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Family News

Posted on Sun Jan 23rd, 2022 @ 9:54pm by Lieutenant JG Sekat & Lieutenant JG T'seng

Mission: A New Beginning
Location: Sekat's quarters
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T'seng had just received a mixture of happy and sad news on a personal level. It made her mind go numb for the moment. She just stared at the screen for a few long moments, then turned the view screen off. She didn't know what to do, she didn't know if she should cry or laugh or just shut completely down. At the moment T'seng was wishing she was back in that stasis chamber. She shook her head at that illogical mode of thinking. She stared off into space for a moment then decided she needed to go talk to someone. There was one person she could think of, and he was someone whom she felt she could talk to. And that was Sekat. She rose from her chair and walked out the door of her quarters. Moments later she pressed the chime, hoping that he was there.

"Come in." Sekat frowned, as he looked at the door. As far as he knew he had no appointments, and since he was off duty, who would disturb him in his private time? He readjusted his robes as he started to rise from the floor, where he'd been sitting, just in front of the shrine he still kept for his deceased wife. He grimaced, grabbing at the nearby table to hoist himself back up to his feet, making a grab for his cane in the process. He was halfway up, when he recognized the visitor stood in the doorway. "Lieutenant T'Seng, what can I do for you?"

"I am sorry, I should have called first." T'seng responded, "I.. had found news about my family. So much time has passed, I could only think of you to talk to. I think you wanted to know of any news?"

Hoisting himself up fully to his feet, leaning heavily on his cane as he did, Sekat gestured for her to step inside. "Of course I do," he answered, "and no you did not need to call first." He straightened up to his full height and smiled gently. "What or who did you find?"

Stepping inside allowing the door to close behind her, T'seng then moved forward a few more steps. "My parents are deceased, I have grandparents who are alive as well as my siblings. I do have other relatives who are wanting to see me, others they don't seem to want to."

"Have they indicated why they do not wish to?" Sekat asked carefully, gesturing towards the couch and inviting her to take a seat. "Have you spoken with your grandparents?" He paused. "My grandmother was time displaced," he finally confessed, "though my family has no contact with her. She chose a different life, and we are not part of it. My grandfather used unconventional means for my father's conception... though that is probably best left undiscussed."

"My siblings for some reason do not wish contact, they will not say why. All I got in response is that it isn't important, and my desire is illogical." her brow furrowed. "I do not understand. My grandfather did say he wished contact with me, also he said he had some news. Since I am now on the Majestic he is sending me someone to help in the diplomatic service, an Ensign Leyana."

"My mother's siblings wish to have connection with me, also. I am relieved at that. I have not heard from my grandparents on my mother's side as of yet." T'seng added, having taken a seat upon the couch.

"That is very childish of your siblings," Sekat grunted, "and very un-Vulcan... is family not important? Everyone wanted and welcome? Though I suppose that should count for my grandmother too. Even if the circumstance is different as she had not aged, and my grandfather had gotten a century and a half older. My father's stepmother was surrogate you see, and my grandfather married her when it was clear my grandmother was not coming back, that she had gone missing. He does have two more half-siblings. I have one sister, she is twenty-one years my junior."

T'seng gave a nod, "I see, and I agree as to their actions but, maybe they do not feel any connection with my having been gone for 20 years. Though they didn't seem to want to connect with me when I was younger either. It was as if I was an embarrassment to them. I don't know why. Or was it more on the fact I was more emotional than they."

"That is cruel and illogical behaviour on their part, not to mention emotional as well," Sekat answered, allowing a sliver of anger at that to filter into his voice. "Is there a large age difference between you and your siblings?" He could understand there no longer being much of a connection after so long a time, but still their treatment of her baffled him, even if he possibly did understand emotion better than the average Vulcan.

"There was about a six year difference between myself and Feng. And 8 years between myself and Sutus." T'seng replied. "I just don't get it, as to why they are treating me like this. It is rather confusing. Though it seemed from what I had been told, my arrival was inconvenient to my mother."

"Inconvenient?" Both eyebrows shot up as he sat himself down. "That is...highly illogical. All children are wanted and welcome, how could you be an inconvenience?"

"It was my mother, she had let me know, the first and the last time I had seen any sign of emotion from her. She is human but, she was rather emotionless. She did make certain I was fed. That I was clothed, and got training. Nothing more. I got hurt, no comfort. I just got, it will make you strong." T'seng gave a bit of a shrug. "My father not a word. I think maybe he was broken?"

