Commander Jared Hanover


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Commander Jared Hanover

Name Jared Roderick Hanover

Position Executive Officer

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 57

Physical Appearance

Height 178 cm (5’ 10”)
Weight 79 kg (174 lbs)
Hair Color Grey
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description As the eldest of two brothers, the wrinkles creasing through Jared Hanover’s face stand testament to his nearly six decades of life. As a rule of thumb, he tends to wear his wavy, greying hair at medium length. This, combined with a friendly set of features, gives Hanover an approachable look which matches his personality well.

Standing at average height and weight, Jared has a medium build. He maintains his physical condition as he has gotten older by putting in the time and effort in the gym. While he will not be setting any Starfleet records for strength or endurance, Jared is light on his feet and deceptively strong for his size.


Spouse Miranda Petrovic (Divorced)
Children Daisy Hanover-Hollandsworth (38, Security Officer, USS Kentucky)
Skylar Hanover (31, Private Sector)
Father Jackson Hanover (88, Retired)
Mother Elizabeth Sutton (84, Retired)
Brother(s) Michael Hanover (53, Private Sector)
Sister(s) N/A
Other Family N/A

Personality & Traits

General Overview Those that know Jared well enough to consider him a close friend describe the man’s personality to be friendly and outgoing. He has a great sense of empathy and tends to go out of his way to ensure that those he interacts with are made to feel comfortable and happy, even if it means inconveniencing himself. Jared has been considered by strangers to be approachable in conversation, and his breadth of knowledge and experience in Starfleet has given him the ability to find common ground with just about anyone.
Strengths & Weaknesses [+] When the pressure is on, Jared maintains a high level of situational awareness that allows him to focus and perform, even in some of the most stressful situations for a Starfleet Officer.

[+/-] Jared is quick to make casual friends due to his personality, but he has difficulty moving into long-lasting relationships. This has been made more difficult by decades of loss, whether it be from the Dominion War or from his divorce.

[+/-] Hanover has 36 years of experience as a Starfleet officer which gives him an experience advantage in some situations. There is seldom an engineering or technical problem that he hasn’t seen or dealt with in the past. However, decades of experience makes it difficult for him to see new and innovative solutions and at times, it takes some convincing.
Ambitions Most of Jared’s career ambitions have been achieved. Command has never been a priority for him, and his stint at Starfleet Academy fulfilled him in a way he never anticipated when he began his tenure there. The remaining ambitions for him focus on his personal life, where his relationship with his ex-wife remains terse.
Hobbies & Interests Jared is a musician by nature, and he has a smooth voice that stands out well by itself or when harmonizing with other vocalists. Music is his biggest interest and hobby. There are only a few instruments that he hasn’t tried to play, but his self proclaimed favorites are both from Earth - guitar and piano. He still sources a great deal of satisfaction in acquiring guitars for his collection.

Personal History The Hanover family traces its lineage some four and a half centuries back to the ancient German city from which their namesake is derived. By the early twenty fourth, the Hanovers were a space-going family with members in Starfleet and the civilian sector alike, but the majority of them still called Sol Sector home. In 2339, Jared Roderick was born on Luna in an Armstrong City hospital. He attended grade school, receiving average marks in most of his classes.

The time came for career-shaping decisions to be made, and thanks to some extra tutoring and a few internal letters of recommendation, Jared was accepted as a cadet at Starfleet Academy in 2357. Specializing in engineering, his grades once again hovered around the middle of his class. His professors recognized unfulfilled potential in him, mostly stemming from a lack of focus or concentration.

In 2358, Jared met Miranda Petrovic, a fellow cadet at the Academy with high aspirations and a bright future. Shortly thereafter, a fast but turbulent romance developed between them, ultimately resulting in the birth of their daughter Daisy. A few months prior to her birth, Jared and Miranda were married in a small ceremony without the blessing or well wishes of either family. Their tempestuous relationship took a toll on the young family. Miranda ended up leaving Starfleet Academy, and Jared began looking for reasons to distance himself from her.

Jared graduated Starfleet Academy in 2361. Following an uneventful cadet cruise, he found himself assigned to the Excelsior class USS Sandusky for a five year mission into deep space as a damage control specialist. His charm and easy-going nature made him a popular figure among the crew, but the time spent away from home and his family strained his personal relationship greatly.

