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Movie Night

Posted on Wed Feb 26th, 2020 @ 4:30am by Commodore Jane Saulitis & Lieutenant Commander Lhaes Sommers & Lieutenant Commander Dominic Aldrich & Lieutenant Natasha Stark & Lieutenant T'Par & Lieutenant Nichelle Vannan & Cassandra Leblanc-Reed & K'mitt

Mission: Cruel Meridian
Location: Holodeck 1
Timeline: MD 02 20:00 Hours
2462 words - 4.9 OF Standard Post Measure

Having not had the time to find a room for their movie night. Jane had quickly entered a program into the holodeck. For now it would do but she really wanted a special space for it. After all this was a great way for the crew to spend some time together, experience cultural differences and even partake in some traditional Earth foods such as the popcorn she was now replicating and passing around. "If I could have your attention please. Thank you all for coming. I know you were probably a bit skeptical of this but being as you showed up anyway, it shows truth faith in this ship and crew, so thank you. Our selection tonight is an old Earth movie from the 1940's called Casablanca, it's what was considered a classic romance for the time. I hope you enjoy it, please leave your questions for after the film and feel free to partake in the evenings food offerings."

"Well, this should be interesting," Lhaes commented as he looked at the refreshments. He picked up something white, bouncy and fluffly looking. "What is this?"

Easing into her chair, Nat looked over at Lhaes. "Popcorn," she said as she popped a piece in her mouth. "One hundred percent mandatory for movie-watching."

"And what is it made of?" He looked at his fingers, finding them slightly greasy.

"It's corn kernels that have been heated. They pop open like this and the results are edible and very delicious." Jane said overhearing the conversation. She offered a bowl to Lhaes. "Try one. They are usually flavored with melted butter and salt but there are a variety of ways it can be eaten."

"Can even be sweet." Kmitt said. "Captain " he nodded. Then he turned to Lheas. "Oh, I'm sorry. Kmitt, Federation news. Have we met, Commander?

T'Par took her own seat. She had a small box in front of her. "Apparently this is a variation known as Cracker Jacks." She tentatively took one of the caramel coated pieces of popcorn from the box, examining it dubiously before she ate it. "Humans have always had a curious culinary tradition."

Lhaes turned to the feline. "No I don't think we have," he answered, "I'm Lhaes Sommers." As it was an off-duty event, he chose to forego his rank. "And I think if these contain butter it's safer for me not to try them."

"A pleasure, Lhaes." K'Mitt grinned. "Nice to meet you. Looks like the butter is off to the side here...I think." The caitian offered.

"I'd rather not risk it," Lhaes answered, putting the white puff next to the bowl. He studied the large cat. "I think my pets would be very much impressed with you. Either that, or they'd have a hiss fit."

"Your pets?" K'Mitt asked

The Romulan smirked at the Caitian. "They are felines," he chuckled, "small ones... compared to you."

Meanwhile, Jared continued to sink into his recliner, looking very much like a picture of comfort and contentedness as he held a red and whited striped container full of lightly salted popcorn up near his chin. The shorter distance from dispenser to receptacle meant a more efficient popcorn eating experience. Or perhaps the ship's new executive was feeling particularly lazy. Whatever the case, a stifled giggle nearby caught Jared's attention. He extended the popcorn bucket to the seat beside him, looking over the frame of some prop glasses that had no lenses but were styled to look much like twenty-first century Earth "3D" glasses.

"Care for some popcorn?" Hanover grinned, turning to the seat beside him.

"Looking comfortable if I do say so myself commander." The voice belonged to Lieutenant Sullivan. "I don't think we've officially met yet, but I'm Lilith. Cassie here was just telling me about you and boom! Here you are!"

"In the flesh," Jared nodded. "Nice to meet you Lilith, my name is Jared. Hello again, Cassie. It is good to see you."

Cassie smiled. "It's good to see you too! And don't mind if I do," she said, picking a handful of popcorn kernels from the offered container and popping one in her mouth. "Hmm, yum. I think I'll get a bucket of my own. Do you guys want drinks?"

