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Start Date Sun Aug 2nd, 2020 @ 6:17am
End Date Thu Sep 3rd, 2020 @ 6:17am

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Title Timeline Location
by Captain Elijah Rutherford & Lieutenant Jasmine (Pratchett) Rutherford & Lieutenant Commander T'Par
The Bells Are Ringing
by Captain Elijah Rutherford & Commander Dominic Aldrich & Lieutenant Siora Carberos & Lieutenant Commander T'Par & Lieutenant Orin Sempton & Lieutenant Hadir Prenar & Lieutenant JG S'anra Shalakar & Ensign Xavon Starkweather & Crewman Recruit Zeria
Holodeck 2
The visitor
by Lieutenant Lily Marlow & Lieutenant Hadir Prenar
current Majestic
Finding Calmness?
by Lieutenant Lily Marlow & Lieutenant Commander Angus Murphy
Massage Therapy Room
Holo Operations
by Lieutenant JG Camelia Zamfir & Lieutenant Siora Carberos & Ensign Kit Atkins
Hoiodeck 2, near security
Someone Like You
by Crewman Recruit Zeria & Commander Dominic Aldrich
Aldrich Quarters
by Lieutenant Jasmine (Pratchett) Rutherford
Childcare area
Chance Encounters
by Lieutenant Commander T'Par
MD-2 Arboretum
Why put off until tomorrow...
by Lieutenant Orin Sempton
Archaeology Lab
Wedding prep
by Lieutenant Commander Angus Murphy
Patrick and Murph's quarters
What's up Doc?
by Lieutenant JG S'anra Shalakar
A few days after command change Sick Bay
Bunnies and Chickens
by Captain Elijah Rutherford
Tea and Conversation
by Lieutenant Lily Marlow & Lieutenant Commander T'Par
Needing Counseling
by Lieutenant Lily Marlow
Counselor's office
Bringing in the CO
by Lieutenant JG S'anra Shalakar & Captain Elijah Rutherford
Ready room
Secure Arrival
by Captain Elijah Rutherford
by Captain Elijah Rutherford
Patrick's Kitchen
Medical Discussion
by Lieutenant Lily Marlow
Homecoming Surprise
by Captain Elijah Rutherford & Ensign Asta Kuzal
Intruder in the galley
by Captain Elijah Rutherford
Captain's Galley
Again we meet
by Captain Elijah Rutherford & Lieutenant Lily Marlow
Captain's Ready Room
In Demand
by Ensign Asta Kuzal
Commander Sommers Quarters
Just Routine
by Lieutenant Commander T'Par & Lieutenant Lily Marlow
MD-6 Sickbay
Unexpected Surprises
Some Time Back Starbase 42, Waiting for Assignment
Passing the Torch
by Commodore Jane Saulitis & Captain Elijah Rutherford
Ready Room

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