Lieutenant Sporek

Lieutenant Sporek

Name Sporek

Position Chief Diplomatic Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Vulcan/El-Aurian
Age 114

Physical Appearance

Height 6'3"
Weight 200 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description For a man of his seemingly advanced age is very healthy; capable of out running even the youngest of cadet. Tall, tan, and slender, it is difficult to deny his Vulcan background due to his elongated ears and internal physiology, however, he has been described as handsome by both Human and Vulcan standards. He has a number of scars, however, the most prominent one is located on his right arm, he received it from a deep bat’leth cut and with Klingon medicine be what is it, the cut let permanent scarring. He has smooth, wavy brown hair and deep brown eyes.


Spouse T'rin (Deceased), Anaadia Serani (53)
Children Sons: Vortek (86), Suran (65), Michael Sepek Serani (24)
Daughters: Asil (72), Alana Serani (24), T’Sai Serani (24)
Father Erin Sharek Vorten (385), Vortek (Stepfather - 150)
Mother Ambassador T'Sai (147)
Brother(s) Sitel (102), Sorek (90)
Sister(s) T'Pau (102)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Sporek's personality is a complex mix of intelligence, common sense, attention to detail, and commitment. He can be very down-to-earth but he also has a strong sense of responsibility, especially with regard to family and close friends. The real standout feature of his personality is his commitment to excellence in everything he does. He is a person who once committed to a given task, will complete it to the best of his ability. If something goes wrong, and the task is incomplete or not perfectly done, it will be on Sporek's mind for some time to come. He can be quite critical of perceived flaws in others, but does not take kindly to criticism himself. To others Sporek may seem cold and detached but the truth is quite the opposite, beneath his cold exterior is a secretly passionate man with a great capacity for love and understanding. Should you find yourself in his company Sporek can be very charming, but he never tries too hard to gain the attention of those around him.
Strengths & Weaknesses As a Starfleet Officer Sporek's practical analytical abilities are second to none, he spends a great deal of time observing individuals and surroundings, these qualities have made him a skilled security officer, tactical strategist, diplomat and xeno-anthropologist. It can sometimes feel like Sporek has the ability to probe into a person's emotions and can often see into people and detect what their motives are with just a stare . He is very good at problem solving; this is what he does best.

On the flip side however, he has limited knowledge in engineering, and has not logged a single star hour as pilot in well over two decades. An earlier attempt on his life has left him with a fear of flying, and he often will only co-pilot a shuttle if absolutely necessary. Additionally, as a Vulcan, his matter-of-fact approach to delivering information, or his opinion, can at times be off putting to others. Although he has come a long way in trying to understand other people's feelings, he is still Vulcan and has no qualms about not mincing his words.
Ambitions None to speak of.
Hobbies & Interests As with most Vulcans Sporek welcomes solitude and deep meditation, however when he is not meditating Sporek enjoys to read, write, draw and paint. Sporek also enjoys playing musical instruments such as the guitar and the Vulcan lyre; he has considerable talent as a singer and musician however, he rarely allows his colleagues to hear him. Sporek yearns to learn more, he often finds himself studying the history and cultures of various civilizations. When allowed time in the gym Sporek likes to keep himself physically fit, he trains deeply in various styles of Vulcan, Klingon, and Human martial arts, he is a master of Suus Mahan and several Earth styles.

Personal History Sporek is the product of a brief courtship between Ambassador T’Sai of Vulcan and El-Aurian immigrant Erin Sharek Vorten, a cargo ship Captain. Sporek was born on September 12th, 2282 on Vulcan just outside the city of ShiKahr, where his ancestral lands were located. At the time of his birth Sporek's biological father was not present, at the request of T’Sai; however, her new husband, Sporek's stepfather, was present at both Sporek’s birth and naming ceremonies. Sporek inherited his name from his grandfather, Minister Sporek, a prominent member of the Vulcan Council. Despite not being fully Vulcan his family accepted Sporek as openly as Vulcans could. Sporek was an intelligent boy and initially showed no sign of emotional struggle. In addition to his dedication to his schoolwork Sporek also gained an appreciation for the arts, finding fulfillment in painting, his talent was such that at the age of ten he was accepted to the Vulcan Academy of the Arts in ShiKahr to receive additional tutelage.

