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Lieutenant Commander Angus Murphy

Name Angus Murphy

Position Chief Engineering Officer

Second Position Second Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 35

Physical Appearance

Height 6'0"
Weight 170 lbs
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Pale Green
Physical Description Murph has a light complexion, red hair, and a scruffy beard that he keeps fairly short within regulation. He wears a black wedding band with a platinum inlay on his left hand.


Spouse LTJG Martin 'Marty' Redfield (Deceased)
Children None
Father Kerry Murphy
Mother Angelica Portios-Murphy
Sister(s) LTJG Aileen Murphy-Crowe (USS Odin, Astrometrics Science Officer)
Cathleen Murphy (Low Level Civilian Government Worker, Boradis III)
Shauna Murphy (Helmsman, SS Constantinople, Civilian Freighter)
Other Family Minvayr (Creoli), Goddaughter

Personality & Traits

General Overview Murphy is a whitty, hot-headed engineer who takes his duty to keeping the ship running very seriously. He's pretty closed, personally, following the loss of his long time partner on his previous assignment and he tends to be very hard on the people who work for him, driving them toward perfection and making it clear that he's not their friend. If they need someone to talk to, they should see a counselor or a bartender.

He sees a counselor regularly for working through stress and grief issues and he's learning to be open and frank in those discussions. He understands that counseling works, so he may not enjoy the sessions, but he does comply with them.

There are times when the counseling thing isn't convenient. Late at night, when he's in his quarters alone or on shore leave--, those are the hardest moments. He'll sometimes slip out for a drink at the lounge. It doesn't really help, but he pretends it does. It's become a habit now, maybe one that had become too much of a crutch.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Skill and Training - Murphy is more than adequately skilled for the job. His mind is sharp and he understands complex engineering systems and dependencies. He knows his job and he knows your job and he might tell you how to do your job.

+ Loyalty - Murphy is very loyal to Starfleet, his ship, his captain, and everyone he works for. He would put his life on the line for anyone.

+ Self-discipline - Whatever challenges the night brings, the day always starts fresh and early at 0530 with a regular jog around deck 7. Anyone who knows him, knows this routine is important to him and they know where to find him if they need to talk. He has many other regimented parts of his day as well.

- Easy to hate/arrogance/bad tempered - You can blame it on his attitude, demanding perfection and committment from his team, but nothing will ever be good enough for him. He suffers from grief and PTSD and that manifests itself in the interactions with subordinants. "It's not arrogance if you ARE right."

- Substance Dependencies - To varying degrees depending on the circumstances as life becomes overwhelming, he leans on the alcohol a little too hard. He's pretty functional, though, so it might be hard to spot on a day-to-day relationship with him.

Personal History Murph grew up in a rough area of a Federation colony on Boradis III. The colony was located on a busy trade route and so it was regularly visited by traders who didn't always have the same respect for people and property that the citizens who lived there did. He learned to stick up for himself, his family, and his ideals when challenged and the whole experience of growing up there left him with hard edges to his personality.

He was always good with mechanical things and computers. His mother would call him a genius, though that was not accurate -- he was smart in more practical terms, though his academic scores were good enough to get into Starfleet Academy. He went through Engineering school, officer training school, and was assigned to Utopia Planitia in orbit of Mars. UP was one of the Federation's largest shipyards and was an assignment that he learned a lot about working on the various explorer-type ships of the fleet as he worked on a few new projects, but primarily on several refit projects. Still, Murph's desire was to get out into space, not be an engineer in a shipyard. He put in his transfer request.

He was transferred to the USS Black Prince along the Romulan border as an auxiliary systems engineering officer overseeing gravity, life support, and replicator systems. He had positive performance reviews entered for this assignment and seemed to get along well with everyone in the department. the ship saw moderate activity but was mostly in the sector to support intelligence efforts so much of the activity was classified.

He was transferred to the USS Indiana when the Black Prince went into refit. The USS Indiana was a Capital-class vessel heavy with a marine contingent. While onboard, he met and married Marty Redfield, a fellow engineer. Marty perished in a plasma explosion during a skirmish with a mercenary vessel. Murph was caught on opposite side of a blast door and was unable to save him. Although there is no evidence to support it, Murph has always blamed a particular engineering team for skimping on quality and cutting corners in performing their work.

Marty joined the USS Majestic following a six month leave of absence.
Service Record xxxx to xxxx - Starfleet Academy - Engineering Track
xxxx to xxxx - Utopia Planitia Fleetyards - Junior Systems Engineer, Explorer Classes
xxxx to xxxx - USS Black Prince - Auxiliary Systems Engineer
xxxx to xxxx - USS Indiana - Senior Engineer
[6 month leave of absence]
xxxx to current - USS Majestic - Chief Engineering Officer