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Crewman Stef

Name Stef

Position Yeoman

Rank Crewman

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Vulcan
Age 24

Physical Appearance

Height 185cm
Weight 78kg
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Typical height and built for a Vulcan male. Short cut black hair (which is long enough to get in his eyes), upswept eyebrows, pointed ears and a green hue to his skin. Spitting image of his twin sister.


Spouse Svara (dec.)
Children Twins:
Daughter T'Sara (deceased)
Son Alecx

While the starfleet year was 2396, the children were born technically in 2399. Due to a timeshift, Alecx is two years old in 2396.
Father Sopol
Mother T'Nys
Brother(s) none
Sister(s) Twin sister T'Sara

T'Sara was killed in 2395, serving on the USS Cassiopeia while the ship as attacked by a feline species called Patherlon.
Other Family extensive

Personality & Traits

General Overview Unlike his twin sister, Stef has taken a keen interest in the many languages spoken throughout the Alpha quadrant. He is fairly easygoing, though he doesn't like to be crowded. Since serving on the Archimedes, has changed his topic of interest from language and operations to caring for the ship's animals.

While technically 19 years old on the Starfleet calendar, Stef is actually 24 years old, due to having experienced a timeshift when the planet Mardra III shifted out of phase. In only a few days time, Stef experienced a timespan of 5 years.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strength:
Very open minded, eager to learn

Non-telepath, non-empath.

Like his younger twin sister, Stef doesn't show any telepathic talent other than the ability to link with her.

After the sudden loss of his twin sister, Stef suddenly found himself bombarded by the thoughts and feelings of others. Somehow, the death of his twin has unlocked his sofar absent telepathic and empathic ability. As he is still learning to control and cope with this sudden ability it is his main weakness.
Ambitions Stef's ambition to learn every language there is has been changed to learning to care for and heal animals living on starships. His current ambition is to become a sort of vet.
Hobbies & Interests Languages, animals, eventually overcome his fear of drowning and learn to swim yet again.

Personal History Stef was born only fifteen minutes before his twin sister T'Sara, and only due to their birth having been effected by caesarian section. Had it been a natural birth however, his sister would've been born first. From birth on he and his sister had been mostly inseparable and it was clear from early on that the two showed no telepathic traits whatsoever. However, the pair did seem to be silently communicating between themselves. Doctors and other specialists reasoned that they were twins and that somehow their telepathic centers had adapted to the other and that due to a genetic defect it would not develop into 'normal' Vulcan telepathic skills.

It was discovered though, that the pair were receptive to other (touch-) telepaths.

Throughout their childhood, the two engaged in similar interests, though Stef developed a keen interest in alien languages when he ventured into his teenage years. Originally enrolled into the Vulcan science academy, the young teenager realized that this wasn't the place for him if he desired to seek out new challenges, and new languages to learn. Before he turned 18, he applied to Starfleet Academy.

After the attack on Deep Space 13, Stef decided that being in the academy wasn't for him. He dropped out and enlisted, serving on the USS Archimedes as operations officer for several months before deciding his passion lay not with administration and language, but with the caring for the ship's animals. he is now avidly studying to hopefully, down the road, become a vet.

Realizing he can't spend all his time with animals, Stef opted to become a yeoman to help him improve his lacking social skills.

In 2396, Stef was marooned on Mardra III as the planet shifted out of phase. While he was gone only a few days to his fellow crewmembers, he experienced something entirely else. To him, five years passed, in which time he studied hard to become a vet. He also got married and had two children. Unfortunately, his wife died while giving birth, and only a few days after her birth, his daughter T'Sara died as well.

He returned to the ship when the planet phased back, and took his son, and all his notes with him. Once there, he reconnected with his love Beata and is now working hard to rekindle their prior relationship while also resettling into starship life.
Service Record 2393 - Entered Starfleet Academy
2394 - dropped out and enlisted
2395 - Assigned to USS Archimedes, operations officer
2395 - USS Archimedes, animal caretaker
2395 - Reassigned to USS Majestic, Yeoman
2396 - Promoted to Crewman

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