Sporek spent much of his time between his schooling in ShiKahr and living with his family in their home located in the province of Raal. In 2295 at the age of thirteen Sporek underwent the Kahs-wan ritual and upon his return from surviving the harsh Vulcan desert he was considered an adult in the Vulcan tradition. Following his return he gained acceptance into the prestigious Vulcan Preparatory Academy, and entry almost all but guaranteed Sporek as spot at the Vulcan Science Academy later in life, far exceeding his mother and stepfather’s expectations for him. At the Preparatory Academy Sporek took a keen interest in astrophysics, astronomy, and particle physics. Sporek was always an intellectually curious individual and it seemed that the more he understood things the more questions he developed, and he always seemed to be in search of a new mystery to unravel. He had a clear attraction to the sciences and as he grew older he would take an even deeper interest in the social sciences as well, while a teenager he took part in an archaeological dig in the city of Gol, in the hopes of learning more about ancient Vulcan History.

His stepfather Vortek, who was a ranking member of the Vulcan Defense Force, often encouraged Sporek to consider joining the Defense Force once he graduated from the Science Academy; Sporek, always in search of his next great challenge, had seriously considered the proposition once he completed his studies at the Preparatory Academy. In 2299 Sporek wrote a paper theorizing on how to potentially create an artificial wormhole as means of intergalactic travel , shortly after his paper was published the young Sporek was invited to speak at a conference on subspace anomalies at Starfleet Command and several other institutions. There were a few other researchers whose work predated Sporeks, and for his part, he was allowed to conduct experiments with scientist who had also postulated the creation of artificial wormholes. After his graduation from the Vulcan Preparatory Academy in 2303 he applied to both the Vulcan Science Academy and the Vulcan Defense Institute, he was accepted into both but he chose to attend the Defense Institute. When asked why, he cited his step-father as his motivation for entering the Defense Institute.

Shortly before beginning his schooling at the Defense Institute Sporek chose to pursue the Rite of Tal’oth, a much more demanding and rigorous rite of passage on Vulcan, wherein a young Vulcan was only armed with a ritual blade set off into the deserts of Vulcan for four months. On the first night out in the desert Sporek was attacked by a wild Sehlat, initially Sporek foolishly believed that he could fend off the beast, after a ten minute tussle with the Sehlat Sporek found protection in a nearby cave, covering himself in dirt to throw the Sehlat off his scent. It took two days for the beast to lose interest in Sporek. While in the desert Sporek mediated often and ate sparingly, it is said that a Vulcan truly discovers themself when they emerge from the rite of Tal’oth, and from his sojourn into the desert Sporek emerged more mature, and more centered than when he had left. After four months exactly Sporek emerged from the desert, ready to begin his education at the Vulcan Defense Institute.

While at the Institute Sporek developed into a skilled strategist and tactician, leading his class in tactical strategy, hand-to hand combat, and comparative psychology. In 2305, at the age of twenty-three, while still studying at the Institute he began the Pon-Farr prematurely, requiring him to put aside his studies and take a mate. Five days after beginning the Pon-Farr he was married to his destined mate T'Rin. After their wedding ceremony Sporek left the Defense Institute to serve aboard the VSS Shavokh as a junior tactical officer. Soon after he received his posting aboard the Shavokh he welcomed the birth of his first child, a boy whom he named Vortek, after his stepfather. Still very young Sporek learned a great deal about from his colleagues on Shavokh, and while aboard his skills as an officer grew exponentially through the mentorship of his peers. While he served on the Shavokh its main mission was the protection of the Vulcan colonies, staving off threats from an encroaching Orion Syndicate, and from privateers who incorrectly believed Vulcan to be an easy target for plundering.

