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Lieutenant JG Sekat

Name Sekat

Position Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Vulcan/Human
Age 50

Physical Appearance

Height 183cm
Weight 74kg
Hair Color Sun bleached light brown
Eye Color Bright Green
Physical Description Sekat has the typical lean and lithe appearance of someone who as born and raised on the Vulcan homeworks. Being someone who spends a lot of his time outdoors, his skin is a tan olive green and his hair has bleached to near blonde from exposure to sunlight.


Spouse T'Lay (deceased), T'Seng
Children none
Father Sevir
Mother T'Anra
Brother(s) none
Sister(s) Isaath (21yr younger)
Other Family Grandparents Tevir and T'Sara
Ka'See Reynolds (his father's biological mother)
Various aunts uncles and cousins from his father's half-siblings

Personality & Traits

General Overview Though appearing fully Vulcan, Sekat is actually 1/8th Human. His paternal grandmother is half Human. While he is capable of maintaining a Vulcan aloofness and general appearance of not posessing any emotions, as a doctor Sekat quickly discovered that it was often better to be able to show some semblance of emotion. As such, when dealing with other Vulcans he maintains a sense of logic, while when dealing with fellow crewmembers he seems to relax his emotional restrictions a little.
Strengths & Weaknesses + professional
+ capability to empathize
+ openminded
+ touch-telepath

- does not understand all emotions
- can empathize too much
- can be impatient
- claustrophobic

His most visible weakness is that he requires a cane to move around. He was badly clawed in his left thight and his left foot was punctured by the dewclaw of a Patherlon attacker. In addition he was bitten in his left shoulder during a life and death struggle with is attacker. The damage to his leg was so extensive that it could not be fully repaired, despite several surgeries to attempt further healing.
Ambitions Sekat's main ambition in his profession is to simply be the best doctor he can be. He has no desire to excell or out-do anyone. He only wishes to help, and heal those who need healing.
Hobbies & Interests Sekat spends a lot of his free time outdoors where possible. While attending medical school on Earth, he got into horse riding.

Personal History Born in 2345, Sekat is the oldest child of Sevir and T'Anra. It took several decades before his parents were finally given the news that they were expecting a child. It is assumed it may be due to his father not being full Vulcan, but that's really only an assumption.

He grew up on Vulcan but as his father traveled around the quadrant, so did he as he often went with his parents on their excursions. As a small child, and a teenager growing up he also often went on excursions with his grandfather. Seeing the pain and suffering around the quadrant set the young Vulcan out to helping those that needed it while his parents tended to their own business. This soon sparked a desire to help and heal in the teenager and once he became of age, he applied to the Vulcan Science Academy, where he set out to become a healer.

He worked as a local healer, as well as on civilian vessels for several years however this still did not satiate the young doctor's need for more knowledge. At the age of 37, he applied to Starfleet medical where he spent four years to update his knowledge on alien species after which he attended Starfleet academy. He chose to go through the full four years to gain more experience.

At the young age of twenty-five, Sekat went through his first Pon Farr and bonded with T'Lay. Unfortunately, despite every attempt and effort, their marriage never granted them any children. After twenty years of marriage, Sekat lost his wife due to a freak accident on the vessel they were serving on at the time. There was an outbreak of a deadly virus in one of the science labs and T'Lay was one of the victims. Fortunately, at least this is how Sekat feels, she didn't have to suffer long. Sekat still grieves for his wife, but he feels fortunate that he was able to say goodbye before she died. The breaking of his bond wasn't as traumatic as he had witnessed in other Vulcan patients who had suddenly lost a spouse.

After a brief tenure as chief medical officer on the USS Cassiopeia, where he was gravely injured by an invadig - feline - enemy, Sekat requested a reduction in position so he could take the time to fully recover and just practice medicine without all the administrative issues around it.

He transferred to the USS Majestic in 2395, taking up a position as medical officer. He is very this position, and with the help of Doctor Lily Marlow, is engaging in further therapy which will aid in his slow recovery.

A fair while after his relationship with a prior chief medical officer was ended, Sekat found himself connecting with a woman named T'Seng he helped rescue at Adna station in 2397. With the feeling mutual, the relationship spiraled quickly and they bonded.
Service Record 2363 - 2369 - Vulcan Science Academy, medical division
2369 - 2382 - Civilian medic
2382 - 2384 - Starfleet Medical
2384 - 2388 - Starfleet Academy
2388 - 2395 - Various assignments
2395 - USS Cassiopeia - ACMO - promoted to Lieutenant
2395 - USS Cassiopeia - CMO (4 days after being assigned)
2395 - USS Majestic - medical officer

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