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What goes around, comes around

Posted on Thu Mar 16th, 2023 @ 7:23pm by Lieutenant Sandra Adamson & Tarria Sh’ezhinnir

Mission: A New Beginning
Location: Starbase 308
Timeline: Current
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Sandy was sitting at the base crew lounge, waiting for her friend to join her. The both of them agreed to meet with the captain together. Sandy was a little nervous. After disappearing, she wasn't sure if she was received back on the ship. Tarria on the other hand seemed very enthusiastic about it. Sandy went full on her therapy again well the Andorian Aenar hybrid just went to this mixing academy or something.
Sandy knew there were some changes, like a new captain, probably new people. Which made her even more nervous, but there were still some familiar faces, as she saw on the manifest. That was a relieve.

Tarria parked her Andoran behind on the chair across from Sandy. The doctor was staring nervously at a glass of fresh mint tea. She put up a smile in the hope it would make her feel better. "Sandy, girl, you need to lighten up, the Vulcan doctor is not there, you can make a new fresh start. You worked so hard on yourself. And now you are ready to begin a new."

Sandy smiled. "Yes, Tarria, you are right of course. And I owe you so much. Eventually you were the one who got me over most of my fears." She took a deep breath. "Anyways, did you drop of Chef Luc?"

"Oh yeah,"Tarria said nodding. "He really likes his room. It was better than the one he had on Ferenginar. Allegedly." She giggled. "The Majestic crew are going to love his cooking. He boasted he took lessons from the Starfleet Admiralty cook himself. "

Sandy frowned and asked, "Really, he had cooking lessons from Chef Dan?"

Tarria shrugged, "I don't know about that, but I do see he does have a platter of dishes from many cultures. There are not many chefs in the Federation that can do that. Bajoran, Vulcan, Asian, French, Ferengi, obviously. The man makes a mean Akharrad, ok like he can't do all Andorian dishes, but you know he makes an effort. And it's not bad, I love his food."

"Well then, I think we're eating good then. We as in the Majestic." Sandy finally picked up her tea and started to drink.

Tarria looked to her friend. "You know, it's that we're meeting with the captain in about ten minutes, but otherwise, I would have gotten us some real drinks."

Sany nodded. "I know, Tarria, I know you would. So are you excited to meet the new crew?"

"I am always excited. You know that. But I would like to know What happened while I was gone. And I am excited about meeting some of the new crew. I got some real cool new drinks I want people to try. I wasn't just hanging around, I actually learned some new stuff." Tarria took a deep breath. "I want to see where the Majestic is going next."

"You are not alone in that," said Sandy. "I am curious myself where the Majestic is going next." She took another sip from her drink.

"Are there people you would really want to see again?" Tarria asked curious to Sandy. A lot of the crew seems replaced. But there were still some old faces.

Sandy stared in her glass. "Commander Murphy maybe. Do you know how hard it was to get him to sleep sometimes, Engineering was his life it almost seemed. A lot of Engineers I know are kinda like that. I sometimes had to laugh about Murphy though. Sometimes he was a real sweety." Sandy giggled a little.

Tarria giggled at that too. "Yea, Murphy. I tried to deliver breakfast to Engineering once. Good times. Nothing but good times. Maybe I should do a breakfast run again, what do you think?"

"Oh, Tarria, would you have the time, with all the things you plan to do?" Sandy asked as she finished her drink.

Tarria waved her hand and said, "If I need to, I will make the time. The crew will appreciate such efforts made for them. Keeps morale up too."

Sandy nodded as she said, "That's a good point." She put her empty glass down. "I think it is time for use to see the captain now. Let's get it over with and start over. What do you think, friend."

Tarria smiled, "Yes, friend."


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