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February Report

Posted on Fri Feb 28th, 2020 @ 1:43am by Commodore Jane Saulitis

by Jane SaulitisFebruary 27, 2020
USS Majestic February 2020


Sim Updates
No new updates to website or awards.

Crew Updates
We have three new crew members this month! Ensign Sempton, Ensign O'Sullivan and Mr. Barr! The three are taking up Alien anthropologist/Archeologist, Flight Control and Mission Advisor. We're so happy to have them.

Story Elements
We're revving up the start of this mission. Takeoff has been a little slow but we are finally ready to leave Starbase 50 on our way to Soxon II for the wedding of an emperor and a princess. And . . . our ten year old Creoli guest is driving the ship! Hope she doesn't crash us.

It's a bit odd but our new Mr. Barr and the Princess seem to have disappeared on board and Captain Saulitis is going to have a headache every morning for the foreseeable future as this plot unfolds.

Other Information
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Actual Posts:22
Participation Posts: 55
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Category: General News

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