"Your father is Vulcan?" Sekat shook his head in visible disbelief. "I am sorry T'Seng, that you got such treatment, especially from a Human mother. Though I do not understand what you mean by your father being broken. Can you explain?"

"From a child's point of view, I have seen other Vulcan parents interact with their family but it was him interacting with my siblings and not me, except for a few words. But nothing more. He would discuss theories and other findings, with them. For me, nothing like that. I tried to share but, he didn't want to hear anything from me. I went quiet and stayed in the background." T'seng shared.

In an act of pure sympathy, despite knowing better the significance of what he did, Sekat reached out and took her hand between his. "I am very sorry that this was done to you," he stated gently, "that should never have happened. Despite being more emotional than your siblings, you should have been treated equally to them, even if they were much older. Your siblings, I assume brothers, should have known better too. They should have protected you." His anger at her mistreatment was palpable now, especially though their touch.

"Sutus is my brother and he is the oldest. And Feng is my sister she is the one that is six years older. I agree it shouldn't have happened. To me it is illogical." giving a sigh. She cast a grateful look to Sekat, for his compassion. "Thank you. I do appreciate you listening to me."

"It is illogical," Sekat breathed, "the abuse you suffered at the hands of your family, it is intolerable. And none of your other relatives ever did anything to stop it?" he shook his head in disbelief. "It is a shame me and my wife... late wife... never knew... we would have taken you away from them in an instant."

"They couldn't do much but, they did what they could. It was my grandfather who suggested that I go into Diplomacy, he did what he could but, it seemed there wasn't much he could do. It was a strange complicated mess. And perhaps my being silent, and controlled it went somewhat unnoticed. However I am not there anymore I am at a new beginning. My past pains will be addressed and I will move forward." T'seng answered with great deal of firmness.

"I am grateful to your grandfather then," Sekat answered, equally firm, "and you will not have to do this alone." Absently, he rubbed the hand which was still held between his. "You are not alone."

"I am glad of that, Sekat. I am very glad indeed." T'seng looked down at the hand he held, her cheeks going pink, then she looked back at him. "When I find out more I can let you know." placing her other hand over his.

Sekat looked down at their joined hands, then shifted one to cup her cheek, marveling at the amount of pink in her otherwise emerald features. He nodded slowly. "I am here for you," he promised quietly, "as I said, you are not alone."

T'seng lowered her eyes, feeling her cheeks warm up even more. She liked how he touched her face, and the contact he had with her hand. It was starting to heal the large cracks in her soul. Her heartrate picked up as she also was feeling a strange sensation... was it some fright?

Sekat wouldn't be a very good doctor if he weren't also very perceptive. He sensed a change in her, aside from the change in warmth of her skin. "Are you alright?" he asked carefully, equally carefully making her look up at him. "What is wrong?"

"I-I feel a bit frightened, I am unsure about my future so... I feel fear." her eyes were filled with worry. "Some want me, others don't. Will I be a good diplomat and when will grandfather be sending me whom he said he will. And will we get along? I feel that being uncertain on matters makes me illogical."

Sekat looked thoughtful for a moment as he pulled his hand back. "I do not see why you would not be a good diplomat, all you need is a little faith in yourself. As far as getting along, only time will tell." He looked down at his hand, still having the sensation of touching her on his fingers. it felt almost electrifying and he didn't really understand why. "There was a time that I felt I might not be able to get back to work... shortly after being severely injured by a young Pantherlon who was after me specifically. I still feel unfortunate that I had no alternative but to kill him, but his claws inflicted severe injury... and I never fully healed. I am limited in what I can and cannot do, and I am learning to live with them. But there was a time, where I felt I might never practice again. Equally when I lost my mate...I was so lost for a while..."

T'seng reached out once more to touch Sekat's hand. " I am so sorry for your loss, it sounds terrible to have suffered a loss." giving his hand a brief squeeze. "Now though I suppose we have new unexplored unexplored country or make that horizons that need to be moved forward in." a bright smile appeared, for Sekat had actually given her calmness. "Sekat, I thank you, you helped to allay my fears enough for me to see more clearly." She wanted more contact with him, but it wasn't, or wouldn't be right at least not yet. However he was instilling within her, a balance, maybe? She making eye contact once more.