In 2311 the Shavokh was assigned to provide scientific support to a Starfleet a mission of exploration near the Romulan border, in truth both Starfleet and the VDF were monitoring Romulan activity near the border. Hours in their mission the Shavokh received a distress call from a Federation Outpost in the Foxtrot Sector, not far from their location. All members of the Shavokh agreed that logic dictated they render support Federation citizens in need. Before they could reach the Foxtrot Sector however, the ship was knocked out of warp by an intense shock wave. Several of the Shavokh's systems were heavily damaged but the crew worked quickly to get back on course. After repairing key systems the crew worked quickly to rescue any survivors of the catastrophe that would later come to be known as the Tomed Incident. While the Vulcan Defense Force wished to investigate the incident further the issue was effectively out of their hands and left for the diplomats to sort out.

For the crew’s efforts each member was awarded a medal of distinction by Starfleet and the Federation. As time progressed however, Sporek became disillusioned with his career in the Defense Force and Sporek resigned from the VDF in order to attend Starfleet Academy. His wife, T’Rin chose to join him on Earth while he studied at the Academy and they relocated to San Francisco soon after he passed the entrance examinations. Sporek was met with complete culture shock in his first year as he had never spent much time away from his fellow Vulcans. He had briefly considered leaving the Academy due to his inability to understand emotions in others, but he would eventually come to terms with the diversity and overcame his prejudices toward his peer’s lack of emotional control. Due in part to his upbringing on Vulcan Sporek found the Academy’s training far tamer and by his second year he became a teaching assistant in the academy’s survival strategies program.

As a cadet Sporek excelled in physics and initially planned on becoming a science officer but as his education at the academy progressed his passion for the tactical field was rekindled. During his academy years Sporek befriended many people through the game of billiards; he was exceptionally talented at the game, and when not with his wife and child he was found in Max’s Loungeplaying pool with his colleagues. In addition to majoring in tactical operations Sporek minored in intelligence, becoming proficient in intelligence gathering and intelligence analysis. By his junior year at the Academy Sporek had gathered over a hundred hours in various training simulations so his instructors suggested that Sporek take the Kobayashi Maru where Sporek recorded a time of 10 minutes 37 seconds, and proved himself to be an empathetic commanding officer. His scenario consisted of taking on three Romulan vessels. His solution was to create a massive antimatter explosion by firing a spread of photon torpedoes and firing the phasers on them in order to create a wave that would weaken the pursuing ships, giving his crew more time to escape before he subsequently went down with the ship.

Despite his inability, in his opinion, to excel in the Kobayashi Maru scenario his observing officer, Commander Douglas, suggested that Sporek enroll in Starfleet Academy’s Advanced Tactical Training program. In his time at the Academy Sporek held many roles, he was an assistant instructor in advanced survival strategies and interspecies ethics, and was captain of the Academy's martial arts team, leading them to victory two years in a row, and he also taught Vulcan History to first year cadets. He and his wife maintained a close relationship throughout their time at the academy, although she maintained a science track, the two would eventually came to accept that they would not serve with one another and had to make arrangements for their young family.

Sporek graduated from Starfleet Academy in 2315 finishing third in his class. Following his graduation Sporek began studying in Starfleet’s Advanced Tactical Training program. His training prepared him for almost any scenario a burgeoning commanding officer might face, and while enrolled in the program Sporek received the opportunity to train with Starfleet Marines and fighter squadrons. Commander Shran, Sporek’s advisor, noted that Sporek benefited greatly from his training in the Advanced Tactical program as it also taught him how to become more personable, meant both a joke, and a sincere appreciation for the camaraderie Sporek developed with his peers. His favorite activity was performing orbital jumps, Sporek set at record at the time for highest jump ever performed; his record would later be broken several years later. In 2317 he completed his training in the advanced tactical training program, allowing him to begin his career as a Starfleet officer.

