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Gaining Information

Posted on Mon Jan 3rd, 2022 @ 2:50pm by Lieutenant Commander Dominic Aldrich & Lieutenant T'Par & Lieutenant JG S'anra Shalakar & Lieutenant JG Coen Zacci & Lieutenant JG T'seng

Mission: A New Beginning
Location: Holosuite
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Oz was seated upon a bench overlooking the scenic panorama before him. He was smoking a long pipe, the tendrils of the smoke wafting its way towards the sky. The pipe was reminiscent of what Gandalf had been using. In fact, the setting was much like that of the shire from Lord of the Rings, complete with the round door of a hobbit establishment but bearing in mind, it was built for someone human size.

T'seng looked around with great delight, then moved towards where Oz was sitting. "Oz! We have come!"

The wizened old man, lowered his pipe and called out a greeting. "Hello friends, so glad of you to come see us."

Oz then called out, "Gwen, Indigo, Glowbug, we've got company!"

Glowbug a firefly came zipping out, chiming happily weaving his way round about pausing momentarily in his flight to look at each individual. He was familiar with T'Par, T'seng and Dominic but hadn't met S'anra before. He sent out a querying chime then turned to look towards Oz then back to S'anra, then looked moved around Zacci as well.

Oz chuckled. "Glowbug wants to know whom that beauty is." nodding towards the female Orion pilot. "And you as well." pointing the pipe towards Zacci.

S'anra smiled and laughed lightly. " Thank you, Compliments are always welcome. I am Lieutenant JG S'anra Shalakar and I am the Chief Flight Officer, It is a pleasure to meet you all. "

Gwendolyn, came out wearing an apron and wiping her hands off with a dish towel. "Ah hello T'Par, T'seng." then her eyes widened. "T'seng you are out of the stasis chamber. Did they fix your heart?" rushing up to give T'seng an embrace.

The blonde vulcan nodded, "Yes, yes they did." smiling from ear to ear. "I am getting to know the crew and am looking for my family." she said to Gwen accepting the embrace then stepping back.

"Hello, Gwendolyn," T'Par said, glancing briefly at T'Seng.

"Oh good!" Gwen replied. "It has been so nice here, not having to worry about running and hiding from Adna. How is Guardian?"

T'seng answered. "He is doing well, they are taking good care of him."

"Oh good, I am glad." Gwen smiling once more.

Just then a tall man with purple hair stepped out from the home, and waved. "Are you here for dinner?" he was wearing a dark blue apron, and holding a ladle in his hand. "You are welcome to join us. Its stew and biscuits for the menu along with a salad from our garden. Along with some pie for dessert. I am Indigo."

Coen was taken aback at the beings before him, and felt monumentally out of place in the setting he found himself in while wearing his Starfleet attire. Perhaps they all should have changed into something less formal. All the same, he smiled at the small group, his chance to say his greetings lost in the cascading activity of people and beings that seemed to not want to stop emerging from the building. Instead, he allowed it to unfold before him and allowed the superior officers to take the lead, waiting his turn and chance to add to the situation.

T'seng looked at Indigo, "Well we're not here for dinner, we've come to ask some questions, just to find out information about the creator."

Indigo had a slight expression of disappointment, but then shrugged and stepped back inside. He had wanted to finally cook for real people, and see what they thought of his skills.

Dominic stood at the back of the group and took in the scene. He too felt like a bit of an intruder in the "world" they had set up. "Perhaps we can do dinner another time. However, as Lieutenant T'seng has stated, we are here mostly to figure out where we need to go in order to reunite all of you with your Creator. We are hoping that somewhere in your programming the information is at least discoverable," he said in his normal matter-of-fact way.

" I really do hope that we can find some type of clue or information to help you find where your going." Said S'anra. Her disposition warmed as she smiled. " That and you have a very charming and cozy homestead here, the work you have done here is lovely. "

Oz took a look around and then he remarked, "Thank you, shall we go where we can talk and get down to brass tacks and not be distracted." the wizened man waving a hand and the scenery changed to that of a room, There were chairs set up around a table. "Okay now that there is no distractions, the information you are looking for is clues that I can hopefully provide you, to find where Myneer is at." he paused to look at those there. "There is a solution that can be utilized in finding those clues. And can short cut this whole discussion." he pulled off his amulet and placed it onto the table. "I've not been able to access what else is contained on this. Perhaps some of you can."

S'anra picked up the amulet and turned it in her hand closely looking at it. " Hmm...Perhaps the science team could analyze it and see what information they could gather from it. " She handed the amulet to Dominic. " Well Sir I believe your department is best suited to glean the unanswered question here. " She said with a smile having faith that they would be able to help these people.

Dominic turned the object over in his hands several times. "How have you accessed the information before?"

"The last time I was able to access it was a few years back, when Adna started to become faulty. After that, I dared not try to access it very much. There is an area here that you should be able to plug something in and bring up the data. You will need something that isn't connected to the ship, to get the information." Oz indicating a port.

S'anra moved to where she could see the port." Could we modify and isolate a tricorder from the system and then download the information into it? " S'anra asked. " The people we have working in our engineering department are quite exceptional in what they do and are very clever when it comes working out problems or creating something new. "

T'seng looked at those discussing what could be done with helping her hologram friends, She stated. "I will leave you to figuring this out. I will see you later." giving a smile towards those gathered there. With a wave she left the holo-suite.

Oz looked at them, "Perhaps you can go over this in your labs, I am going to go have dinner with the others. And see if they can come up with anything else."

" If they find out anything at all that might even remotely help, I'll be sure to inform you. " Said S'anra. " I really do hope that we find something that would be useful to you. "

Oz nodded, "I will leave it to you then, and thank you. Also when you leave, you will be able to leave out that door." the wizened man giving a nod and gesturing towards the exit that T'seng had left through. The with a wave of his hand, he disappears.

S'anra blinked in surprise as the old man disappeared. " Well I guess that means the meeting is over, No use standing around when our host isn't here. " She turned to Dominic. " I suppose we should get to work, What do you make of the orb Sir? " She asked with a tone of curiosity in her voice.

Dominic was still staring where Oz had just been. "The orb is not the only thing of curiosity, Lieutenant. I wonder," he trailed off for a moment, "if we are more invested in this pursuit than those we are trying to help." He raised an eyebrow, adjusted his glasses and said, "You're quite right though. We should get to work."

S'anra gave Dominic a questioning look. " Sir? I'm not sure I follow. What did you mean by we're more invested then those we're helping? " As they walked towards the exit. " I'm aware that the holograms have been on the ship longer then I have, But aren't they our friends? Isn't this mission about helping them understand themselves better or to evolve to their next stage of being? "

"Yes," he considered, "I suppose you are right. I just wonder if there is some hesitancy for some reason. Perhaps the unknown affects holo-people too."

"It might depend on the programming," T'Par said as she followed them out.

" Well then, Let's go and find out what this device is all about. " Said S'anra.


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