Specifications - Majestic Class


Named in honor of the Miranda Class starship lost during Operation Return in 2374, the Sovereign Class Starship USS Majestic was launched for testing from the 40 Eridani A Starfleet Construction Yards in 2375. Due to the devastating losses suffered by the Alpha Quadrant Alliance at the Second Battle of Chin’toka, the Majestic was rushed into full service to serve as a member of the Federation Starfleet’s Third Fleet. She was assigned to the Core Sectors for defensive missions, should the Dominion attempt another invasion of the heart of the Federation after the recent Raid of San Francisco.

With the conclusion of the Dominion War, Starfleet Command reviewed the operational performance of the Majestic and chose to leave the vessel in full service to the Third Fleet due to significant losses experienced in the war. During the Borg Invasion of 2377, Majestic and its comrades in the 3rd Fleet were tasked with traveling through a commandeered Borg Transwarp Portal to the Delta Quadrant in an effort to destroy the Collective’s forward operating base. During this assignment they were ambushed by the mysterious alien race known as Species 8472. The Majestic was evacuated and abandoned until recovered by the crew of the Starship Enterprise of the 16th Fleet. Severely damaged, the Majestic was ordered by Captain Jean-Luc Picard to return to the Alpha Quadrant via the Transwarp Portal under the leadership of a skeleton crew. The vessel barely made the trip and was the victim of a near breach of its antimatter storage during transit.

Upon return to Federation territory, the Starfleet Corps of Engineers had the vessel towed to Copernicus Fleet Yards, Luna and a thorough analysis of the ship was ordered. Kept in a nitrogen-oxygen atmosphere for study, the Majestic was placed into a semi-operational state as the Corps of Engineers determined what actions could be taken. The damage was significant. The options were limited and the Corps of Engineers proposed scrapping the vessel as the only viable solution due to the extreme damage the spaceframe had endured. Starfleet Command agreed and the vessel was transferred to the Zakdorn operated Qualor II Salvage Yard for disassembly.

Commodore Aiko Namura, recently promoted from her position as 3rd Fleet Commander, had been informed of the fate to befall the Majestic. Commodore Namura had been tasked to assist the Advanced Starship Design Bureau on the development of a new mid-level exploration vessel to supplement the Luna and Nebula Class. Using her position and influence, Commodore Namura reviewed the study and determined that the Majestic could undergo an experimental refit to serve as the base for this new class of starship. Early simulations showed that the vessel would need to be expanded due to the addition of equipment needed to meet her new mission profile, but would be more compact that its Sovereign Class predecessor. Commodore Namura was able to secure support for this refit from Admiral William Ross and was given 18 months to deliver the prototype. Nonetheless, the Zakdorns – who are known for their efficiency – had already started the salvage process. Majestic had already been stripped to the bulkheads and was no longer considered spaceworthy.

After intense advocacy for the Project on the part of Commodore Namura, Starfleet’s Corps of Engineers relented and begrudgingly agreed to begin work on the Majestic Class. The vessel was returned to the Copernicus Fleet Yards and work began on mending the spaceframe damage. The ship was in shambles upon arrival and the work considered next to impossible. Nonetheless, the salvage operations had actually served to aid the project in many ways by exposing the skeleton of the ship and stripping nonessential components. This saved the team a projected three months of work and allowed for the team to incorporate a new, exciting option into the Majestic: Modular Mission Components. Easily swapped out in a Starbase, these modular mission components allowed a vessel to become specialized to a variety of mission profiles whether they are diplomatic, emergency medical intervention, scientific, or tactical assignments.

As a frontline capital ship, power projection against a wide range of strategic, operational, and tactical targets was a primary consideration while developing the Sovereign Class; however, as a mid-level explorer, it was determined that the Majestic would not need such a robust tactical profile. With her primary missions being close to Federation territory, the Majestic would be outfitted with Type X Phasers and Variable Payload Torpedo Launchers for her combat needs. Her outer hull was constructed with a standard Duranium/Tritanium outer hull that would be augmented with hull conformal Ablative Hull Armor and Regenerative Shielding for additional defense should she need to travel beyond Federation borders. Computers and sensor equipment were installed giving the Majestic similar scientific capabilities as her Nebula Class cousin.

Near the end of her reconstruction, the Majestic was brought to full operational status for testing of her new systems. Shortly thereafter the ship experienced a near catastrophic engine failure. Early in the refit process the Corps of Engineers had opted to leave the Propulsion Systems the same as existing Sovereign Class vessels and a Class 13 Warp Core was installed. It was determined during testing that the existing engines of the Sovereign Class produced too much power for the refitted vessel and the vessel would risk catastrophic failure each time it was brought to maximum power. While the design team was ahead of schedule, this resulted in a significant delay as it made Majestic no longer spaceworthy. The Corps of Engineers had to rip out the existing propulsion system and transitioned the vessel to a Class 12 Warp Core, which solved the problem at the cost of putting the project above resource budget.

It would, however, become moot. Due to the modifications to the Majestic the Starship performed flawlessly on all simulated tests and was launched on a shakedown cruise in 2380. The vessel was rechristened, given a new registry number and returned to active duty in 2380. Majestic was assigned to the Federation Diplomatic Corps due to recent improvements in relations between the United Federation of Planets and the Romulan Star Empire.


Class Majestic Class
Role Mid-Level Exploratory
Duration 75 years
Time Between Refits 6 years
Time Between Resupply 3 years


Length 687 meters
Width 249.25 meters
Height 67.50 meters
Decks 15


Officers 90
Enlisted Crew 540
Civilians 150
Emergency Capacity 7,500


Cruise Speed Warp 6.0
Maximum Speed Warp 9.6
Emergency Speed Warp 9.9(for 12 hours)

Weapons & Defensive Systems

Shields Auto-Modulating Shields
Metaphasic Shielding
Weapon Systems 14 Type X Phaser Arrays

3 Variable Payload Torpedo Launchers
Armament Primary: Regenerative Shielding
Secondary: Ablative Hull Armor

Auxiliary Craft

Shuttlebays 2
Shuttles Scout: Aeroshuttle
Yellowstone Class
Shuttle(s):Type 11 Shuttle
Type 09 Shuttle
Runabouts Volga Runabout: 1