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Puzzle Piecing

Posted on Mon Apr 29th, 2024 @ 4:24am by Lieutenant Hadir Prenar & Lieutenant Lily Marlow

Mission: A New Beginning
Timeline: While still docked at DS 9
1149 words - 2.3 OF Standard Post Measure

Pieces have been gathered but now they needed to be put together, to try to make sense as to what happened to Lily. Aisanna after getting herself some more tea, sat next to Hadir once more.

" Your race is rather hardy, Hadir, from what you said about there being constant manipulations and usage that is the norm for your people." a blow upon her tea to cool it down somewhat, Aisanna sipped at it then continued. "Makes you to be a strong people."

She nodded towards the images that Hadir had captured from Lily's mind. "That man, seems to be a constant, including him being one of the interrogators of Lily. Then, could it be him that she met near the Afterburner? Though he seems to be a little bit older in the most recent encounter." she hmmnned about that.

"And I still want to know about a bottle of kanar, and the Afterburner that Rashad was talking about, apparently from my thinking, you and he met there?"

"Quite right... I met Rashad there on a previous mission. Now that you mention it something does fall into place. The man that followed Lilly, we ran into him. He was with a female and there was a fight. However, they were after Rashad which at the time would have interfered with my mission. But, that doesn't put us any closer to learning who he is. I wonder..." Hadir began to soft through the computer data to see if he could find a file on this man.

His name Thorton Stiles age 39 from recorded birth records. Star Fleet Intelligence. MIA Known languages, Romulan, Ferengi, Orion, French, Tradespeak, English. Joined Star Fleet in 2377. Rank Lieutenant. Description: Dark brown hair which he tends to keep rather short. Dark brown eyes. Height 5'10"

"Anything of interest?" Aisanna asked.

"Now what would a Starfleet Intelligence operative, believed to be missing in action want with Lily and Rashad?" Hadir asked as he pondered the answer. He pointed at the screen in front of him, that Aisanna should have a look.

"Wait what?" Aisanna pulling her chair next to Hadir, "Now that is a rather good question." As she stared at the image of the man, "Lily did say he was trying to question her, when she woke up from her coma."Pointing at Thorton, "then the other, the Romulan had her memory blocked. Thorton he did ask Lily where her partners were. This was after the cabin blew up. Her friend, Annabelle who Lily had thought was dead, had insisted on making certain Lily had gotten help. Even if it were dangerous. This even brings up who Annabelle was talking to, Lily never got a glimpse of him. We do know what Annabelle looks like, unless she had changed her appearance. This whole thing seems to be taking on another aspect. Could her connection to Annabelle be why they are interested in Lily? "

"It could be possible. But then the question is why is Annabelle a target? Very often in intelligence circles you take down friends, relatives, cohorts and the such before going after the primary target. Perhaps looking into Annabelle is the best start." What started as a simple delve into memory has turned into a loose thread. Now, Hadir plans to pull that thread and unravel the whole scarf.

"The one who knows or knew Annabelle the best, is Lily. From what I had heard from her Mother, Lily and Annabelle were best friends, grew up together. Even went to the same college and were room mates, completely inseparable." Aisanna responded, leaning back in her chair, turning towards Hadir, taking a sip of her tea before she continued. "Lily's mother is a good friend of mine. "

"All of that is fine and well. However, it still does not answer my question. We don't know why Annabelle was a target. Perhaps we will never know. You see in my line of work you often learn that whoever knows you best, does not know everything you know or even everything about you. It is possible that Annabelle was doing something that Lily was unaware of. That you see is the question that plagues us." Hadir placed his hand on his chin, one would have thought that if he had a beard he would have stroked it while he thought.

Aisanna leaned back in her seat, crossing one leg over the other and adjusting her skirt. "Perhaps we need to dig even further into Lily's past regarding Annabelle? We may well be missing something. Sometimes something in someone's past can be that errant clue as to what others need."

"I would agree. I would also add that we should see if we can get access to Annabelle's personal logs. For they may hold the key to learning what if anything she was up to. We would need her next of kin's permission or an order from a Starfleet Admiral to get access to them." Hadir's eyes widened a bit as he searched his memory for anyone he knew who may be able to help in this regard.

"Here is the thing, Annabelle was a civilian, not of Star Fleet. " Aisanna hmmnned, as she thought over what was being presented. "Though I am sure there is a way to access the public records and track her history down. Might make things a bit easier? Unless her records have been sealed. Perhaps Lily can give more details as to where Annabelle is concerned or.. what was Annabelle's last name. " Aisanna tapping on her lip in deep thought. "Trevor, that was Annabelle's last name. Annabelle Trevor. Will that help out in digging up more?" Aisanna straightening up and looking at Hadir.

"I will run her name through the Intel computer and see if there are any hits. I think you should work on the possibility of getting access to her personal logs. Since I joined Starfleet I have found that there are things people will tell the computer that they would not tell a soul. Something tells me that there is something in those logs. Perhaps in a couple of days we can compare notes as it were and we will have something." Hadir thought that the computer was worth a shot but those logs would have the key. He also thought he would check foreign intel and see if there was anything on a Annabelle Trevor.

"I agree, a couple of days should suffice."Aisanna said preparing to rise from her chair. " I will see you later then. You have a good evening."

"And to you as well." Hadir said as he stood about half way up. A sign of respect when a woman leaves. When she was gone he sat back down and pondered what this all could mean. There was something going on in Starfleet and Lily Marlow may just be the key to whatever it was.


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