His first assignment was on Outpost Gamma Proxy II, an aging station in close proximity to areas of space controlled by the Orion syndicate, and his first posting was as the outpost’s security investigations officer. On his first day on the outpost Sporek encountered a group of thieves who were trying to break into a closed shop. Sporek frequently met with the Chief of Security, Lieutenant Malcolm Fisher and together the two began a campaign of zero tolerance against crime on Gamma Proxy. As the security investigations officer Sporek was able to establish a link of trusted informants in order to stay ahead of the various crime rings, his methods of information gathering, though unorthodox, proved efficient. By the year 2319, the crime rate showed a steady decline, and his work on Gamma Proxy did not go unnoticed for expertise, he was reassigned to Delta Vega where Starfleet was struggling to establish a penal colony on the planet. Sporek assisted in designing the security protocols and systems for the penal colony, however, in the midst of his work Sporek was called away because of the pon'farr.

Shortly after completing the pon’farr Sporek joined T’Rin aboard the USS Julius Caesar, a Constellation class ship. While aboard the Julius Caesar Sporek took on various roles aboard, he initially served as the asst. science officer and relief tactical and navigational officer. In mid 2320 T'Rin gave birth to their second child, a girl, whom they named Asil. After the birth of his second child Sporek asked to return Delta Vega so he could complete his work, and after six months on the planet Sporek returned to the USS Julius Caesar. In 2321 while on border patrol near the Romulan Neutral Zone the USS Julius Caesar was attacked by a Romulan vessel. Sporek was the tactical officer on duty when the Romulans attacked and when the Chief Tactical Officer never reported for duty Sporek continued to man the tactical console, in the midst of the battle, Sporek used a tactic that would later become known by the crew as the Sporek Maneuver.

After briefly taking over the helm and weapons console Sporek set a course towards the Romulan Vessel at full impulse with forward shields at full power, fooling the ship into thinking they were going to ram them, when the ship came within two hundred meters of the Romulans Sporek would fire a photon torpedoes. Much like his kobayashi maru scenario, Sporek used the photon explosion as a distraction while he targeted their aft warp pylons and impulse engines, effectively stranding the Romulan ship and forcing them to surrender. Following the defeat of the Romulan vessel Sporek was promoted to the position of Chief Tactical Officer. As a member of the senior staff Sporek received the opportunity to join countless away missions, it would be through this that he discovered that he had a talent for diplomacy. Sporek served with distinction aboard the USS Julius Caesar and his time on the Caesar was marked by his bond with the ship’s crew which resulted in his intense loyalty to them. During his time aboard the Caesar Sporek acted as the defense council for his captain when he was court-martialed for crossing the Klingon border. Sporek successfully defended his captain during the hearing. In 2325 while exploring a nebula the Julius Caesar was attacked by an unknown enemy resulting in the evacuation of the crew and the subsequent destruction of the Caesar.

Shortly after the destruction of the Julius Caesar Sporek was reassigned to the USS Columbus, an Excelsior class vessel where Sporek assumed the role of ship’s Chief Tactical and Security officer, and acting Chief of the Science department. Sporek’s duties aboard the ship allowed him gain certain opportunities not many Starfleet officers were allowed. In 2326 after his fourth pon’farr cycle T’Rin gave birth to their third child, a boy whom they named Suran. As a father Sporek had done his best to be a part of his children’s lives, when he was with them, he taught them of their Vulcan heritage and his family’s history and hen they were infants he played the guitar and sang for his children to sleep. The Columbus' mission was one of exploration and border patrols, in 2331 now with 20 years of service under his belt, Sporek was offered and accepted a teaching position at Starfleet Academy. He wanted to be more present in his children’s lives so he accepted, establishing his home in Palm Springs, California due to its weather being similar to his native Vulcan.