The touch was almost like fire as he turned over his hand within hers. "I did nothing of consequence," he told her after a brief silence in which it was his turn to have his cheeks turn a darker shade of green. He looked up, only to find that she was already looking at him. "I did nothing special. But it is my duty to offer assistance, to the best of my ability." His gaze turned back to their still joined hands. There was something he sensed, but he couldn't make any sense of it. While he too was (in a very small) part Human, that didn't mean he understood all Human emotions. "I sense something from you," he finally confessed, "but I do not understand what it is. What do you need from me?"

"I.. I just don't know what is going on here, I wish to be closer to you but part of me says that is wrong." Her eyes drifted down to where they were holding hands, she'd never seen her parents do this, not in her presence. "I-I feel such a clashing of emotions that I can't make head nor tail of them. What do I do, What can I do?"

"I do not know," Sekat confessed, "why do you feel it is wrong to be closer to me? What makes you feel this is wrong? What do you feel? What emotions are clashing? I am no expert, but as a doctor I do understand some. My own grandmother was half Human..."

"I was told, I was undesireable." was her simple answer, T'seng gulped back the tears that were threatening to fall. Her eyes looked up to his once more. "Do I have value? I have questioned that of myself. Though my holo-friends have told me that I do."

"You are desirable," Sekat promised her, "and every life has value. All life has value, including yours. You have helped sustain your holo-friends, therefore you are extremely valuable to them. Without you, they would have ceased to exist." He paused, his free hand reaching to cup her cheek, using his thumb to wipe away the tear that threatened to fall. "You are valuable to me," he finally added, "there is something about you, that makes me feel different. Makes me feel needed."

He paused, holding her gaze. "You are desirable," he repeated, leaning a little closer to her. He hesitated, holding himself back as he considered her vulnerability. He certainly did not want to abuse it. "To me..." he added, his uncertainty audible. His own fear visible on his face, sensible, through their continued touch.

"You are desirable to me as well." T'seng replied, "I do need you, I... am drawn to you. I want to be with you. I feel connected to you." she nervously licked her lips, "From the moment I laid eyes on you, it seemed you were someone I had been looking for in my dreams. Just constantly searching for someone whom I couldn't find, until now. It must be you, it must be you whom I was looking for."

"How would you know?" Sekat asked uncertainly. He could sense her anxiety with ease now, and he wondered how much she sensed of his. "How can you dream of someone you do not know?" He felt at a loss, scared and torn. Was he even ready for this? Like her, he was broken, scarred and burned. Was he ready to take this leap? Slowly, his eyes never leaving hers, he leaned in and gently kissed her.

Her lips met his, and her eyes widened then they slowly closed as she moved closer to Sekat, her hand releasing his it going about him to pull Sekat closer. She felt like a fire was ignited within her soul. She also felt even more of a connection to him.

He allowed it, but after a brief moment, he pulled back. He sat back and studied her for a moment. The suddenly fiery kiss hadn't left him unaffected and he found himself gasping for breath. He too had felt the fire, and to him it felt as if the broken part of his soul was ready to be mended. Except, he felt scared to take the leap with having been abandoned when he needed time to heal, especially after having seen the ghost of his wife. His expression softened a little, though the uncertainty and sense of fear remained. He still needed patience, and he hoped she would be such. "That was...different," he finally whispered.

T'seng nodded, "It was pleasant and I've not experienced that before." she looked down once more at their hands and shyly smiled. "Perhaps I should retire for the evening." finally releasing his hand. "I thank you. I feel ever so much better. " her eyes filled with joy.

"I do too," Sekat admitted, almost feeling sad that she had removed her hand. "Thank you....for making me feel.. alive again."

Another blush from T'seng, "And the same for me. I do feel more alive than I have, for the longest time." a quick kiss on Sekat's cheek and T'seng moved towards the door.

"You do not have to leave." The words were out before he even realized he'd said them. He sat with his hand to his own cheek, still feeling the lingering sensation of the kiss. He stood, but made no effort to stop her. "I do not wish for you to leave," he amended. "Please...stay?"

The door had opened for T'seng but she turned around to look at Sekat. She took a step forward towards Sekat, allowing the door to close once more. "You would like me to stay?" Her eyes filled with curiosity, and then took another step closer. "I will stay if you wish, it would be something I wish as well." looking into his eyes once more, feeling so drawn towards him, but not moving towards him as of yet.

"Yes, I would like you to stay," he reiterated, supporting his statement with a minute nod. He took a single step forward. "I do not know how to explain this, or how I feel....but somehow.." He hesitated, briefly looking away. "Somehow, I feel you belong with me."

A few more steps forward and T'seng's arms went around Sekat. "That is how I feel as well. I belong, with you but.. If you need me to leave I will go. If you need me to stay I will stay." her words slightly muffled her face against his chest.

