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Lieutenant Commander T'Par

Name T'Par

Position Assistant Chief Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Vulcan
Age 30

Physical Appearance

Height 173 cm
Weight 64 kg
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green
Physical Description T'Par is a dark-complected woman who tends to wear her wavey hair loose at about shoulder length. She carries herself with the stoic reserve typical of her species and has a healthy, athletic build.


Spouse Sodok (Philosophy professor, based on
Children None
Father Sedik (Physicist)
Mother T'Ped (Starfleet officer)
Brother(s) Salok (Starfleet officer)
Sister(s) T'Pav (Computer scientist), T'Pod (Starfleet officer)
Other Family Her husband's parents are both academics. His father, Sayok, is a professor of logic. His mother, T'Pab, is a scholar of pre-Awakening Vulcan philosophy as it compares to Romulan and Reman philosophy. Both of her sisters-in-law teach Vulcan philosophy at non-Vulcan institutions, T'Pef on Andoria and T'Pir on Earth.

Personality & Traits

General Overview T'par was drawn to Starfleet by a desire to seek and understand new life as well as to serve a Federation she saw as dedicated to growing mutual understanding between the member species. She was encouraged to do so by her mother. Despite the distaste some Vulcans have for Starfleet, it is a tradition in her family. Although chosen for each other as children, she considers herself a good complement for her husband. While he seeks to spread the achievements of Vulcan thought with the wider universe, she seeks to understand the internal logic of the illogical species. A knack for doing so drew her inevitably to intelligence work, despite her initial interest being in exploration.
Strengths & Weaknesses T'Par is a student of ideology, philosophy, and psychology of many species. She has a good understanding of what might motivate potential threats and how they see the world. She is knowledgeable in linguistics and cryptography. She is a good marksman.

Like most Vulcans, T'Par has difficulty convincingly feigning emotion. She is also reluctant to lie, eat flesh, or use lethal force, although she will if necessary.
Ambitions She hopes to advance in intelligence and eventually transfer to a command track. Her highest ambition is to command a General Explorer.
Hobbies & Interests Kal-toh, chess

Personal History T'Par was raised on Vulcan. Her family was comfortable but not wealthy. She was raised in Vulcan logic and Vulcan traditions. However, she was also raised to respect Starfleet and to appreciate the logic of Vulcan's place in the larger Federation. She was exposed from an early age to non-Vulcans, her mother's colleagues from Starfleet. Human, Andorian, and Bajoran officers visited her mother at home and T'Par wondered how these illogical minds worked and why they held the values they did. She pondered the Vulcan idea of infinite diversity in infinite combinations and asked her mother's colleagues all about their views of the world.

The experience of having her logic stripped from her by ponn farr was painful and humiliating for T'Par but she found she had a good bond with her intended. They were already married when she left for Starfleet Academy while he was still completing his studies in philosophy on Vulcan. He moved to Tellar Prime to take up his posting around the time she graduated. On leave, she now visits Tellar Prime rather than Vulcan.
Service Record 2384-2388: Starfleet Academy
2388-2389: Served in the science department as a xenoanthropologist, USS Pericles
2389-2395: Intelligence department, USS Pericles