Sporek served as an Assistant Professor of Astrophysics but after a year of teaching in the science branch he opted to become a lecturer in Criminology and Space Tactics. Sporek held master's degrees in both criminal justice and forensic science, and relished the opportunity to turnkey his knowledge onto others. While he lectured at the Academy Sporek worked to receive his PhD in Criminology from Starfleet’s Advanced Security School. Many of his students found his classes intriguing, and as an educator Sporek found it much more effective for his students to have a hands on role in their education; however, his classes were among some of the toughest to pass. While he taught at Starfleet Academy Sporek took part in an experiment testing subspace weapons, he along with ten other colleagues warned against the use of these weapons due to their instability. As an instructor at Starfleet Academy Sporek also wrote several papers in each of the fields he worked in, for a time his paper, “Society and the Birth of the Criminal”, became a required reading in the academy’s criminology course.

As he dedicated much of his free time to his family and he did the same for his studies, and after being awarded his PhD in Criminology Sporek took the opportunity to earn a master’s degree in interstellar relations from Starfleet’s School of Diplomacy. Apart from his teaching duties at the Academy Sporek was also responsible for maintaining the Academy’s battle simulation systems. Although homebound Sporek stayed up-to-date on the various hostile forces within the Alpha and Beta Quadrants, and made it a requirement that to pass his Space Tactics course with higher than a B one would have to last longer than six minutes in the Kobayashi Maru scenario. Much of his work at the Academy reflected his belief that creating some of the best tacticians and security officers in Starfleet was crucial ensuring the Federation’s longevity. Many of his students went on to enroll in Starfleet's Advanced Tactical Training, Advanced Combat Pilot Academy, or Starfleet Command School, adding some prestige to Sporek's reputation. In his criminology course he often subjected his students to rigorous psychological tests, and challenged them to remember the various laws that governed the Federation’s member worlds.

In the summer, while many of the students were away Sporek evaluated potential cadets. Many of the initiates who were able to succeed in the program were often discouraged to learn that Sporek would be one of their teachers at the Academy as well. In spite of Sporek’s stern and cold nature the education of his students was important to him and he took many students under his guidance, becoming a father figure to more than a few of them. However, by the 2340's tensions with the Cardassians were mounting, Sporek monitored the situation closely and believed that war was on the horizon. As a result he would periodically update his students on Cardassian technology and battle strategies, and chaired several seminars on Cardassian battle tactics. In 2351, when full scale war broke out, Sporek left his position at Starfleet Academy and returned to active duty. Sporek rejoined his wife and the crew of the Columbus, returning to his post as Chief Tactical/Security Officer.

Shortly after Sporek’s return to the Columbus the ship was ordered to the front lines of the war. Sporek had very little contact with the Cardassians outside the simulations he provided to his students and initially saw the Cardassians as a valiant foe, worthy of the reputation that they had earned. In 2352 Sporek was ordered to take command of a security team which was ordered to temporarily aide forces fighting on Cetii II, a small colony near Cardassian space. Sporek was forced to think of new tactics in order to outsmart his Cardassian rivals, while fighting on the colony his respect for the Cardassians all but disappeared when he saw their brutality toward civilian POWs. Only in his personal logs did he express his deep contempt for the Cardassians. The officers assigned under Sporek looked up to him and he did his best to keep their respect, however it was difficult to promise them victory in such a harsh environment.

After a month on the colony Sporek and his team had regained control over most of Cetii II, with each city recaptured Sporek recruited civilian security forces to help fend off the Cardassians. Eventually the security forces and the Cardassians entered a stalemate. Victory finally came on stardate 235306.15 but at a costly price.. While those who were still fit to celebrate partied, Sporek noted in his log that there is nothing sweet about a Pyrrhic victory. Following his return to the Columbus Sporek was permitted to take shore leave. During his rest Sporek spent much of his free time in deep meditation, the fighting had left a lasting effect on him but fortunately his wife was there to console him as he worked to regain his sense of logic. Following his shoreleave he was temporarily assigned to Starbase 11 where he acted as a tactical advisor for Admiral Peterson, advising him on the Tholians, but after two months he returned to the USS Columbus.

