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Posted on Wed Feb 23rd, 2022 @ 6:03pm by Captain Elijah Rutherford & Lieutenant T'Par

Mission: A New Beginning
Timeline: Current
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(OOC we can change the title later on)

Captain Rutherford wasn't the sort to stay in his office, he had a ship to get familiarized with and also her crew. Even though they had met during the briefing, Elijah felt he wished to get to know his crew better. He sought out where T'Par was at, asking the computer to give him her location. Once he found out he'd go there.

"Computer, what is the location of Lieutenant T'Par?"

"Lieutenant T'Par is in Science Lab Two."

Rutherford made his way down to Science lab to and stepped inside, taking a look around the lab, he walked around hoping to find T'Par.

"Lieutenant T'Par? Are you in here?" he spoke to where she could hear him.

T'Par looked up from a display. "Yes, captain," she said, walking towards him. "May I assist you?"

"I came to meet you, and to get to know another one of the crew. It's what i like to do. Care to get some tea and have a conversation?" Elijah asked.

T'Par checked the display again and then looked back to the captain. "Yes, captain. I would be interested to get to know you as well."

"We can go have tea in the ready room or in Ten Forward, which would you prefer to go to?" Elijah was willing to go to either place.

"The ready room, sir," T'Par answered. "I imagine it's more...quiet."

"Indeed it would be." Elijah responded, and led the way to his ready room.

When they arrived, Elijah asked, "What sort of tea would you like?" walking over to the replicator to make his selection, he ordered a ginger and honey tea with some lemon in it.

"Vulcan spice tea," T'Par requested as she stepped into the ready room after the captain. She briefly glanced around the room.

Elijah gave a nod, and once the teas were ready he brought them over to where he had a small table next to the sofa underneath the view of the stars.

"So, you are in science is it meeting your specifications?" he was curious about her perceptions on that.

"Thank you, captain," T'Par said as she took her tea. "We always strive to improve but I believe the department is performing well at present."

"I am glad to hear about that." Rutherford answered and took a seat. "I do believe I read you have a husband?" he took a sip of his tea while he waited for her answer.

"I do, yes," T'Par confirmed. "He teaches philosophy on Tellar Prime."

Elijah nodded, "And how is he doing? Hopefully satisfactorily." taking another sip of his tea. "And will you be wanting to see him sometime?"

"He is satisfied with his work, yes," T'Par confirmed, speaking of her husband in the same impassive tone she used almost all the time. "I do value opportunities to spend time in his company but, generally speaking, I am content to work within the normal leave system."

Elijah nodded, "Well there will come a time that you will be able to see him. I will make a point that if we are in the same area he is in, we'll take a pause." giving a slight smile. "How long have you been in the field of science?"

"It was my specialty at the Academy," T'Par volunteered, "but I transferred to intelligence for several years. I transferred back after the intelligence department aboard Majestic was dissolved."

Elijah raised an eyebrow at this. "I had noticed a lack of an intelligence department do you know why it had been closed? I would like to know the reason behind it." moving to take another sip of his tea then realizing that he had already emptied his cup. "Would you like a bit more tea?"

"The captain did not believe there was particular need for a shipboard intelligence presence," T'Par stated. She took a sip of her tea. "Yes, please."

Elijah raised an eyebrow that at the news of the Intelligence not being needed. "Not every ship needs intelligence personnel I suppose. I had one on my other ship, she was needed due to the nature of what we were doing. Always best to know the information that is out there, than be caught flat footed." he mused. Then he brought over some more tea for T'par.

"Then you are considering recreating the department?" T'Par asked. She accepted the tea, taking another sip. "Thank you."

"You are most welcome, and yes I am thinking of opening it up. Maybe handy to have connections in finding out what is going on around us, in the different sectors. " Elijah remarked, as he went to sit back down.

"It can be," T'Par agreed. She took a sip of tea. "It can also be helpful if each ship gathers as much deep space encrypted traffic as possible, sir. For me, intelligence work was largely an extension of anthropolgy. There was a similar focus on alien ways of thoughts, even the occasional mission under the guise of the member of a culture, just generally with much more technologically advanced societies. I have always been fascinated with what you might call the internal logic of other societies."

"Truth be told, I had received a missive from Star Fleet and it seems that I have an Intelligence officer transferring here as we speak. I do not know when he or she will arrive. Due to that, we will be having a new Chief of Intelligence." taking a sip of his drink then lowering it. "I normally would be speaking to those of the original crew to have them become officers in different positions on the ship. This though, when Star Fleet decides, then we must follow." Elijah paused as he regarded T'Par for a moment or two, then he spoke once more. "I feel that you, Commander Aldrich and Lieutenant Sempton make a rather strong science team, and I know I will be needing all of your skills as we actually go explore. There are still unknown worlds to discover, and scientific discoveries to make." Elijah paused to take another drink of his tea.

"I appreciate your confidence, sir," she said.

" Right now there is still the puzzle of the Holo-sentients that we are needing to solve. Have you had the opportunity to do any sort of study on them as to the way their little society has come about? Have you had the chance to do a one on one talk with them?"

"I have mostly been examining our data from the interaction with them and the station where they were found," she answered. "There is still much that puzzles me. An individual discussion might prove illuminating."

"Any idea of which one you'd like to talk to? I've not had the chance to really speak to them, except for the one I deem to be their leader of a sorts, Oz is what he called himself." Elijah remarked.

"Perhaps Oz," she speculated.

"Then proceed to speaking with him, I give you permission. It may well help to untangle the knotted mess that the holo sentients may be in." Elijah leaning back to sip at his drink.

"Thank you, captain," she answered. She took another slow sip of her own tea. "Hopefully it will be illuminating."

"Well with what he is like, I think it could be very illuminating. When would you like to do this meeting with him?" Elijah having another contemplative expression in his eyes.

"You look like you're considering something, captain?" she inquired.

"Perhaps you can also look at their... community as well with your background it may well provide some other clues as well. Yes i think you would be able to pick up things that others may not. " giving T'par an assessing look. "I have confidence in you."

"Thank you, captain," T'Par said. "They do have their own society, it seems."

Elijah solemnly nodded. "Then this will be perfect." he finished up his drink and then rose from his chair. " I think that this will work out and we can move forward on this endeavor. Thank you for your willingness to do this."

"Of course, captain," T'Par responded.


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