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Chief Warrant Officer Qurrac

Name Qurrac

Position Security Investigations Officer

Rank Chief Warrant Officer

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Ferngi
Age 27

Physical Appearance

Height 5 ft 5 in
Weight 150 lbs
Hair Color none
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Qurrac is an average looking Ferngi at five foot five, he does take time to remain physically fit if one ever sees him outside his usually all covering wardrobe. He has the musculature of a climber or gymnast in actuality. His head Dress is Black; as he ways it goes with everything, and is sometimes with a small brim Fedora. He dresses casually most of the time but his clothing is tailored to give impression he is average.

His voice is calm in the Tenor range and can be used to sooth by the way he talks. Rarely raising his voice unless in Official Manner. He will be sometimes seen in a utility jumpsuit loosely based on a Commando outfit when going to work out but that is rare he exhibits anything to highlight he is anything but a normal Ferengi. He is also soft spoken and reads a lot.


Spouse None
Father Qu'Orin
Mother Leesta
Other Family "Uncle" Finton who was his Mentor during Security Investigation Training.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Qurrac is a more soft spoken man on the surface; he tends to play the role of quiet introspective, he is an observer of his surroundings. He once mentioned an Earth line from some entertainment source stating 'Most of the world is sleepwalking through life and only a small percentage are aware; those few live in a constant state of amazement.' Qurrac tends to passively observe everything around him; not only for his job but his persona.

His feelings are deeply hidden but outer signs of being alone and never really boasting of himself and his achievements is rooted in his Orphaned Past. He became an Orphan after his family Business failed and his Father was 'made an example' on Risan Underworld for bad Business practices like not paying for protection. The business was trashed and his father an 'Accidental Death' while the shop had a gas line explosion. This scarred Qurrac; being a new profitless Ferengi ' turned to his wits and skewed Rules of Acquisition.

He became we very talented thief; known as the Second Story Rat, stealing only from those that had a lot and could afford to be humbled. Becoming a good appraiser and fence as needed he used the stolen gains to live on the streets. Once caught he was given to Federaion for rehabilitation. This is when he turned his 'Victim'mentality around. He gave up stealing according to all COunseling session notes and went into Investigations. He became obsessed with following the evidence to a logical conclusion.

His whole mentality became a type of 'weighing' the evidence all around him and making emotional decisions ased upon what he observed. He also learned the value of loyalty through the Federation society and as a result when he bonds to a friend he will do anything; even bend regulations into a pretzel but not break them for a friend. ANd thus if betrayed is cold and calculating in the end results.

As a member of Security is among the most impartial members in the Investigative Branch of Fleet. He is a social animal as is most Ferengi; his values differ from most main line Ferngi but he follows his own Rules that are a spattering of ROA and Hue-Mon values. He is a team player despite how he appears sometimes and is very focused; almost obsessed, when on an investigation.

He has a fine singing voice;but is hesitant to display his talent. He also plays an insturment and will be more of a supportive role in social gatherings. He finds places in the community where he can be a part of events but in the background observing.

He logs old Earth saying like ROA and numbers theme as he hears them.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Perfect memory and recall
+ Strong Deductive reasoning skills
+Team supportive
+ THinks outside box to get results

+/- Impassive while investigating

- Obsessed with 'getting the guilty'
- No hesitation in Ratting out someone evidence proves guilty
- Decision made on Evidence and deductions,
- Can be cold when investigating.
Ambitions To command a Security Post on an outlying post where Justice can use a hand.
Hobbies & Interests Reading
Keyboard/ Piano

Spelonking the city scapes
Jeet Kung Do Practitioner
Dancing Ballroom

Cryptic Puzzels
Mechanical sculping/ Tinkering based upon classic mechanical Safe Lock mechanisms to wind the motors.
Computer programming
Line Chef style cooking

Obsessed with driving, flying small craft and vehicles

On Holdeck he portrays a "Dectective" in the bahamas where rich people are involved with crimes.

Personal History Qurrac had a family business through his parents on Risa; he was brought up to learn the Rules and the hard times his family faced on the "Lower East Sade of the planet one might say was eye-opening. He had a mind for business in a way while his Father knew the legitimate business he did not have the 'Pure Profit Minded ambitions' and let little things like laws and such curb his actions in acquiring profits.

Thus when the Extortion Ring came into the area Qurac's father was first to alert authorities of it. The shop was 'torched' by all accounts; a faulty Gas line explosion the official conclusion and as an accident no charges filed. A Ferengi is not a Risan despite his being born on that planet; he was an outsider and because his family were 'examples' no one helped the youth.

He was starving when he stole a mobile replicator; using it in the lower levels of the depot he stayed out of trouble for weeks but eventually he had to 'Scat' as humans called it. He had been an active child ; climbing storm drains and such; his father had sold Security systems, and other home protection gear. Maybe not the most profitable in normal places but in the slums he had made some profit; Qurrac learned the trade well and with his intellect became a bit of a code breaker; this allowed him and a street gang to make minor scores.

Soon Qurrac's 'Profit minded' upbringing realized the 'over--head' of working with a gang did not suit him and he ventured out on his own. He could get to higher floors. Getting past the security did not require as much as one might think; no transporters and such but simple security measures as no one would 'climb' like a spider or anything.

Using the profits of fencing ther booty Qurrac would live modestly off the money and thus 'Lay Low' until the heat passed. It was when he was 14 and females started noting him that he made his mistake; to court a young Risan female he did not allow the heat to fully dissipate and pulled a second heist too soon ; needing more money to continue courtship, and was caught. Being a minor he was sent to the Federation for rehabilitation. Three years later entered the Academy in Security.

