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Lieutenant JG Tara Marsh

Name Tara Aberdeen Marsh

Position Assistant Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 25

Physical Appearance

Height 5'2"
Weight 130 lbs.
Hair Color Dark brown
Eye Color light brown
Physical Description Tara is compact, fit, and muscular. She keeps her hair short and often is unbrushed because she just cannot be bothered to style it and would take up valuable time from her day.


Spouse none
Children none
Father Alan Marsh
Mother Charlotte Marsh f/k/a Charlotte Green
Brother(s) Donovan Marsh
Kevin Marsh
Logan Marsh
Sister(s) none

Personality & Traits

General Overview If three words could sum up Tara, they might be vivacious, perky, and energetic. Tara is most comfortable in motion. She likes to be doing something, opposed to nothing. She enjoys staying fit and can often be found in the gym working out. She maintains a healthy lifestyle and actively watches what she consumes. When she is not in the gym, she is likely to be involved in some sort of athletic activity.
She has slightly above average intelligence but does not think deeply about most topics. She tends to live in the moment.

Tara is not girly and finds fashion to generally be a waste of time. Things like make up and styling hair are rare occurrences for her and usually done by a female friend for her. She likes to think of herself as “one of the guys,” and rarely knows when someone is romantically interested in her.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Charismatic - Ignorant to Romantic Interest in her
+/- Competitive
+Capable - Childish
+Courageous - Practical
+Friendly - Overconfident
+Reliable - Obsessive after losing
Ambitions Becoming a Security Chief. She has not thought much beyond this.
Hobbies & Interests Parrises Squares, hoverball, football, rock climbing, camping, hiking, anbo-jyutsu, galeo-manada, springball, hang gliding, and pretty much anything that is athletic or will spike adrenaline.
Song That Represents Character Roar by Katy Perry

Personal History Tara was born on November 9, 2372 to Alan and Charlotte Marsh. Both of Tara’s parents were exceedingly thrilled to have Tara, as their three prior attempts at having children resulted in boys. Charlotte was exceptionally thrilled because she wanted to have a daughter who she could raise to be traditionally womanly, like herself. However, Tara would not gravitate in that direction.

With three brothers, as soon as Tara could crawl, her brothers would start playing roly poly and “catch” with her. Tara loved the attention and wanted to be just like her brothers. Therefore, as she grew, she rapidly became involved in athletics and martial arts.

Of course, beating her older brothers at games was a problem. She was smaller, weaker, and younger. Therefore, she decided that she had to find ways to beat despite these handicaps. First, she started lifting weights to try and gain some more strength. She learned how to leverage that strength so that someone taller could not just topple her. She read everything that she could find to maximize her fitness and adopted extremely healthy eating habits to maximize her potential.

It took years, but she eventually found ways to outmaneuver and win more than losing. More often than not, she also found herself on boys teams than girls teams to match her intensity. When she did lose, she would go over the battle and figure out her weaknesses and determine what she did wrong so that next time she would not make the same mistakes and find her way to victory.

Such competitiveness eventually drove her to Starfleet – the chance to be among the best. She was readily accepted and while at the Academy participated in the marathon and Parrises Squares competitions. She also spent some time on the wrestling team. With all of her academics and extra curriculars, she had little time for dating. Even if she found the time, she often found that she had no clue when someone was interested in her. Whenever she did enter into a relationship, it rarely lasted long because few could keep up with her and she viewed each moment as a competition.
Service Record 2390 - 2394 - StarFleet Academy
2394 - 2395 – USS Hood – Security Officer
2395 - 2397 – USS Iowa - Promoted to Lt. JG and Assistant Chief Security Officer
2397 - present – Assistant Chief Security Officer on USS Majestic