The Columbus continued to fight in the front lines of the Cardassian War until 2355 when the ship was pulled away to monitor the Romulan Neutral Zone, though the Romulans had been silent for many decades Starfleet believed the current war with the Cardassians could serve as a means for Romulans to enter Federation space. The truth however, was that Starfleet Command planned to decommission the USS Columbus, and in 2357 after 31 years of service the ship was mothballed to make way for a new class of ship being developed - the Galaxy class. After the ship was decommissioned Sporek and T’Rin returned to Vulcan. Both T’Rin and Sporek choose to take an extended leave from Starfleet as the war had taken its toll on both of them. While on Vulcan Sporek lectured at the Vulcan Defense Institute and advised the V’Shar, Vulcan's internal security force, further integrating himself into the intelligence field.

In 2358 Sporek was chosen to serve as a liaison officer between Starfleet Intelligence and the V’Shar, when the two organizations joined together in order to track down a group of dissident Vulcans wishing to seek asylum in Romulan space. Sporek had become skilled at finding information, discerning fact from fiction, and locating people who did not want to be found; something he owed to his training in intelligence while he was at the academy. With the combined skills of Sporek and the other intelligence operatives the Vulcans were recaptured and brought back to trial. After his mission came to an end Sporek was asked to support more “fact-finding” missions, and spent some time away from Vulcan. These missions are deemed highly classified and require a level 6 or higher security clearance for further information.

Sporek applied for and was subsequently admitted into the Interspecies Scientific Exchange, and in December of 2363 he was assigned to the IKS Do’Ha’, a Klingon vessel, serving as the Chief Science Officer, and Second Officer. When he initially began serving aboard the Do’Ha’ the Klingon officers would mock him but Sporek understood that to gain the respect of the crew, he would have to prove his honor. When a younger officer challenged Sporek’s orders Sporek responded by challenging the young officer to a fight. The more mature Sporek had been fighting in hand-to-hand combat for more than sixty years; it came as no surprise to Sporek that he easily defeated his opponent. From that moment Sporek was accepted as a member of the crew, he and the ship’s Captain, Boral, would eventually go on to become sparring partners. Over sometime Sporek was welcomed as a member of Boral’s house. In 2365 Sporek became the godfather of Boral’s newborn son after Sporek saved his life during a raid.

In 2367 while still serving on the IKS Do’Ha’ Sporek received news that his wife died during the battle of Wolf 359. He immediately left the Do’Ha’ to attend his wife's funeral, after the funeral he did not return to the Klingon ship nor Starfleet. Sporek instead chose to join the Federation Diplomatic Corps, resigning his Starfleet commission. Upon joining the Federation Diplomatic Corps Sporek’s first assignment was as the Defense Attaché to the Federation Consulate on Athos IV, a planet along the Federation-Cardassian border. During his time on Athos IV the Federation and Cardassians had signed the first Federation-Cardassian Peace Treaty, however, there were still skirmish battles along the border, and it was Sporek’s responsibility to advise the Federation and Starfleet on how to respond. In his capacity as Defense Attache Sporek became an experienced diplomat, often using logic and empathy to infer his decision making process.

Sporek showed potential as a diplomat and was sent to other consulates to act as an advisor, and after a year he was promoted in title to Negotiator-at-Large, allowing him to occasionally serve as a trade representative for the Federation. His specialty however, was in negotiating treaties between hostile colonists and opportunistic individuals looking to gain a foothold in volatile regions of space. Sporek quickly gained a reputation for being a shrewd negotiator, the protection of the rights of the colonists were his first concerns, and appeasing the egos of traders came last to Sporek. Sporek had become an outspoken advocate for the protection of the Federation colonies along the Federation-Cardassian border. As a veteran of the Cardassian Wars Sporek understood all too well what living under the Cardassians would mean for the colonists. In early 2369 Sporek was called back to the Federation Consulate on Athos IV to serve as the Deputy Chief of Mission.

