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Lieutenant Nichelle Vannan

Name Nichelle Vannan

Position Chief Operations Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Ardanan
Age 29

Physical Appearance

Height 5 ft 5 in
Weight 132 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Nichelle is a fit individual with the figure demure and atletic figure; her hair is just past the shoulders and kept within federation Standards. Her eyes are said to be her best trait as the can see into a person’s soul if Nichelle takes a mind to it. Dressing in well fitted uniform she is known to spend more time in the Jeffey Tubes than most. She has the cute face of the girl next door and can smile that radiates the room.

Off duty she prefers overall style clothing and jumpsuits; she became accustomed to them at her Home world. She has learned from Earth to enjoy denim skirts and cotton blouses to allow her freedom of movement. Her hair is often in a ponytail to keep it under control.


Father Korlon
Mother Meshta

Personality & Traits

General Overview Nichelle is a kind person who cares for her friends and crew ; whom she sees like a family due to the conditions of her upbringing on Ardana; the two classes were the Elite who live in floating city of Stratos and the working class Troglodytes (Trogs) There was a gas in the mines that affected the part of brain for aggression. Her People sufered for a long time under that yoke. Nichelle was among the lucky that were used in Stratos for maintenance; her Father worked as a lead for the Mining shift and was highly thought of. The Vannan name was held high as the upper levels of the working class. Nichelle was utilized with the inner workings of Stratos when young and able to get into small places. She became unafraid of heights. She would use a static line to do exterior repairs and she was leaping out and doing stunts to get job done.

Nichelle is a social animal and is known as a ‘fun Junkie’ that is to say that if an idea sounds like it will be fun she will try it. The change from an Adrenaline Junkie is that Nichelle does not live for the ‘rush’ so a volleyball game or a small party on beach or just a sudden party is what she would do. It does not have to be dangerous just enjoyable.

When Nichelle says ‘That sounds fun...’ you can bet she is off doing something shortly after.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Well trained Damage control
+ Fast in the Jeffery tubes
+ Dedicated to her crew members

+/- creative thinker

- Can be impulsive
- Tends to be a bit flighty to first observation
- Sees command sometimes like elites.
Ambitions To command a rescue and repair Vessel
Hobbies & Interests Gymnastics
Flying Gliders

Percussion weapons
Capoera-like style martial arts
Learning to cook.

20th century cars. Motorcycles and aircraft.

Portrays a bodyguard for an archaeologist, Baneta "Bernie" Montana with a gun infatuation

Personal History Vannan was the only child born to the Latest generation of Vannans; her mother sacrifice her own life for her daughter. Grief stricken her Father worked harder and smarter than those around him; showing ways to get more out of the mining with less injury and greater profit levels. He was named among the higher levels of the troglodyte working crews. His care for his people and methods not only raised he and his daughter to the top but he was working directly with the Elites of Stratos City.

His quarters were moved to the floating city; Vannan entered school on a scholarship; she had a higher scale of teaching with her father’s supervising the mining operation. Little Nichelle was exposed to the elite and played wit some of their children. But early on it was Nichelle that had to do labor; she could crawl through the bowels of the hovering city with ease and often hid there when in trouble knowing her beloved but angry father could not get to her. She kept neglecting to realize she had to come out sometime and that is when punishment was worsened.

Being with the other children she became one of them as she tended to do things that she found ‘fun’ and others would follow her or she followed someone else that had an idea of fun. This did get her into unique situations and nothing really dangerous but there were moments that could raise a parent’s heart-rate. To Nichelle it was all in good fun.

She learned to have a love for repairing things while learning the inner workings of Stratos city. Getting into the confined places she did repairs that were by the book and sometimes creative thinking. Being she was smaller than most Engineers she had to repair things ‘by remote’ as she called it with instructions from the supervising Engineer.

Putting her learning to good use she became very gifted in her duties her reputations grew as a person to go to for repairs. Nichelle began to do the work on the exterior; a static line requirements so not to fall more than a kilometer to the ground. However, that did not really need to do things by the standard methods and soon after there were leaps into the open air and a free-fall to the needed length of line rather than the standard repelling. But when she discovered the ‘Glider Packs’ that would carry her all about rather than the anti-gravity boots. Why would she need technology when the old fashioned method is fun. The exterior repairs were not as often but became very much fun.