"Why would I need you to leave, when I just asked you to stay?" Sekat answered, resting his head against hers as he held her close. He reached up, brushing the back of his fingers against her cheek, brushing up and across her ear. "I need you to stay, how long you wish to, is up to you. Perhaps...we can explore this feeling of need?"

"I would like that, I would like to explore that feeling of need." T'seng raising her eyes towards his, then lifting her lips to brush against his. "I am willing to stay, I want to stay." reaching up to return the caress he had given to her, the running both her hands around his waist then up his back. It was an experiment of hers just exploring this closeness. She was willing, she didn't want to leave and her emotions were strong that of never wanting to leave his side at all.

He closed his eyes as she touched him. It felt different, and at the same time, it felt right. He could almost feel his late wife's approval. A shock of apprehension suddenly ran through him and his eyes snapped open, quickly searching the room as if to look for her ghost. When there was nothing, he relaxed a little. "Perhaps...." he ventured, "...I was meant to find you. And you were destined somehow, to be discovered by this vessel, bringing you to me." It was a long shot, and he knew it, but he had no other explanation. It was highly illogical at that because when she entered stasis, he was still bonded. His fingers lingered against her cheek, and he turned over his hand, cupping her cheek once more.

"It is what I felt, that I had been searching for you..." linking her fingers with his from the back of his hand., as he caressed her cheek. "I feel... as if I were complete just being in your arms." a tear trickled down her cheek but it wasn't one of sadness she was feeling moved by this whole experience.

Somehow, he knew exactly what she meant even though he lacked the ability to explain. Yet, in the privacy of his quarters he allowed for much more emotion to filter into his expression, and his voice. It felt right. "I cherish thee," he finally whispered, kissing her again but this time with a bit more passion. Now that those fears were abated, he dared to do so.

"I cherish thee as well." T'seng replied, before her lips met his once more. "I ... do not know what to do next. Be my guide? Be my... mine?" She felt excited, treasured, feeling like she had made the greatest discovery in the whole universe.

"I am yours," Sekat confirmed, "now, and always. As for what is next..." He hesitated, looking her right in the eyes. "I do not know what is next..." And yet, with her now in his arms, for the first time in what seemed like forever since his wife had died, he felt whole again. Despite the lack of formal bond...he felt as if that black void at the back of his mind, was finally disappearing.

"May I sleep next to you? Be in your arms through the night? " T'seng was feeling less alone more and more, being in Sekat's arms, being kissed by him. The cracks that were in her soul were being filled in, even the shattered parts were melding together.

Slowly, Sekat nodded. "Yes, you may. As long as you are not opposed to being next to someone so... scarred." He did consider himself scarred, not just physically but mentally as well. He hoped she wouldn't be put off, if she did stay and saw his marred skin.

"I do not see scars, and we both carry scars on the inside as well. I do not 'see' scars, I only see you. Sekat, my beloved." her lips reaching towards his for yet another kiss. Her mind reached out towards him, ~I wish to be with you, bonded I think that is what it is called. I do not wish to be with another. You are beautiful, handsome.~ T'seng reaching out to caress his face.

Almost on instinct and without real conscious effort, his mind connected to hers at her gentle touch. "Together, we are whole," he whispered around the tender kiss, "together, we are one." For all his intent to take things easy, to allow themselves much needed time, it all seemed to go out the window as their minds connected. "I would bond with thee," he added, equally softly but oh so confidently, "forever and always... touching and touched." He reached to touch her face, his fingers easily connecting to the katra points, securing their mental connection.

With each connection that he made with her, T'seng could feel herself changing for the better, and then she felt whole. With a glad cry, She followed suit of his motions, "Together we are whole, we are one. I have now found my home." she responded in a soft voice. Tears were trickling down her cheeks, they were not ones of sadness but of gladness.

He felt her happiness, which in turn made him feel happy. He smiled at her as he lifted his hand, then used his thumbs to wipe away her tears. "We probably should formalize this with the captain...but it can wait until morning." He wrapped his arms around her once more, drawing her close and keeping her such. "I have never believed in destiny, yet somehow, I cannot help but feel that this was destined. That I was to find you." He ran his fingers lithely through her long hair, finding it oddly soothing to do so. "And now, you are mine." He sighed softly. "My mate, my equal... the other half of my soul."

T'seng settled in his arms, feeling blissfully happy. More happier than what she had felt for a very long time.


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