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Lieutenant Sandra Adamson

Name Sandra Sandy Adamson

Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 29

Physical Appearance

Hair Color Red
Eye Color Blue


Father Dwight Adamson
Mother River Adamsom

Personality & Traits

General Overview Sandy is an overall friendly, maybe a bit shy girl. She is afraid of the dark and always sleeps with the lights on. She is also afraid to be left alone and she is most definitely afraid to be left alone in the dark.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Good with people, polite
- Sometimes a bit shy and too polite
+ Has a nice singing voice
- Is afraid of the dark and sleeps with the lights on
- Is afraid to be left alone, specially in the dark
Ambitions Sandra dreams of being the head of a medical facility.
Hobbies & Interests *She loves to read and write.
*She paints and draws
*She loves opera and gospel music

Personal History Sandy was born the only child to Dwight and River Adamson. Both her parents were active in the medical field as doctors. Sandy was born in San Francisco on Earth. The first 3 years of her life, Sandy was raised by her mother, before she returned to active duty in the medical center. After that she was mostly raised by her grandparents. She rarely saw her own parents.

Sandy grew up in a large family house and had no brothers or sisters. She was occasionally visited by her other relatives, such as her cousins.
When she was 6 years old Sandy was attacked at night in her house. She couldn't see who or what attacked her, but ever since she has been really afraid of the dark. To dismay of her parents and her grandparents she always slept in the light. Her parents had her see all the best children psychiatrists, but Sandy refused to face her own fears, she even grown a fear towards the sessions. Finally her parents gave up and let her sleep in a lit room. They gave her a room adjacent to a bathroom, so she wouldn't have to walk the dark hallways. They even covered her windows so she wouldn't be frightened by the darkness of the night outside.

But even as she didn't know her parents that well, Sandy always dreamed of becoming a doctor. In Kindergarten and preschool she was already set for that. She was an A-student, and in high school even a popular student as well. Though after school she hardly hung out with her posy and was mostly found at home studying. She wanted to go to medical school that badly. She never even dated.

When she went to medical school, she couldn't have a room mate because of her childhood trauma. She had to sleep alone in her light filled room. This cause her to feel lonely sometimes. She tried her best to make friends. Because of her absent parents, and the lack of friends now, she applied for the academy. She wanted to learn more of other cultures and species. She hoped she would find someone in starfleet that could bunk with her. But there weren't many species that would tolerate the light in starleet. She decided to keep to herself, even in crowds, where she was a lot.

Two years after her initial application she was accepted to the academy. Because starfleet operated mostly in outer space, she would have to do something about her fear. She attempted other counselling sessions at the academy. But somehow her anxiety won her over again. The school psychiatrist suggested she would continue her work in lit offices and continue sleeping in lit rooms as she was used to.

She got her medical degree at the Academy and after her graduation she was assigned to the USS Katana. She was posted as the chief medical officer there, before she was reassigned to the USS Majestic.