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January Report

Posted on Thu Jan 30th, 2020 @ 1:39am by Commodore Jane Saulitis

USS Majestic- January Report

Sim Updates:
Nothing new on the website.  It's working great and looks pretty.  Can't ask more of it than that!

Crew Updates
So we gained a new Chief Diplomatic Officer and then promptly lost them again after they broke off contact and didn't answer messages.  So that leaves us at the same level of crew we were last month.  
On the bright side of things, since they have departed we are now able to promote our Diplomatic Officer to the position.  Congrats Ms. Reed!
Story Elements
We are just beginning our mission.  Ambassador Vayr's daughter Min (from our first mission) is on board to visit her godfather, our second officer Commander Murphy. Princess Leyana whom we are escorting to Sozon II will join us shortly and we will leave Starbase 50 to make a short trip there . . . . . but of course whether we get there or not is the question.    

Other Information:
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