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Knowledge is Power

Posted on Mon Dec 16th, 2019 @ 2:38pm by Lieutenant Lilith Sullivan & Lieutenant T'Par & Lieutenant Neenyo Tadez

Mission: For Whom The Bell Tolls
Location: USS Majestic, Deck 2
Timeline: MD09, 1100

Having visited one of the docking ports to watch the proceedings, Lieutenant Sullivan found herself in the middle of a sea of people. She had intended to spend just a few minutes seeing Cassie off to her meeting with the High Matriarch, but she soon found herself greeting a multitude of visitors from Claddin Station. Only the Bordere were afforded any type of personal space, owing much to the sharp claws they possessed. Before long, Lilith found herself unable to say no to a well thought out and flattering invitation to the formal scheduled for later that evening from a Bordere delegate.

"Oh hello lieutenant," Sullivan turned and bumped into T'Par in the crowd. "Apologies, it's a bit of a zoo down here at the moment."

T'Par inclined her head gently. "It is quite all right, lieutenant." She, too, was surveying the crowd. "It is rather...hectic."

"Yeah, you can say that again," came the reply as Lilith tried her best to keep out of the way. "I guess you're keeping pretty busy with the negotiations coming up, huh? How's everything been going with that? You think there's a path to a positive outcome in all of this?"

"There is always a path to a positive outcome," T'Par said. "The competition over trade routes in space illogical, governed more by emotions and by cultural and intellectual grievances than a genuine scarcity." That, at least, was her opinion. "However, I have noted some species have a great deal of difficulty seeing past such things."

"Oh, without a doubt that has to be the truth," Sullivan nodded. "Everybody's a little different, that's for sure. I feel like with some people, emotion is at the very center of who they are. I don't mean to presume, but perhaps the member species of the empire are upstaging their individual grievances as a negotiating ploy. You always start with an outrageous initial offering - at least - that's how humanity has done it in the past."

"I believe that is the Ferengi practice as well," she notes. "You might be correct. However, as you say, emotion is central to many species. Some peoples might value resolving a perceived affront to their dignity and honor more highly than their concrete material interests."

"Agreed again," Lilith stated. As the two officers continued to converse, the crowd at the docking port eventually began to dissipate as people dispersed to wherever their task took them. "If you have a moment, care to walk and talk?" Sullivan gestured down the corridor.

"Certainly," T'Par agreed as she began to stroll once more. "It's Lieutenant Sullivan, is it not?" She kept herself familiar with the ship's compliment but her duties had rarely given her occasion to speak with the Chief Flight Control Officer until now.

"Oh lord, yes, sorry," the pilot blushed, realizing she had forgotten the most basic of manners. "Lilith Sullivan, a pleasure to finally meet you and put a face to the name. I've been meaning to catch up with you at some of the staff meetings, but I usually get caught up in a conversation and you've left by the time I free myself. So apologies for that."

"It's quite all right," T'Par said calmly. "I am T'Par as I believe you already know." She glanced around briefly, considering those passing as they walk.

Sullivan nodded, but before she could continue the conversation, she spotted another familiar face walking towards them.

Tadez cam through the crowd; having the look of a man who had been smiling and being polite for longer than someone should, he was not hagarded but he did like seeing a familiar face.

"Lieutenant T'Par." Tadez gave a slight bow and noticed the Helm Officer. "Pardon my Manners." He offered a handshake. "I am Diplomatic Officer Tadez, pleasure to make your aquaintance."

T'Par glanced to Tadez's hand for a moment before reaching out to take it. She shook it firmly once and then returned her hands to rest clasped behind her back. "Lieutenant Tadez."

"I look forward to working with you on the operation." Tadez wanted to make a public show of meeting T'Par as his discusson woth her earlier was not on record so if he were to be working more with her this seemed like a good time to get the ball rolling.

"Hello there lieutenant, good to see you again," Lilith smiled and extended a hand. "What good fortune that you've found us here in the corridor. I have had a bout of curiosity about the upcoming negotiations, and if either or both of you have time, I was hoping I could pick your brains about the matter."

"What were you wondering, lieutenant?" T'Par asked.

"I wanted to learn a little more about their culture and their societies are organized. I read the brief, but it still doesn't hurt to talk to the experts, you know?" Sullivan surmised as the trio continued down the hall. "Plus, since I'll probably be doing some demonstration flights in the shuttles and meeting with the Claddin Empire members face to face, it'd be beneficial if I knew what I was getting myself into."

"The oddity with the Crustillians is in their shuttle design; they have small craft that connect like a modular cargo shuttle with the smaller drive section being designed for their race and the 'Piggy-back' section for humanoid habitation, like a comfortable cargo container. Thus their shuttle can convert easily for merchandiser cargo to personnel container." Tadez explained. "Their ships are similar is design the upper deck is for humanoid habitation and the bottom portion is the actual ship. Since their corridors are only approximately a meter and a half tall I doubt you will be flying any of their shuttles." Tadez concluded. "Most likely you will be touring our shuttles and small craft in the cultural exchanges."

"Oh yeah, I meant that I'd probably end up doing tours of our shuttlecraft. Although, crawling through what's basically a Jefferies tube in order to fly something new actually sounds like my idea of a good time," Lilith shrugged. "It must be an interesting design. Our own Starship Design Bureau has been working towards modular designs for logistics purposes for a while now. Swapping out sections of a ship to fit the mission just kinda makes sense."

"Increasingly more sense as the potential costs in labor, energy, and hull integrity are reduced by further technological development, I'm sure," T'Par added. "What used to require a months long refit in a spacedock can now be done fairly simply."

"Yeah, honestly ever since I heard about it the first time, it just seemed like one of those things that was so obvious that I really couldn't believe it hadn't been done before," Lilith shrugged. "But what about the Bordere? What can you tell me about them?" she posed another question to the gathered brain trust.

"The Bordere are a deliberate people," T'Par said. "Slow but precise. They are very protective of their personal space. In fact, they frequently employ proximity shields to shock anyone they find invading it."

"Oh I kinda wish you wouldn't have told me that," Lilith complained, channeling her inner seven year old. "I was told that I'm going to be attending the event at the grand ballroom later with Emnath, the Bordere delegate. I wonder how the evening is going to go. I even read that they have very sharp claws, so that's all the more shocking."

"My telling you did not cause it to be true," T'Par said. "That being so, it is better to be aware." She paused and then glanced to Tadez. "Perhaps Lieutenant Tadez can tell us if Emnath will have such a field? It might be the Bordere are also seeking to be accommodating of our customs and sensitivities."

As the trio were mid-conversation, a familiar chirp emitted from Lilith's pocket which drew her attention to her PADD. Scanning through the message, she wrinkled her nose at the subject matter before sliding the electronic device back into its usual resting place.

"Lieutenants, I hate to be a drag, but I'm afraid I must cut the conversation short. I've got to cover a shift for someone who's experiencing more debilitating effects of the implants, so I've been summoned to the bridge. I'll talk to you both soon, I still have more questions. For now, adieu."

With that, Lieutenant Sullivan turned and started walking to a nearby turbolift, leaving the others to continue their walk. As the doors closed, Lilith took a deep breath and exhaled slowly through her nostrils in an attempt to summon the motivation to keep positive in spite of the unexpected change in plans. She resorted to muttering a barely audible mantra under her breath.

"One step at a time, one step at a time."

Lieutenant Lilith Sullivan
Chief Flight Control Officer

Lieutenant T'Par
Chief Intelligence Officer

Lieutenant Neenyo Tadez
Chief Diplomatic Officer


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