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Lieutenant Neenyo Tadez

Name Neenyo Tadez

Position Diplomatic Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species 3/4 Bajoran/ 1/4 Betazoid
Age 32

Physical Appearance

Height 6 ft
Weight 220 lbs lbs
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Tazde is a fit individual upon first inspection; he had nice trim lines when in uniform and the proper posture for a man of his Diplomatic duties that has come from much training and practiced muscle memory. If disrobed the more well toned musculature is obvious. He is the fit man of a triathlete with the muscles to be firm but not bulky to impede physical activity or dancing.

He wears a pleasant expression as he goes through his day and genuinely likes to be around people by all witnesses. An ice baritone voice that could sing if a mind but more apt to read poetry with theatrical emphasis enough to bring out the passion of the written word.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Talden
Mother Saffra
Brother(s) Michto Older Merchant Marine Captain

Lesston Low Level Government Worker
Sister(s) Ninasa Married Human Diplomat
Other Family Pet Keynib (Tassel)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Tazde is a calm man of demeanor; even friendly without effort; he has a genuine likable manner to him. He speaks kindly of people and has a fuse that is very long and understanding. However when that fuse ignites he tends to have a problem with his impulsive nature. Tazde is a patient man who can sit in a crowded room and filter the over-lapping conversations and pick out the vital facts that he needs to do his job. The man seems to have nearly perfect visual and hearing acuity. These skills with his recall ability makes him good at recalling people and things said in his diplomatic relations.

He once referred to himself as a man who has learned that one can be so very smart of pleasant in his life and Tazde chose to be pleasant over showing off his intellect. He is a physical man outside the Diplomatic arena; he uses physical exercise and meditations to even his personality. Being only one quarter Betazoid he is not as empathetic outside touch , more on the scale of Vulcans in that respect.

Overall it is the conclusion that Tazde is a well rounded Diplomat with a temperament for the rigor of his duty. Off duty he is more of a passive social type; as with humans the average males speak 8 – 10K words a day and as a Diplomat he often reaches his comfort zone during a work day yet he is known to take time to speak with anyone he encounters. He has a preference for physical activity and games off duty or a nice relaxing time often with a close friend or lovely woman. His most noted pastime is ballroom and other forms of dance.
Strengths & Weaknesses + His his visual and hearing acuity with nearly perfect memory
+ even tempered and not riled easily
+ Observant listener and keeps facts straight

- Can be aloof as a Diplomatic
- Can be impulsive if agitated
- Sometimes socially excludes himself .
Ambitions To represent the Federation in Favorable Diplomatic terms to promote fine relations among both members and those encountered outside the Federation in hope of promoting Federation Memebership throughout stars.
Hobbies & Interests Tazde has an enjoyment of 3-D Chess and study of philosophy for relaxing; also a good bit of reading on many subjects as he has a keen mind. He also does crafting by fabricating and painting various projects from an artistic venue. He also loves puzzle and cryptic mysteries. He is good with his computer skills as it is an important resource for his duty. He dabbles in card games but not too in depth

For the physical hobbies he loves climbing, swimming and even some light tumbling, a Tai Chi practitioner with Butterfly blade his favorite in the flow of the movements. He Also had been known to play with obstacle courses and ballistic arms. He says they keep him young.

In the social endeavors he is a dancer; ballroom has aided his Diplomatic career but he is not set in that venue alone. He has learned many exotic meals and enjoys learning new cultures and cuisines, he experiments and is said to be a good cook. He also enjoys relaxing with friends and females that he finds intriguing. He is fond of many cultures wines and spirits as that helps also in his career. His most predominate social hobby is conversation and learning abut people.

Personal History Tazde was born of humble upbringing; he was a sharp child and his pursuits of learning opened opportunity for him to be in a more private education system taught by the Vedeks; the equivalent to classic Catholic type schools on Earth, he had a deeply spiritual as well as informational education. He was up for becoming a candidate for Vedek or enter the Star Fleet exchange program. Tazde surprise everyone when he opted for Star Fleet. He was intriged by being able to interact with the cultures and society of ‘Alien’ species to him. Even the humans were a ‘Wild Card’ to him.

His mental disciplines and attention to detail brought him to the attention of the Diplomatic Corps; he had the ability to quickly learn and his persona fit well the parameters of the Corps. He also had the added benefiet of his faith allowing him greater patience and guidance in the Moral road to take. Dealing with an assortment of cultures can be difficult and the study and desire to know is an asset to any diplomat.

