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A Taste of Diplomacy

Posted on Tue Aug 6th, 2019 @ 3:52pm by Razmi & Lieutenant Neenyo Tadez

Mission: For Whom The Bell Tolls
Location: Holodeck program of meadow.
Timeline: MD 03 20:00 Hours


Tadez had been very careful with his following of Razzi; she was new to the ship and might now know how easily one could be tracked when the correct 'locating' commands were used. PLus she was in a huff and not paying as much attention to who is following her as she might if not upset. He also gave her a few minutes to herself to calm a bit before entering the program.

Razzi had found a spot she thought no one would find her. Of course all they would have to do was search for Margarian life signs. She was, after all, the only full blooded one on board. She'd heard that Razmi had discovered some ancestry of a couple of different races. But that really wasn't what was on Razzi's mind at the moment. She was angry, and hurt. She couldn't believe how the two people who meant the most to her had behaved.

"The middle is not an easy place to be." Tadez sat close to her but gave her some personal space; looking around the program. "If only all the people you cared for could just get along?" He put out the question. "Maybe not quibble over what is best for you?" He chuckled a bit. "Males are territorial; in the nature, and sometimes we are just 'not at our best' when it comes to dealing with one another and over-reactions can occur."

She was no longer tearful but she really didn't want to see either of the men right now. "No. But I didn't ask to get put there. You can say that again," she said when he spoke about the behavior of men. "Men are so stupid sometimes."

"And we are very bad at guessing the depths of a woman's mind." He added. "I have this gut feeling that you really would rather I leave, which is logical actually, so because I now you are angry with me I thought at least apologizing for my part of your hurt." Tadez said. "I have tried to show you I would not knowingly hurt you and it seems I have so please accept it was not my intention to do so." He wished he had the time to formulate a better way to express rather than on the fly. "I do care for you and am sorry I hurt you." He took a breath. "I shall leave you to your thoughts as I do not wish to get into more trouble."

Razmi wasn't sure she was actually really angry at Tadez, she was just frustrated with the whole thing. She reached out a hand and grabbed the sleeve on his arm before he could leave. "I understand why you said what you said to Stef." Razmi finally said. "I like you too." She wanted to make sure before she made a fool out of herself . . . then again perhaps she already had. "It was just, embarrassing and frustrating to find the two of you there like that."

"It was an unusual situation." Tadez sat back down and put a hand over hers to assure her. "I am sure it will not happen again as for my part I will simply walk away from the situation should it come up." He look into her eyes and smiled. "Your opinion and ways to show affection are the only ones that count, Stef is just giving his advice in that manner as far as I care." He winked. "Just let me know when I am making you happy and I will try to do more of that for you."

Razmi snorted out a little laugh. "Stef . . . I'm so surprised and disappointed in him. I don't know why he would do such a thing. I can understand him protecting me, but that was uncalled for, accosting you like that. Something's bothering him I think, I'm not sure what but I'm going to get to the bottom of it as quickly as I can."

"In his mind he was doing right; it might be as simple as you telling him how you feel about how we are doing, if you are happy he should note it and back off a bit." Tadez nod. "I will not be backing away from you; however, I will respect Stef as your Family, but know I am trying to court you, not your family." He smiled. "You are the one that really matters to me."

She smiled and took his chin to turn his face towards her. "I am happy with the way things are right now. Or I will be, once we get things sorted with Stef. Maybe I should go talk to him?" It was definitely a question, Razmi wanted to know what Tadez thought.

"MIght be wise to let him cool his Impulses and get his arm taken care of, I get the gut impression he would just escalate as he is in pain and just had an argument." He liked the touch. "Most people need time to cool off and after breaking a hand he might not be in the best mood for conversation?" Tadez added. "And any local pain killers to wear off might make him a more level head?" Out of inswtinctive desire Tadez took his left hand to her right ear in a Bajoran sign of affection and smile a little brighter. "Besides I like having some time with you if you do not mind while he calms?"

"I won't leave right now," she assured him. "What does that mean?" She asked, of his touching her ear.

"We touch the ear with the Earring as a sign of affection; it is thought to be a path to one's Pagh, to what some call the soul." He shrugged. "It felt ... good to do that ." He released her ear. "Sorry if it startled you; did it without thinking."

"You didn't startle me, I just wondered what you were doing was all. Different races are bound to have different traditions and signs of affection. I'm not easily startled either so it's fine."Razmi wasn't sure what else to say though. She seemed to be tired from her emotional display in sickbay. "Do you mind if we go to my quarters . . . or yours?"

"Where would you be most comfortable?" Tadez asked. "I have seen your quarters, what if you came to mine as I have not shared that with you yet? I even had the cleaning service go through just yesterday so it is presentable."

"Sure, that's fine. If you don't mind me falling asleep on your sofa? I'm kind of tired. But I don't mind the company. Maybe we could continue the book?" She squeezed his hand. This relationship with Tadez was really rather exciting but she particularly enjoyed how he asked her if she was comfortable with things. He understood her innocence and didn't seem to be embarrassed by it.

"I can take the sofa as a lady needs her comfort and I made sure the one in my quarters fit me well as I do hours reading and sometimes fall asleep on it."

"No," Razmi smiled. "I'm not kicking you out of your bed. I may not stay all night I just can't promise I won't fall asleep. It's been a long trying day." She stood up and took Tadez's hand leading him out of the room. "I just want a place to nap."

"Then the couch would be a good place to read. and I fall asleep there often." He replied. "I could read the next chapter to you."

"Thanks." She curled around his arm, putting her head against his shoulder as they walked. "We can talk about it when we get there." Razmi didn't want to make him feel bad, if he really wanted her to take the bed she would.

"As the lady wishes." Tadez just enjoy the closeness.

Tadez had moderate quarters; larger as he was an officer; he kept it simple a small two person table with chairs a sofa and small coffee table in the living area. The walls were adorn with holo images of places he had obviously been; a Klingon Mek'Leth and Bat'Leth on the east wall. Several Cardassian blades; in broken mounted on a wood plaque. SMall trinkets from several cultures on on mounted wall shelves. A small collection of hsi travels. The table had a large PADD wiht sveral bit of paper. On the coffee table was a patchwork style Dragon sculpture 18 inches long and 10 high as the chest and front two of the six legs were raised in attack.

On the west wall is a modest floor to ceiling bookshelf filled to capasity with books of varied size and colored covers.

"Come in and make yourself comfortable." Tadez guide her to the sofa and let he sit before he winked. "Just a second." He moved to the book shelf and as though he knew exactly where it was he plucked the copy of the book from the shelf. "This is my actual printed book; it took some doing to get this hardback version." He took the seat at the end offering an open arm for her to lean into his shoulder if she liked?

Razmi did scoot close to him, feeling his warmth envelope her. She hoped she'd be able to stay awake long enough to listen to him read for a bit. "Bajorans must have a higher body temperature," she murmured quietly before he'd started to read.

"Some of us are just warm hearted and the body follows." He put an arm around her to make sure she was warm. "Now where we last left poor Edmund he was working with Farara the Priest on digging a tunnel while the preiest teaches him all the old man knew." He filled in. "Next we have the men putting the powers of deduction to solve what happened to Dantes..." He opened the book to a page and started to recite the book. 'Now Edmund we turn our mind to the case of Edmund Dantes.' Farara informed his young student..."

Razmi just couldn't keep her eyes open though. In the back of her mind she hoped Neenyo wouldn't mind it if she fell asleep against him but the thought wasn't enough to keep her awake. She drifted off peacefully, feeling safe and comfortable.


Civilian Navigator

Lt. Neenyo Tadez
CHief Diplomat


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