Shortly after his promotion Sporek was asked to attend a conference on Earth and en-route back to Athos IV a power surge occurred in the shuttle craft he was piloting, severely injuring Sporek and killing his co-pilot. It was widely believed that it was an attempt on Sporek’s life and although he was significantly burned he was not permanently scarred, and found himself under the care of Dr. Anaadia Serani. Sporek felt an automatic attraction to the doctor, and the two become closer; ultimately Anaadia fell in love with Sporek. They were married on July 8th, 2369 in her native Hawaii, shortly after the ceremony Sporek and his new bride returned to Athos to start their lives anew. Their marriage coincided with another of his pon'farr cycles and nine months later in April of 2370 Anaadia gave birth to fraternal triplets two girls Alana and T'Sai and one boy Michael. While he had been on Earth, Starfleet had negotiated a new treaty with the Cardassian Union which forced colonists to vacate their homes.

Sporek was an outspoken opponent of the new treaty but there was nothing he could do to change the minds of his superiors. Shortly after the signing of the new treaty Sporek was reassigned to Cervalis V as the Chargé d'Affaires until an Ambassador could be appointed, Cervalis V was a recently colonized planet which was in close proximity to Tzenkethi space. It was Sporek’s responsibility to normalize relations in the region and help establish a democratic government on the colony. Within a year Sporek helped the Parliament of Cervalis submit their application for official entry into the United Federation of Planets. Sporek and his wife took a great deal of interest in the planet and invested much of their time to its development, and maintain properties on the planet to this day. While Sporek was not fully an Ambassador, the government of Cervalis V often called upon him to aid them, he helped open negotiations between the colonists and the Tzenkethi, and he also successfully campaigned for a Starbase to be built in orbit of the planet. He would have remained on Cervalis V had it not been for the outbreak of the Dominion War.

By 2373 war with the Dominion was in full swing, Sporek never forgot his loyalty to Starfleet and reenlisted in Starfleet shortly after a declaration of war was made. He was quickly assigned to the USS Thatcher, a newly commissioned Akira class vessel, as the Chief Security/Tactical Officer, without receiving a commissioning ceremony the Thatcher was sent into the war. The Thatcher was assigned to the 6th Fleet and was part of the task force assigned to protect the Bolarus System. In its first months out of dock the Thatcher saw heavy combat. The Jem’Hadar were like no foe that Sporek had ever encountered, as such he had to change from his more defensive-based strategy. In mid 2374 Sporek was reassigned to Valo II as the Strategic Operations Officer, Valo II was a moon world occupied by the Jem’Hadar, and Sporek was tasked with coordinating the efforts to liberate the planet, and several other occupied systems in the region, which he accomplished just prior to the official end of the war.

When the war came to an end in 2375 Sporek was offered a teaching position at Starfleet Academy but turned it down and returned to the Thatcher instead. Sporek would serve on the Thatcher for another two years before deciding to assist his wife in raising their young children; taking another extended leave of duty and relocated to Vulcan with his wife and children. While on Vulcan Sporek became a visiting lecturer at the Vulcan Science Academy where he taught Xeno-Anthropology, and occasionally lectured in Cosmology. In 2378 Sporek was invited to chair a seminar at the Orion School of Cosmology. Sporek returned to Starfleet in 2381, at the request of his wife, because it had become painfully clear that he was happiest when he was in uniform and amongst the stars.

Sporek chose to join his friend, and newly promoted Captain James Conrad, aboard the Saber class ship, the USS Katana, taking on the role of ship's Chief Tactical Officer - the role and the ship were a welcomed assignment for Sporek. In 2382 however, Sporek was requested to take on the role of Deputy Director of Starfleet’s Risk Assessment Division. After 6 months of service at Starfleet Tactical Command, Sporek left his position in order to serve once again with his longtime colleague, James Conrad aboard the USS Lancelot, former Flagship of Task Force 47. Sporek resumed his role as the ship’s chief tactical officer, his experiences aboard the ship helped to solidify his skills as an officer and strengthened his friendship with Admiral Conrad.

