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Raising of Rank

Posted on Tue Apr 23rd, 2024 @ 7:31pm by Lieutenant Commander T'Par & Captain Elijah Rutherford

Mission: A Day In The Life
Location: Ready room
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After the talk with Dominic, Elijah was swift to call T'par. He knew she had been having tea with Jasmine, however he felt that enough time had passed by, to call her to his office. He waited with some eagerness, feeling rather elated of being able to raise, T'Par's rank. The assistant chief science officer deserved it. He had the door set to where it recognized the combadges of those set to meet with him, and so awaited for the doors to open when T'Par arrived.

T'Par saw the door open automatically and stepped inside. "You wanted to see me, sir?"

"Yes I did thank you for coming. I'd ask you if you'd like to have some tea, but you were with Jasmine. " Elijah stated with a smile. "However, I would like to discuss with you about raising your rank up to Lieutenant Commander. Please have a seat." Eliljah taking a seat of his own.

"I'm honored, sir," T'Par said as she took a seat across from her captain.

"You've been with the ship for quite sometime, and you've also stepped up in keeping things running. I also had read reports as to what you had done during the the almost ill fated shore leave on Adna Station. You have been amainstay on the ship, a firm cog as it were which kept things running. " He paused with a slight amusement in his eyes. "I do hope you will not argue with me as to my raising your rank. Will you accept this?" Elijah asked, reaching in one of his pockets the black box which held the official pip.

"Yes, sir," T'Par said. "I appreciate it, captain. I will endeavor not to disappoint you."

"You have not, nor do I believe you will. " handing the box with the pip to T'Par. "Would you be willing to give a report as to how things are going in the science department? And also your perceptions as to Guardian and the refugees we have in the holo-deck?"

"Things are going well in the science department," T'Par said. "We have recently been assigned a new and promising young scientist. Things are currently a little quieter aboard the ship but, as you know, there is always a great deal of research going on even between missions. Thorough scientific work takes time and consideration. As to Guardian and the refugees, I find them..." She paused a moment. "Fascinating. Guardian seems equally fascinated with Vulcans."

"Is he... That is something fascinating. Weren't you the one who he turned to, for some sort of command that he needed. Lily had told me about what happened then, just a little bit." Elijah responded. "I also had gotten a request from Oz wanting to speak to you again. " having a slightly amused expression. "He seems to be interested in you as well."

"Of course, sir," she agreed. "I will speak with him presently." T'Par agreed. "Apparently, we resemble creatures from an Earth folktale with which he was familiar."

"I am finding this rather intriguing. Guardian seems to be more than what he appears to be, I've not seen anything like him ever before. I would like you to move forward on that if you would please." Elijah requested.

"I will, sir," T'Par answered him.

"Thank you, I do appreciate you for doing such." He thought for a few moments then remarked, "I do not have anymore questions at this time. Do you have any questions? "

"Not at this time, sir," T'Par answered.

"Very well enjoy the rest of your evening. And we shall talk at a later time." Elijah said very happy that she had accepted the raising of her rank. "Dismissed."


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