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Herbert Barr

Name Herbert Barr

Position Mission Advisor

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 42

Physical Appearance


Personality & Traits

Personal History Herbert was born to John and Alice Barr on Alpha Centauri in 2358. He was the first of three children to be born. Victor came along two years later then Linda five years after that.

They all lived happily on the Barr family farm, where John and Alice grew fruit and vegetables for the colony. Life was good on the farm with all children helping out before and after school as they grew.

It was John’s hope that Herbert would eventually take over the farm and allow for Alice and himself to retire back on Earth. However, Herbert had no desire to take on the farm as he had his heart set of joining Starfleet. He wanted to see the galaxy and enjoyed what life with Starfleet could offer.

This disappointed John but he accepted it was his son’s choice and tried to encourage and support him. This meant there was a bigger expectation for Victor to take over the farm. He wasn’t keen but wanted to follow his father's wishes. This led to a strained relationship between Bert and Vic.

In 2376, Bert left Alpha Centauri and began his journey towards his dream, joining Starfleet. He passed the entry exams and was enrolled into the academy.

During his time at the academy he excelled at Diplomacy, Security and Intelligence.

When he graduated he was assigned to the Federation embassy on Cardassia Prime. He was assigned to the Intelligence team. During his time in the embassy he met a local Cardassian woman and fell head over heels in love with her. They soon begin plotting a life together which starts with Bert resigning his commission, however, he starts to learn that he was being used by this new found love and was unwittingly feeding her information about Starfleet movements and Intel in Cardassian Space.

He was found not guilty of doing anything wrong and was allowed to rejoin Starfleet but was reassigned to the USS Bluestone as their Chief Tactical Officer. His heart was broken but he wanted to plough all of his energy into his career.

In 2384, he applied for a transfer back in the diplomacy sector. This time as team security for diplomats who travelled. He loved this role, Bert was able to travel and see different planets and cultures. It was the reason for his joining Starfleet.

His career progressed well through the diplomacy corps, moving steadily up the career path over the years. He was rumoured to be getting his own command when he shipped out with a team of diplomats and security officers. They were heading to Breen space to finalise a small border dispute which had come up.

The talks had gone swimmingly until the final meeting when the Breen slaughtered the diplomats and security team assigned to protect them. The only survivor was Barr.

Starfleet negotiated the release of Barr from the Breen and was brought back to the Federation. However, Starfleet was giving information that Barr was somehow involved with the Breen slaughtering the rest of his team. Although they had no hard evidence against Barr, it was deemed that given his previous record with a traitor, he would be stripped of his rank and not allowed to command people on missions.

He was given time off while they decided a way forward for Barr to continue his, albeit, static career.

Barr was finally given an assignment as Temporary Mission Advisor aboard the USS Majestic as her new mission was to carry a princess to her new home and wedding. This was deemed a good mission for Barr to get involved with.
Service Record 2376-2379: Starfleet Academy - Cadet
2379-2381: Intelligence analyst - Federation Embassy - Ensign/Lieutenant JG
2381-2382: Left Starfleet
2382-2384: USS Bluestone - Chief Tactical Officer - Lieutenant JG
2384-2395: Diplomacy Corps - Security - Lieutenant JG-Commander
2395: Lost rank and privilege.
2396-Present: USS Majestic - Mission Advisor

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