"I am taken care of, thanks!" Hanover reached over with his other hand, revealing that his body had been blocking an aluminum tumbler filled with ice from view. He shook it for good measure, then returned it to its resting place in the cupholder built into his seat.

"Something fizzy please, but no caffeine or else I will one thousand percent not be sleeping tonight," Sullivan paused for a moment. "Ooh, and get enough popcorn for two. I kinda forgot how much I like it - it's been a while since I've had any."

"Right?" Hanover's voice chimed in.

"Thanks Cass, you're my favorite," Lily called out.

Tadez had his civilian attire on; slacks and a cotton button down shirt with vest to show some style. Not being the diplomat he could indulge a little more in his own favorite styles and truly see where he fit? He also had asked Razzi to accompany him to their first public event together; she had agree to come along and seemed to be excited about the event generally.

Razmi had chosen a simpler dress than what she usually wore. It was might lighter weight, a type of heavy silk that draped closer to her body than her broomstick skirts she'd worn on Marga III. "How many movies have you seen?" She was asking Tadez. "I've never been to a movie before, I'm nervous. Oooh, what are they eating?"

"I had a ... friend, that was what they call Movie Buff; not unlike I suspect of the Captain, so about a dozen; even played holos based on movies." Tadez chuckled at her seeing the food. "Food stuff is called 'Popcorn' and tastes good with a butter flavor but is corn based so you will notice he sizable drinks that go with it.

"Fascinating," she said taking a single kernel and putting it in her mouth. Her eyes widened in surprise. "That's quite good. Plant based?"

"Yes." Tadez tok some from the shared bucket. "Maze is the North American Indian call the plant base; but as in the name is is made from... corn kernals." He chuckled. "I thought you would know it was plant based."

"Hobbies," Razzi said with a shrug. "I was a farmer for years. So I'm always interested in things that can be grown. I wonder if Zaria could grow some of this on the ship?"

"I am sure she could grow corn; it is an Earth Based plant and this ship is of Human design so I can guess the soil will be compatible?" Offered to share his drink with her. "She might already, I am intel, I could find out if you like?"

"I can ask her," Razzi smiled at him and sank down into her seat to put her head on Tadez's shoulder.

Dominic had just returned to his own seat next to Zeria. He handed her a small box of chocolate candies as he cradled the popcorn he had gotten in his arms. "You know, I'm glad you convinced me to come to this tonight." He leaned over, kissed her cheek, and then added, "It's been a long time since I saw a film."

"I've never seen one." Zeria admitted. She was dying of curiosity what watching one would be like though. And she wanted to try everything in sight to eat. Her figure wasn't going to thank her for this. "I'm kind of nervous actually."

"Nothing to be nervous about. Nothing is going to jump out at you or anything," Dominic said with a smile. "Unless the Captain has some surprise in store...."

Jane sighed as she saw the other couples pairing up for the movie watching. She missed Hak and it hadn't been that long since he departed. Still . . . it didn't mean she had to watch the movie alone did it? Her XO wasn't with anyone. Surely they could watch the movie together. She approached carefully. "Do you mind if I sit here?" She asked him.

"By all means," Hanover shifted his weight to free up the space he was occupying on the shared armrest. "One condition though, you've got to help eat the popcorn. Oh, and I almost forgot," he paused to reach into his jacket pocket, producing another pair of the prop glasses that he was wearing himself. "Here. We've got to dress the part, right? Show these people who's in charge around these parts." Jared grinned, tongue firmly in cheek.

Chuckling she sat down. "That won't be a problem," Jane took the glasses, put them on and then looked at him, as she burst out in laughter. "I think we're quite styling here."

Cassie came back via the empty row behind her companions a few minutes later with a tray containing two huge glasses of fizzy drinks and and an equally gigantic bucket of popcorn. "One non-caffeinated drink called "Sprite" for you," she said, reaching out and depositing the drink in one cupholder, "one ginger ale for me," she called as she placed the second drink in another cupholder. She then handed Lilith the bucket of popcorn and stepped into her seat.