The fact that Nichelle was housed in the Elite City, she became one to do repairs of replicators and other minor repairs for the Elite. Nichelle brought a new energy to her work; she never grew up in a way ; not losing that child like way of life. She had her teen years at the beck and call of the Elite and the Federation Diplomats would often make visits; merchants and other medical personnel who were doing quality control. It was while working this style that she met Phillion; an Elite son of a senator. He was a man of means with good family roots. He took a liking to Nichelle; he would spend time with her and in a way woo her. She had fallen in love with him; but she was the lower class, the end to her romance came when Phillion was betrothed to another Elite. The new thing that really caused her to take a head long dive was when Phillion offered to keep Nichelle a room among the Elite and a stipend that would keep her from the Labor class.

The fact he had all but made the arrangements when Nichelle took the duty in the mines; to be closer to her Father and farther from Phillion as no Elite of his status would come to the mines. She could get a hold of her thoughts and a chance to rethink her future. She stayed in the Mining Camps and away from him. She had to take a month or two before she felt she could go back to her quarters.

What surprised her was the fact he had been waiting and emphasized the advantages to being with him; professing how she meant everything to him and the woman was a marriage of convenience. It was more of an order than a suggestion. She wanted to get another option; she had told her father what happened and that she did not want to be a ‘Kept Woman’ for anyone. When an Elite wants someone there are pressures that can be brought into play; her father was a pawn in this play. The Federation representatives came through with the exchange program for planets like Ardana so Nichelle went to the academy.

While on Earth Training she became enamored with Percussion firearms during reenactments and the sport of Volleyball while training to be Damage Control Specialist. She would spend her time studying or in the Jeffery Tubes learning to move about quickly. On the breaks and weekends she would indulge in volleyball tournaments. Her gymnastics background and skill with repairs she had been doing in one form or another rearned her a top slot in her graduation class.

The USS Forrestal; and Akira Class vessel of distinguished service, was her training ship; the vessel was constantly updated and her fighters help keep the peace in shipping lanes that were hunting grounds to Pirates and other endeavors. While on a combat deployment the ship was attacked by a ‘Wolf-Pack of Pirate vessels meaning to take her out of commission. Nichelle had worked as extra hands on the fighter repair when things were slow and especially the maintenance of the fighter bay. When the area took a direct hit and a majority of the regular crew were wounded Nichelle was transferred from her usual unit to help lead the repair teams on the Flight deck. Being smaller in stature she was ale to get into some of the damaged areas where lost connections for vital systems lay. She moved among the rubble and damage like a ‘bug’ in the walls and earned her the Nickname “Gnat’ for her work.

The Next assignment was on the USS Trellis; a Medical ship that was supporting some more high riska areas. The ship came after battles to aid the wounded; a counter attack caught her off-guard and damaged her as she is not a combat vessel. Several decks were cut off due to damage; conduits had to be bypassed and Nichelle used her skills as a Damage Control expert to reroute lines, enfoce weak plating with support bars passed to her and even recover a few wounded crew. Her efforts brought her to the attention of the Command chain and she was promoted and given a transfer to a more challenging assignment.

Star Base 80 was a vast playground for Nichelle; a Star Base was filled with so many places that needed maintenance. Taking to the Jeffery Tubes Nichelle lived up to her ‘Gnat’ name spending more time in the tubes than any two people. She tracked down faults and made repairs on a regular basis. Known to be the fastest mover she used the Jefferies more than the Turbo lifts it seemed to get around.
During a Holodeck program one of her built replicas ; combine with a safety program glitch, Nichelle became a victim during a World War program where she played an allied supporter and was hit by a simulated bullet for real. She was saved but her love of her guns left her and they were put in her storage area afterward. Then a terrorist attack on SB 80 brought her to her knees; the first time she had to face that sort of violence. She was climbing trhough the twisted decking around the target ; the blood that has seeped through it was the worst experience she could have . She had a friend lose his husband in the attack; Nichelle gave what moral support she could but he was distraught and lost contact with her. That and the bullet incident had Nichelle transferred to the USS Falcon.

The Falcon was a fine ship, newly commissioned, and thus Nichelle stayed for the journey and her breaking in for three years. She had learned how to lead a team; gotten promoted to a shift lead and excelled in her job only to become dishearten with the ease of the ship’s maintenance and was loaned out for ship repairs after operations to aid in the repairs. This earned her a promotion and Transfer to the USS Majestic as Deputy Chief of Operations.

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