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Lieutenant Laural Hawke

Name Laural “Hawke-eye” Hawke

Position Encryption Specialist

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Romulan/Betazoid Hybrid
Age 35

Physical Appearance

Height 5’9
Weight 130lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Physical Description Laural has an average height and weight for a Betazoid. her body frame is well defined and slightly muscular, which she maintains through personal training on the holodeck. her body is covered with tattoos which are in turn covering dozens of surgical scars and scars from fighting. she keeps her hair short for ease of maintenance.

Laural has dozens of artificial implants in her body, these require constant maintenance as the implants were not of the highest quality to start with. some of these have been removed, but most are still active within her. her eyes have been replaced with ocular implants which give them a slight gold colour.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Joral Tor
Mother Sophia Hawke
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family None that Starfleet needs to know about

Personality & Traits

General Overview Laural has a rather harsh personality. she can be sociable when needed, but most of her time is spent in her office. she doesn't trust easily, everyone is a potential threat until proven otherwise. due to this, some have called her paranoid in the past which she accepts wholeheartedly, calling it her healthy case of Romulan paranoia
Strengths & Weaknesses strengths: intelligent, fit, expert code breaker

weaknesses: doesn't trust easily, has trouble making friends. emotionally scarred
Ambitions to keep the Federation safe from threats both within and without and redeem herself from her failures
Hobbies & Interests Archery, sketching
Song That Represents Character Boulevard of Broken Dreams - By Green Day

Personal History Born on the edge of federation space, Laural was born to a federation colonist who had chosen to help settle a newly terraformed planet as part of a recovery effort from the Dominion war. Her mother was a Betazoid doctor and therapist who helped establish a medical practice on the colony.

At a young age, Laural lost her mother to a raid by Orion pirates looking for more slaves for their market. Taken prisoner by an Orion slave master, Laural, along with dozens of other colonists ranging from children to full grown adults were moved to a gathering point for new ‘prisoners’, tagged with a restraining implant and transported to the waiting transport ships in orbit. For the next several years, Laural was moved from market to market as her ‘masters’ attempted to sell her off, unfortunately, or rather fortunately for Laural, none of the buyers were interested in a small human girl who would take too long to train as a servant and wasn’t strong enough for mining work.

As she began to move into her teen years, interest in her started to appear from both slave masters interested in a servant and others with less savoury motives. Eventually, Laural was purchased by an Orion scientist who was looking for cheap and expendable subjects for his experiments. His work was focused on looking for new ways to control unruly slaves and servants through control implants and operant conditioning. Suffering through dozens of experiments, Laural’s body received several implants designed to endues an electrical shock to the victim in order to suppress and unruly behaviour. these left several surgical scars across her body where the ‘doctors’ cut into her in order to insert the implant. At the end of each session of surgery, she would be thrown into a tank of harvested, human stem cells and allowed to heal and at the end of every month, she would be pitted up against another of the test subjects in an arena. For the first few fights, she would be beaten almost to death before being dragged off to heal for the next round of fighting, but after a while she gave in to her fate and started fighting back against the other test subjects. Once she started fighting, she surprised everyone with the aggression she would show, giving no ground and no quarter to anyone, regardless of the race or gender of her opponent. After almost a year, she had implants running all the way down her spine designed to suppress any neurological signals, rendering her unconscious as the shock implant had seemed to loose their effectiveness.

As time went on, She began to loose any memories of her life before the experiments and had even forgotten her name. all she knew now was what the Scientist told her and through being told that she was nothing, Laural took that to mean her name. As time passed, Laural, now going by the ‘name’ Zero, began to get tattoos to cover her surgical scars from some of the other prisoners.

One day, the facility she was being held at was attacked by a Klingon raiding party as the Orion slavers had made the mistake of attacking a nearby Klingon colony. Ceasing the opportunity, Laural jumped the guard who came to open her cell, braking his neck and taking his keys. Making her way out of the facility, she killed everyone she came across, slavers, slaves, test subjects, attacking Klingons, it didn’t matter to her, she just wanted to leave. Taking the armour from a Klingon warrior she’d killed, she slaughtered her way though the facility to the hanger bay where she stole a small warp capable shuttle, set a course for Federation Space and engaged the engines at their highest warp factor.

Burning the warp drive out after 8 hours of high warp, Laural’s shuttle dropped from warp between star systems and began to float though space on impulse power alone hoping to find an M class planet she could land on and hide before the shuttle’s power ran dry. However, fate seemed to have something else in mind. As her shuttle floated into a star system Laural had lucked out and arrived in the Vulcan system and was intercepted by a Vulcan patrol cruiser. Pleading for assistance, she was brought aboard and explained her story to the Vulcan doctor, or at least what she could remember of it.