The former flagship of Obsidian Fleet's Task Force 47 was reassigned to the Zarnac Operations Division; the ever loyal Sporek followed his dear friend Admiral Conrad to his new assignment. Following the reassignment Sporek's role of ship's tactical officer lessened and he took more of a tactical advisory role, often counseling his peers on the Zarnac. His newfound free time permitted Sporek time to focus on his other studies at the Sarek School of Diplomacy on Vulcan via subspace communication. In his capacity as tactical advisor he was occasionally served a diplomat to either ease tensions or prepare his captain for the possibility of an attack.

A year after his assignment in the Zarnac Operations Division Sporek requested to join the USS Edison, a science vessel, to help head it's Security and Tactical department, Sporek gladly accepted the role. During his time on the Edison he defended his dissertation: The 25th Century and Beyond: Starfleet’s Growing Role in Interstellar Relations, and subsequently completed his doctoral studies. After his brief stint aboard the Edison Sporek returned to Earth and began working as a Diplomat-at-Large for Starfleet Diplomacy. In 2387 Sporek was reassigned to the USS de Ruyter as its Chief Diplomatic Officer. Following six months aboard the USS de Ruyter Sporek was called back to Earth where he was assigned to Starfleet’s Special Security Division, to act as a liaison officer between Starfleet Security and the fracturing Romulan Star Empire.

In 2390 he was made the Strategic Operations and Chief Security officer aboard Starbase 64, near the Romulan Neutral Zone, in an effort to continue to coordinate relief missions and protection for willing Romulan colony worlds. In 2394 he took an extended leave of duty from Starfleet following a reunification with his birth-father, he would spend the next year learning about his El-Aurian heritage and how to tap into the latent empathic abilities his father’s people were known for. In mid-2395 Sporek ended his extended leave and returned to Vulcan after studying with his father. He currently resides on Vulcan in the Province of Raal, where he has been detached to Federation Embassy on Vulcan, serving in an advisory capacity, while he awaits reassignment. In his time on Vulcan he was promoted in diplomatic rank to Consul, granting him the ability to act more independently on behalf of Federation interests.
Service Record === Career Overview ===
2294-2303: Vulcan Science Academy
2303-2305: Vulcan Defense Institute
2306-2309: Sub-Ensign, Junior Tactical Officer, VSS Shavokh
2309-2311: Ensign, Chief Tactical Officer, VSS Shavokh
2311-2315: Cadet, Tactical Major/Science Minor, Starfleet Academy
2315-2317: Advanced Tactical Training, Starfleet Command Academy
2317-2320: Security Investigations Officer/Outpost Gamma Proxy II
2320-2321: Junior Tactical/Asst. Chief Science Officer, USS Julius Caesar
2321-2325: Chief Tactical Officer, USS Julius Caesar
2326-2331: Chief Tactical/Security, USS Columbus
2331-2332: Associate Professor of Astrophysics, Starfleet Academy
2332-2350: Professor of Criminology & Space Tactics Instructor, Starfleet Academy
2351-2357: Chief Tactical/Security Officer, USS Columbus
2358-2363: Starfleet Liaison to the V’Shar, Vulcan
2363-2367: Chief Science Officer, IKS Do’Ha’
2368-2369: Defense Attaché, Federation Consulate on Athos IV
2369-2370: Negotiator-at-Large, Federation Diplomatic Corps
2370-2370: Deputy Chief of Mission, Federation Consulate on Athos IV
2370-2373: Chargé d'Affaires, Cervalis V
2373-2374: Chief Tactical/Security Officer, USS Thatcher
2374-2375: Strategic Operation Officer, Valo II
2375-2377: Chief Tactical/Security Officer, USS Thatcher
2377-2381: Extended Leave of Duty on Vulcan
2381-2383: Chief Tactical Officer, USS Katana
2383-2383: Deputy Director of Risk Assessment Division, Starfleet Tactical
2383-2385: Chief Tactical Officer, USS Lancelot
2385-2387: Chief Security/Tactical Officer, USS Edison
2387-2388: Chief Diplomatic Officer, USS de Ruyter
2388-2390: Liaison Officer, Starfleet Special Security Division
2390-2394: Strategic Operations/Chief Security Officer, Starbase 64
2394-2396: Extended Leave of Duty