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Posted on Tue Mar 28th, 2023 @ 7:51am by Captain Elijah Rutherford & Lieutenant Hadir Prenar & Lieutenant JG S'anra Shalakar

Mission: A New Beginning
Location: Briefing room.
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Elijah had gotten word that his away team was back from their intelligence mission. He waited until they had a chance to rest up, then called for a meeting. While he waited, he had a table with some refreshments and drink. It was something that he had a habit of doing, ever since he had been a captain on his former ship. Now he waited to see who will be arriving.

S'anra walked into the Briefing room and went over to to the replicator for a mug of coffee. " Good morning Captain, and how are you doing today? " She asked as she sat down at the table.

"I am doing well enough, once we get the others in here, we can get started with the report." Elijah quietly said.

Hadir knew what the call for a meeting from the Captain was all about. Situations like this always called for a debriefing. This was something he had prepared for during the few days since his return to the ship. Hadir walked into the Briefing Room ducking his head in the doorway as he did. "Morning Captain, Lieutenant." He said as he placed the PADD with his notes in front of him and took a seat at the table. Hadir skipped the refreshment table as was Cardassian custom.

"Morning, I do hope our last member will make it to the meeting. If not we can start the debriefing and catch him up when he arrives. Tell me, did you have any trouble with your assignment?" Elijah looking at S'anra and Hadir.

Hadir's trademark smile crawled across his face. "No trouble here. Just a run of the mill intelligence mission. It was shall we say illuminating." It was a hallmark of his species to be vague especially when talking about intelligence.

" It seems I've been told that I have a knack for this kind of work, " Stated S'anra. " Sadly a fair amount of the mission reminded me of growing up on Orion amongst the competing houses, But overall I would say we were successful. " S'anra thought to herself for a moment. " After the debriefing is over with Captain, Permission to go to Sickbay and have the pheromones suppressed once again before returning to duty. "

Elijah gave a nod at what both Hadir and S'anra had said.

"By all mean once the debriefing is done you will be able to do so, Lieutenant Shalakar." answering his helm officer.

"Any observations you'd like to make, anything information that you were able to learn?" Elijah asked of Hadir.

"It seems that the Romulans may have a hand in something that is going on. Our contacts sure seemed to be thrown off when we encountered a pair. I have the eidetic memory of my people, so I plan to take a look in the databanks and see if I can find any records for the two we encountered." Hadir replied the usual smile on his face replaced by a look that resonated deep thought. The idea that a mystery was afoot had taken hold.

S'anra listened to what was being said and contemplated upon it. " It would be interesting to find out what the Romulans were after. Why were they here? Is there something they wanted or were they hired by someone to retrieve something? " She mused over her thoughts for a moment. " Whatever they are here for, I hope they're plans do not bode Ill towards the federation. " She said as she also had a look of concern upon her face as she thought over the implications and what the unknown future could bring.

"Hold on, Rashad had a run in with Romulans?" Elijah frowned at this piece of news. "I had heard of the appearance of a few seeming to be looking for something. Keep me informed on what you end up finding, Lieutenant Prenar." the captain seemed to be slightly on edge at this piece of news.

Hadir was surprised that the Captain had not known about the Romulan run in. Although his demeanor did not show the surprise. He simply nodded his ascent to the order and continued to listen to the briefing.

"Rashad wasn't a bit forthcoming about what all went on. And since I am not his boss, nor connected in the manner as you are, he didn't have to tell me a darned thing." Elijah shaking his head. "He just told me that all went well, and that you were able to come back to the ship. Plus he said I owed him one, whatever he meant by that, I have not a clue." He rose from his chair and walked over to get a cup of coffee. "Either way, I am glad you both are back from that mission and thank you for going." he turned after pouring himself a cup of coffee. "For now, you are dismissed. Go get some well deserved rest, and we should be getting back to what some could say a 'normal' routine."

"I shudder to think what normal is around these parts. I will make sure that you have my full report by morning Captain." Hadir rose and gave a nod to all that were present. He felt that there was so much more to talk about, however, he relished the chance to return to his quarters for relaxations. He wondered if Siora was available for a meal. Hadir actually found himself missing her.

"As for me, this mission wasn't much different for me than what it was growing up on the home world. I shall also have my report ready for you by tomorrow as well. So since you've ordered us to relax a bit, I believe I'll go unpack the new clothes I was able to purchase and go spend some time in a hot tub. " She said as she stretched her arms. " It was a lot of work and I've got some sore muscles. Will there be anything else Captain? " She asked as she stood up.

"Er no that will be fine." in the back of Elijah's mind he thought to himself, Jasmines going to be busy tonight. he maybe married but the pheromones that was natural to S'anra's race, did permeate the air. He could scarcely wait to get to his quarters.

"Okay dismissed." Elijah added.

" As you wish Captain. " She said with a smile as she got up to head out towards Sickbay to have the pheromone suppressor reactivated, She gave a wave as she walked out of the room and was gone from sight.


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