After a full body scan onboard the patrol cruiser, the Vulcan doctor determined that she was one; telling the truth, and two; that removing the implants would be the best thing for her and would save her from future pain. Grudgingly accepting, Laural was taken to Vulcan to a neural specialist who could remove the implants from her spine without causing permanent paralysis and with a minimum of damage. After almost four months in recovery, Laural decided to take a transport to Earth, where she was taken into custody at by Starfleet Intelligence as the Vulcan doctor that had treated her had sent her bio-scan to them for identification. Their search had resulted in a match in their missing persons database.

A little skeptical of what they were telling her, Laural read over what files Starfleet Intelligence had on her and her parents. Although she wasn’t completely convinced, what she read did stir something in her. After learning that her mother was in Starfleet before she left to become a colonist, Laural decided to follow in her footsteps and asked to enlist, partly to honour her mother, but also partly in hopes of finding her Romulan Father.

With the experiences she already had, Laural didn’t even consider a career in the sciences or engineering. Her mind went straight to the more combat-oriented fields of security or Marines. Eventually, after a few months of considering and counselling, Laural chose to enlist in the Starfleet Marine Corp. Her first few months in the Corp were hard for her, adjusting to the new lifestyle and learning to trust others again, but after she was assigned to her training squad, and after she'd beaten up a few of them, they helped her to feel more at home.
Service Record After almost two years of training, Laural’s first assignment was onboard an Excelsior class starship, the USS Normandy. Although the Marine Corp was technically its own division within the ships crew, they spent most of their time onboard coordinating with ships security and acting as an additional security force. As Laural was still learning the ropes of a starship lifestyle, she didn’t really complain about the strange arrangements. A few years later, she was transferred to a planet side starbase near the Klingon boarder. During her new assignment, Laural was approached by a member of Starfleet Intelligence with an offer for a clandestine mission. Starfleet intelligence wanted a few Marines to go in undercover as bodyguards for one of their operatives attempting to infiltrate the Orion Syndicate. After being briefed on the mission, Laural jumped at the chance. After a quick crash course on Starfleet Intelligence procedures, and a short shuttle ride to a nearby system, Laural was ready for anything.

Although this mission was rather mundane, Laural immediately took a liking to the lifestyle. Impressed with how quickly she adapted to it, the officer who had recruited her for the mission took her to one side after few months undercover and revealed to her that he was part of a special branch of Starfleet Intelligence called Section 31 who’s primary goal was to protect the Federation from threats both within and without. After his explanation, he offered Laural a position with Section 31. Given a few days to consider the offer, Laural chose to accept.

{Classified Section 31 operations}

Her first assignment was to shadow another operative in order to learn the ins and outs of Section 31 operations. Although she had trouble with a few of the moral implications of what they did, she eventually came around to see things from their side. This first mission was again rather simple, collect information on Klingon fleet buildups along the Federation and Romulan Boarders. It was during this time when she finally met the man that was her Father, a Romulan Commander named Joral Tor.

With the Romulan Empire in tatters and the birth of the Romulan Republic on New Romulus, the security along their boarder with the klingons was weak and easy to access. During one of these missions, her team was intercepted by an Orion raider patrolling the boarder for the Empire. Beaming aboard the runabout Laural and her team was using, a fight broke out for control of the ship. It was this fight that allowed Laural to discover her telepathic abilities or rather their offensive use in combat. Grabbing one of the Orion raiders by the head, she used her abilities to fry his brain, turing him into a vegetable. Although her actions shocked her at first, it also felt good to her finally getting a form of revenge appon the Orion’s who enslaved and mutilated her.

For the next few months, Laural was able to travel between star systems on the Klingon/Romulan boarder without being confronted by Klingon Forces. The reasons for this were because the Klingon fleet was being gathered for a massive invasion of Federation space, starting with the Archanis sector, and her Father had kept her up to date with Klingon movements along the Romulan border. Unable to get the information back to Starfleet in time, Laural took the effect of the Klingon attack on the Federation as a personal failure and chose to step back from active missions. This event, in combination with her personal dissagreements with Section 31’s methods lead to her leaving Section 31 and returning to Earth. Taking a deck job at Starfleet Intelligence HQ on Earth, Laural, spent her time sorting through Information feeds and assisting Intelligence instructors at Starfleet Academy.

{Classified Section 31 operations}

After a couple of years on earth, the instructor that Laural was assisting sat down with her and asked her outright why she was helping out at the academy rather than out in the fleet. After a few hours of talking, the instructor convinced her to look for a shipboard assignment. After talking to the assignments officer at Starfleet Intelligence HQ, Laural was sent to the USS Majestic as their Intelligence Encryptions Specialist. After several months, the intelligence department was rolled in with Strategic Operations and with the majority of the intelligence staff being given other postings, Laural was assigned to the position of Chief of Strategic Operations