner Tycho

Position Damage Control Specialist

Rank Petty Officer 2nd Class

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Argelian
Age 26

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10"
Weight 162
Hair Color Dark Chestnut
Eye Color Sable
Physical Description Standing a modest five foot and ten inches, Renner is not what one would consider imposing in build judging by height alone, but years of physical labor and scavenging for amenities before his induction to the fleet have left the young man with a lean, muscular build which is more often than not covered layers of clothing when he is not in uniform. He bears more than a few scars across his torso and limbs - some of which have been covered with inked designs over the years


Spouse Talla Arben (Divorced)
Children N/A
Father Holton Tycho
Mother Jetta Renner
Brother(s) Holt Tycho
Germaine Tycho
Sister(s) Jesyn Tycho
Other Family Jesilyn Sybela - Great-Aunt, Prefect, Argelius II
Gerum Renner - Uncle, Argelian Merchant Fleet
Aston Renner - Uncle, Argelian Merchant Fleet

Personality & Traits

General Overview Over all, Ren is an easy-going individual. Not quick to anger, he is difficult to provoke in a fight. When he does commit, though, he strikes with a single-minded determination - be it an argument or a physical brawl. He has been referred to as Level-Headed by his allies, Dim-Witted or 'Bloody-Minded' by his adversaries. Neither ever seems to bother him much.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Driven Personality
+ Physical Strength
+ Telepathic Abilities

- Not inclined toward following directions
- Fiery temper when provoked
- Criminal past
Ambitions Ren wants to rebuild his reputation over-all - he has had some minor assistance in this through connections in the Federation and his father's family, but it is still an uphill battle to solid respectability.
Hobbies & Interests Computers, flying, explosives

Personal History The second of four children - and the first-born son - Renner was born into a mixed family of psuedo-royalty. His father - Holton Tycho - was the nephew of the current Prefect. So it was with no little consternation that he chose a simple merchant's daughter - and an off-worlder at that - as his wife. While his immediate family resisted, Tycho's aunt allowed the marriage, welcoming the opening to trade it would provide.

Ren's family life was on the upper end of modest for much of his early life. Content to live on his own means rather than making claims on his family, Ren's father provided for his growing brood and made plans with his wife for their children's futures. Their eldest - named for her esteemed great-aunt - eventually went to the woman for tutoring and further study at the University of Argelius. His younger brothers found careers in local politics and trade. Ren started out training with his Renner uncles with aspirations of joining the Merchant Fleet.

Somewhere along the line, Ren fell in with a self-promoted 'Trade Archon' by the name of Lister hailing from Alpha Eridani II. Disregarding his Uncles' warnings, the twenty-two-year-old committed himself and his fledgling crew to working with Lister and - for the first eighteen months, at least - began pulling in huge scores. He seemed well on the way toward making a name for himself - even attracting the attention of a fellow trader, Talla Arban. The two married and made plans to join their crews into a unified trade front. it was the makings for a solid and prosperous future - until it all went up in smoke.

Shortly before Ren's first anniversary, word leaked out that stolen merchandise was showing up in the neighboring trade markets. When similar goods began appearing on Argelius II itself, eyes began turning toward the young trade Captain. Ren kept up a sufficient smoke screen while he set about looking for a possible leak in his crew. What he didn't expect to find was his wife of one year figuratively - and literally - in bed with his supposed mentor in disguise. Lister, it turned out, had his own less than legal connections, and had been using Ren's outfit to off-load his more troublesome cargo.

Devestated, Ren made plans to expose the man - only to find he'd fallen too far into the trap. With Talla's help, Lister had severed all physical connections between himself and Ren, leaving the younger man to take the full weight of punishment for the crimes. Within the month Ren and his crew were arrested and put up for charges of Piracy, each looking at a possible life sentence.

Swallowing his pride, Ren asked for permission to speak with his great-aunt, begging her to use what influence she could look into the case and do what she could to let his men off with as few charges as possible. Whether familial loyalty, or simply a fondness for her nephew's offspring, Jesilyn threw her weight into the case. With the cooperation of Ren and his crew, the adulterated logs were uncovered, pointing to outside influence; unfortunately, Lister had covered his tracks too well for any charges to be placed on him. The end result was a fine and a strong warning for the Ren and three men who had served with him. As an added punishment, Ren's license to operate as a captain was revoked, leaving him to wait the requisite five years before he could apply again.

Though he was more or less a free man, his record black-listed him in many ways. Ren tried signing on with other merchant crews, but either news of his debacle, or his own stubborn reputation left him with nothing more than menial labor offerings. Seeing his son was determined to make a new start, regardless of setbacks, Holton introduced Ren to a Starfleet Captain he knew. While the young man had no interest in spending four years stuck in Academy, he was informed he could enlist if he so chose. It was a difficult choice for a usually independent minded person, but in the end Ren saw it as his only viable option and accepted. Soon enough he was accepted to the USS Majestic as a Petty-Officer, 2nd Class, serving on the Damage Control team.
Service Record Argelian Merchant Fleet - 2388-2390
USS Majestic - 2395-Present