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Moving right along.

Posted on Sat Jan 25th, 2020 @ 9:35pm by Cassandra Leblanc-Reed & Lieutenant Neenyo Tadez

Mission: Promenade
Location: Diplomatic Offices.
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Tadez was in his Intel uniform when he entered the Diplomatic Offices. He had to get a few things so he detoured to Cassandra's Office. Knocking on the door frame.

"Ms. Leblanc-Reed, might I have a moment of your time?" he asked with an expression of diplomatic calm.

Cassie lifted her from the screen she was reading when she heard the lieutenant's voice. "Of course. Please, sit," she responded, gesturing to one of the chairs before her desk. She narrowed an eye when she noticed the grey collar on her guest's uniform rather than the customary diplomat purple. "Intel? Interesting."

"Thank you for your time." He took the offered seat. "I wish to bring it to you first rather than having it rumors and such." Tadez began. "I am returning to Intel Department." He began. "It seems that my time with the Majestic Diplomatic Department has been ended. I will still be around to support you but more from an Intel side keeping danger threats and such to your attention."

"Returning to Intel," Cassie repeated, somewhat confused. "Nothing that I've read in your service record indicated anything about Intel. Unless I missed something?" she asked, certain she had read it carefully before arriving on the ship.

"It is all in the reports; in a manner of speaking, it is between the lines." Tadez explained. " I solved many problems from a Diplomatic view; it is just not mentioned openly 'How' I got what I needed for those conclusion. Mainly the use of Intel support." He continued. "I was an experiment where a Diplomatic 'Cover' is used ass smoke screen for Intel work." He amended. "They gave me full Diplomatic training after the Intel Basics." He nod. "I am a fully trained Diplomat, but that is like an education Minor with Intel as my Major."

"I see," Cassie replied, thinking she had much to learn in the ways of Starfleet. "I wasn't aware Starfleet would be so..." what was the word she was looking for? Right. "Insidious. What made your higher-ups decide it was time to blow your cover?" she asked.

"You, a civilian in the Diplomatic slot was a change and a need for more intel type work." Tadez said calmly. "There are certain skill sets that require my attention; I have proven able to gather data from varied sources that are not 'normally' utilized. It proved that an Intel placed in the Diplomatic arena is plausible as other races have done." He continued. "Now that I know better how that can work I can also create Counter-Intelligence method to keep security from a Diplomatic angle."

"Well, I'm certain your new role on the ship will prove useful to the whole crew. Diplomatic missions sometimes tend to be rather delicate operations. More intel means everybody can be better prepared," Cassie said. "Thank you for telling me directly. It would have been awkward to hear it through the grapevine. Do you know who will replace you as Chief Diplomatic Officer, or is that a question I should address to the Captain?"

"I think one surprise a day should suffice." Tadez knew who had come through the Transfer circuits. "The Captain has to have some things that she knows and all." He told her. "The Captain is the one to make announcements."

Cassie smirked. In that case, she'd just have to seek out the answers herself; one of the disadvantages of being a civilian on a military ship, she supposed. "I'll make sure to ask her when I see her next. Was there anything you wished to speak to me about?"

"Just to note I still know the Diplomatic arena; if you need any help outside the normal parameters I am your man." He nodded. "We have worked together and the results are favorable, I would be there should you need in the future; maybe with additional information you can use at that time?"

"I'll be sure to let you know," Cassie said, rising from her chair. She extended her arms across her desk to shake the Lieutenant's hand. "May our new professional relationship bring us continued success."

"Be well and may the Prophets protect you always." Tadez returned the offered shake before departing.


Cassandra Leblanc-Reed
Diplomatic Officer


Lt. Neenyo Tadez
Deputy Intelligence Chief.


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