He learned while living among 'Hu-Mons' their nature to an extent; also that there are similarities between those considered 'Bad and the opposite under the 'Good' category. Getting what one needed from another; even if that person has so much it is laughable, is frown upon. He began to note how he was caught and decided with that knowledge he might deter others from stealing as Hue-Mons called it.

The first time some Hue-mon called him 'The Rat' after finding Qurrac's reputation and obviously some inside information there was no way to deny it. Thinking what his options were he said 'Calling me a Rat are you?" He stood his ground. "It's the Lobes isn't it?" He shook his head and laughed. "Why do low intellect fools always make fun of the Lobes..." He laughed and found other laugh with him and no one subsequently pushed his needing to affirm his past at that point.

It did give him insights as he had learned that 'cheating' was no an uncommon trait; there are safeguards and such and when the Cadet who had tried to make light of Qurrac's past suddenly went up from barely passing to the 80 percentile; it could be from study of course but the Cadet was always at a party or mischief. SOme after hour tracking and accessing the logs proved that the Cadet in question had hacked the test program and made a copy of the answers. No denying it when Qurac had the trail of evidence though computer logs; he turned the Cadet in.

What should have been a pat on the back did not go well; he was praised by instructors but his fellow Cadets shy away from him and the "Dirty Rat Fink' was given as reference to him. He shrugged it off and continued his study while trying to analyze why doing the 'Right thing' that was his job did not give him favor in the Eyes of fellow Cadets?

He was taken for more intense training; it seemed the Investigations training thought him a canidate for the more specialized training of Evidence processing and the art of Investigating. He learned Cryptography; some hacking so to be able to counter it and back-trace such activity. Many skills he had used and some he found quite enlightening. He thrived and with his impartial views of events and evidence he excel in his training.

Now being smaller than human males was a hindrance; he was small for a portion of the females, and thus it was decided that Like a 'Rat' Qurrac was not the strongest one on the cadet Food Chain. He had come across a style of Chinese Martial arts and philosophy by a great man named Bruce Lee; a philosopher as well as Martial Artist. The style called Way of Intercepting Fist; had a root in the ranges of combat; in hand to hand the opponent must 'come' to attack and thus give opportunity to the Practitioner. The creator was only two inches taller than Qurac so he adapted this into his own style. When the 'bully' tried to use force upon Qurac ; it was through redirection of force and direction of attack that the Bully was often caught off-balance and a simple leveraged maneuver off-set and put the Bully on the ground. Using both skill and surprise Qurac was not the object of ridicule as much.
But soon after the same bully noticed a stolen pocketknife; it was obvious who had done it so they confronted 'The Rat'; he never locked his quarters so the went in with him and tssed his quarters to find nothing. Qurac look around 'I did tell you I do not steal things." then clean up his room and repair the sculptures he had made. The Knife was loaned to a friend; who returned i as promised after survival training, the Bully had forgotten the whole loaning of the knife until it was returned.

No one apologized to the Rat, they figured he had done something so no apology needed.

The Academey days passed and First cruises were taken; and Somehow Qurrac got a rust bucket of a cruise; the rating of him being in top 7% had not helped him. The Command was the USS Twain; a patrol ship closer to the Badlands. Looking for Pirate activity and smuggling operations. Several merchant ships were attacked and the closest 'source' of probable suspects was the Badlands. While given the patrolling of lower decks; the reputation of the 'Rat' had proceed him and he got the junk assignments. With time on his hand and a PADD Qurrac went over date by date the merchant flight plans and common points; not times being together but just same ports of call. It was not uncommon for ships to share ports, an overlapping of flight plans, but where Qurrac checked is common places close to time when ship attacked? Outpost One Two Nine seemed to be a common port and one catch, each ship had been there for a 48 hour resupply and four days prior to being attacked.

The evidence was passed along the Command Chain and eventually a thread to unite them all discovered; the Cat-house was visited by crew prior to trips. A small band of Orion Girls had connection to a known Pirate.
Qurrac had done the job they sent him to do.

The USS Bougainvillea had the fighting trim of an Akira Class; refit and squadrons ready. But being on the far boarders the supply lines were not reliable. The Bonneville earned a reputation for being the ship that could take down the Pirate Threat. She was constantly being patched after squabbles; and she gave the Pirates some battered and dead ships. Qurrac wondered about the supply requests; when at port were minimum; but the Ordinance used did not collate with the replacement requests. More Raw material for replicators than really needed; almost 50% more required than normal. The Pirate results gave latitude; Qurac look into it and noticed the ship expended a lot of ordinance; Qurrac being of Security had problem getting into the Torpedo Magazines as he was not 'Tactical' Officer grade. Having a person in the Tactical Arena make a quick check solved the crime. The Ordinance was correct for half the on hand weapons but none of the others had numbers to track. Black Market transaction to keep the ship supplied.

Qurrac went to the Captain; who explained his need for weapons and how Fleet Logistics were too slow and that people would die from lack of weapons available for combat were they not to make the deals. Qurac left the Captain and found the Executive Officer in it as well as most of the crew. The Hue-Mons took pride in their numbers as proof the system may not be legal but got the job done and less casualties. Qurrac got a message to teh Commodore ; who said he would look into it and promoted Qurac off the ship in short haste with sterling letter of recommendation for original deductive skills. The Bonneville is still in same combat orders to this day.

Qurrac was placed as a Security Investigations Officer on the USS Majestic

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