"Whoa, what a balancing act," Lily had an impressed look on her face. Taking a long drink of the carbonated beverage, the saccharine liquid surprised her sense of taste with its overwhelming combination of bubbles, sweetness, and citric acid. "Whoa, that is an assault on the senses," she stared at the glass as if it had called her a rude name. "I kinda like it," she grinned. "What else ya got there?"

"Candy coated chocolate. I'm told they're called M&Ms," Cassie answered. "Oh, hi, Captain," she greeted when she finally sat down, as she had noticed on her way back that someone had joined their group.

"We're off duty," Jane smiled at her. "You can call me Jane. I don't bite people who use it. If you will excuse me though, I do want to make an announcement before I start the movie."

"By all means, please."

Vannan came into the room quickly; she had on the denim overall mini dress with red blouse and boots knowing she was on the boarder of being late. She found an open seat and took it.

Having up to now been absorbed by her popcorn and the summary of the film on her PADD, Natasha looked up at the woman sitting down near her. She held out a hand in greeting. "Hi, I'm Nat! I don't think we've met."

"Nichelle" She took the offered hand for a quick shake. "I am pretty new here; new girl on the block." She smiled. "You like old Earth Films, I am told this is a classic?"

"It's amazing, one of my all time favorites," Nat said, nodding her head vigorously. "My mom is a bit of an old film buff back home, she introduced me. You'll love it, I'm sure." She tossed another few kernels into her mouth.

"It spounded fun; how could I resist fun." Vannan replied.

M'Jart entered dressed in her off duty, a simple dress created from a plant based material common on her homeworld. She took a seat. She wasn't sure what food was being offered, so she'd bought some of her own. She had Tuk'Nar beast jerky and flask containing mixture of peach, pineapple and uttaberry juice, it was the closest she'd found to the juice of the Zargin fruit, a delicacy on her home world.

Zirra sat at the back of the room, apparently this movie didn't have any giant animals in it and she wasn't sure if she'd enjoy it. She had a large tub of pop corn on her lap and a drink with in reach, so she was determined to make the best of it she could.

Jane stood before the group. It made her rather nervous to be up in front of a crowd like this but she tried to push it aside as she called out, "If you could have your attention please. I believe it's time to start but I wanted to thank you for coming and making our first movie night a successful event. I also wanted to lay a few ground rules for those who may not be familiar with movie watching. I would ask that you remain as silent as you possiblely can until the end of the movie, questions can be asked and answered at the end. Also, if you need to leave don't dawdle in the doorway, we are going to dim the lights for this performance. And finally, enjoy yourselves. That's an order."

Qurrac was just entering the room when he heard the last part of the statement; his investigation needed a break and a Hue-mon movie seemed the best idea. He quickly moved to the nearest seat open to him and sat. He did follow orders after all.

“Louis, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.”

The assembled viewers watched the movie draw to a close Rick and Louis walked into the fog, at least, the ones that were still awake did. Slowly, the light level in the room began to rise, and so too did the general murmur of people getting up and discarding their empty popcorn containers and drink glasses. Someone near the exit of the holodeck mentioned having to use to the restroom, starting the exodus as people began to say their goodbyes.

In the middle row, however, Lily was still fast asleep on Cassie's shoulder, having reached a state of unconsciousness not long after Isla had first appeared on screen. She had drifted in and out of consciousness, her only waking memory being not of the movie itself but of Cassie humming along to "La Marseillaise"" with the patrons in Rick's club. Eventually, the light woke her. She stretched, yawned, and looked around for a moment before recalling where she was.

"Ah, right," Lily cleared her throat, frowning slightly at the stationary end credits displayed on screen.

"Kids these days..." It was Hanover, grinning ear to ear, still wearing his glasses as he walked by with a few discarded items.

"Movies have that affect on some people. She's just going to miss the questions on the exam, shame." Jane said getting up herself and following him out of the room.

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