He excelled in his training and had ‘Special Training’ how to deal with more ‘aggressive or hostile’ type of Diplomacy. He became an expert in studying the culture and finding out facts that could be used to Diplomatically deal with the envoy. His observation and research skills have been a corner stone to his training.

He graduated in top 5% of his class; being the third highest behind a Betazoid and Vulcan cadets. Tazde had no problem accepting his Cadet assignment; some trouble along the Badland boarders; one of the planets formerly held by Maquis wanted to have trade with Federation exchanging harvested goods for other supplies. The counsel leadership were divided and it came down to a Diplomatic meeting. Tazde found through some checking that the planet also had some ‘questionable left over supplies from Maquis. Those were surrendered and the Colony got the trade agreement.

The first diplomatic posting was SB 119, a smaller station closer to the Cardassian Boarder. There were many infringements from outside entities after the Dominion War and Federation Diplomacy was called upon to aid in the crocheting of the boarder as a neutral party. Tazde had spent nearly a year on the station learning all he could of Cardassians and the parties that were identified as needing to do business or relations with Cardassia. Several encounters with Ferengi ships coming and going were suspect; the Security Branch had no grounds so Tazde stepped in as mediator for some small trade deals among the Ferengi and Cardassians. His patience and research paid off in there being an amicable trade agreement with several Business entities and during which Tazde met the Grand Nagas. It seemed a ‘A package for profitable dealings between Tazde and the Ferengi hierarchy was offered. Tazde did his diligence and read over every letter of document; amended a few point with details to back his perspective and thus a deal struck. Tazde is officially recognized as one able to conduct business with Ferngi. He was transferred with appropriate promotion.

Next posting was on Earth, well a Diplomatic assignment with the Star Fleet Diplomatic Corps at Federation Government Head Quarters Shard of Polarus. Paris France is where the head quarters for the Governing body resides and Tazde was helping with the Bajoran representatives to work on an application; still pending, for Bajor to join the Federation. Mostly for his research skills Tazde dove into the study of all the amendments and applicable regulations for Bajor to become a member of the Federation. His being from the planet he could do a background of the Resistance and supplement Governing body under the Kai with regard to DS9 as well. He made trips home and to DS9 to track several older suspicions and legends of great fighters in hiding and such. He also had some Cardassian records and people to interview to supplement his findings. The process was 11 months of constant motion between Earth and the parties in question. The report given and details both classified and open were submitted to the Federation. Thus Tazde fulfilled his duty obligation and was transferred with promotion.

Tazde went trough several transitional Diplomatic functions while assigned to the USS Indomitable; the ship patrolling near the Klingon and Romulan boarders. The Klingons had several bouts of ‘In-fighting over matters of Honor among houses. Tazde was assigned to represent the Federation Interests with the Empire; spending several Months among the Klingons to better acclimate himself to the inner works of the Klingon Empire. With some minor bits of Honor; unofficially he won the duels of Honor, and helped quell the first sparks of strife within several houses of the Empire. It was said he had the Eyes, ears and Heart of Klingon despite his Birth. Tazde quoted the ancient Earth Book Hagakure; under the leaves, a Japanese book said to be the Bible of the Samauri Warriors of Japan. Tazde said the verses gave him great insights into Klingons. He was given his merited transfer with rank promotion.

While working on DS9 he became again entrenched with several matters of Cardassian problems with Diplomatic relations among other outside races trying to ‘get a piece’ of the Cardassian good as payment for damages decades after the war. It seemed several smaller colonies were trying to get supplements from the rebuilding Cardassian Empire, sanctions were threatened to be lodged if demands not met. Tazde had to get to the heart of this matter; the colonies in question were found to be only partly in the right; they were Maquis Supporters and thus were only attacked by the Dominion while attempts to exterminate the Maquis Forces. Tazde and other Federation Diplomats worked together and through the investigations aided by Tazde leads he came across the Security Division found the Colonies were not a threat to the Dominion aside from aiding and abetting the Maquiis and thusly not entitled to any reparation from Cardassia. However the Cardassians were convinced to ; in a show of good faith, did offer some textiles and food stuffs as reparation fr those affected by the war.
Tazde was awarded commendation; a promotion and assigned to the USS Majestic as Chief Diplomatic Officer.
Service Record Diplomatic attache along Badlands Boarder
SB119 Diplomatic Officer
Earth/ Bajor Diplomatic Consultant to Bajoran Diplomatic Envoy
Diplomatic Officer Klingon Empire
DS9 Deputy Diplomatic Chief
USS majestic Current posting Chief Diplomatic Officer

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