By 2367, he found himself in the position of assistant chief engineer as the Sandusky returned from her mission. Hanover quickly qualified as an officer of the watch during his break between assignments. His career was on track with a posting as a department head likely. The time away from his wife and nine year old daughter had reinvigorated his drive to repair his relationship with them. Using what connections he had through his father, Jared found an assignment on the USS Aeron, a smaller Reliant class vessel that was unlikely to find itself deployed for long stretches of time. However, this meant that his career progression would be sidetracked. There was no leadership position for him on the Aeron, so he joined as a standard engineering officer.

Jared’s second daughter, Skylar, was born in late 2367 just before the Aeron was retrofitted with new technologies to assist in the fight against the recently discovered Borg threat. As an integral part of the refit team, Hanover once again found himself away from his family for long stretches of time. His work led to his promotion to assistant chief engineer, a position that he had held years earlier on the Sandusky. The setback was worth it to rescue his marriage, or so he thought.

In 2371, fifteen months prior to completing his assignment on the Aeron, Miranda’s admission of marital infidelity resulted in contemptuous divorce proceedings. Jared fought for custody of his daughters, but his wife’s divorce attorney successfully painted him as an abdicant father. Devastated at the outcome, Hanover requested and was granted a sabbatical from his duties. Not much is known about his whereabouts between 2371-2373.

A few years prior in 2370, the Federation made first contact with the Dominion. The ensuing cold war created a multitude of openings throughout the fleet, and in late 2373, Hanover answered the call and returned as the assistant chief engineer of the USS Gryphon, an Akira class starship. The Dominion War raged on, leaving little time to think about anything else. Jared’s time away had afforded him the perspective and the motivation he had been missing the decades prior when he found himself a middling student at the Academy.

Hanover was promoted to his first department head position as chief engineer by the end of his tenure on the Gryphon. He had gained the trust of his captain and his crew, serving as second officer for the final year of the cruise. With the conclusion of the war, the heavy emotional and psychological toll of his divorce and the casualties suffered fleet wide drove his decision to return to Earth in 2378. A position as an adjunct professor of engineering had become available, and Jared took it and settled back into life on a planet for the first time in many years.

Twelve years passed. Hanover developed a reputation for being an amicable, humorous professor who was willing to do whatever it took to help his students succeed, but the call of deep space still dwelled deep inside him. He was more at peace, having repaired his relationship with his daughters after years of self-doubt and fear. At the age of fifty-two, Lieutenant Commander Hanover joined the crew of the USS Worcester, a Sovereign class starship, as her chief of engineering and second officer.

It was now 2396, and the Bureau of Personnel needed an experienced officer to pair with the newly assigned commanding officer of the USS Majestic. Jared caught up with the crew at Poseidon Station, just as the crew began its journey to Sozon II.
Service Record

Starfleet Academy

September 2357 - December 2361
Engineering Focus
Commissioned into Starfleet
Rank: Ensign

July 2387
SERE Training Completed

August 2396 - December 2396
Starfleet Leader Development Framework
College of Leadership and Ethics

Active Duty

January 2362 - May 2363
Damage Control Specialist
USS Sandusky, Excelsior Class Starship

May 2363 - March 2365
Engineering Officer
USS Sandusky, Excelsior Class Starship

March 2365 - January 2367
Assistant Chief Engineering Officer
USS Sandusky, Excelsior Class Starship
Rank: Lieutenant JG
NOTE: Qualified as Officer of the Watch

February 2367 - June 2367
Engineering Officer
USS Aeron, Constellation Class Starship

June 2367 - February 2372
Assistant Chief Engineering Officer
USS Aeron, Constellation Class Starship

May 2373 - June 2373
Engineering Officer
USS Gryphon, Akira Class Starship
Rank: Ensign

June 2373 - January 2374
Assistant Chief Engineering Officer
USS Gryphon, Akira Class Starship
Rank: Lieutenant JG

January 2374 - May 2378
Chief Engineering Officer & Second Officer
USS Gryphon, Akira Class Starship
Rank: Lieutenant

May 2378 - July 2391
Adjunct Professor of Engineering
Starfleet Academy

August 2391 - August 2396
Chief Engineering Officer & Second Officer
USS Worcester, Intrepid Class Starship
Rank: Lieutenant Commander

December 2396 - Present
Executive Officer
USS Majestic, Majestic Class Starship
Rank: Commander