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Lieutenant Orin Sempton

Name Orin Sempton

Position Alien Archaeologist/Anthropologist

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 26

Physical Appearance

Height 6'6"
Weight 197
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description A walking scarecrow of a man. His shaggy brown hair nearly covers simple wireframe glasses as if he was ashamed of them. Brown eyes dart around constantly, taking in every sight. Almost ashamed of his height, he continually slouches forward to make himself seem smaller than he really is.

A round, white scar can be seen in the middle of his left hand, on palm and back. A remnant from a mission gone bad, and a reminder of things lost.


Father Dr. Peyton Janus Sempton Sr. PhD
Mother Arriana Sempton

Personality & Traits

General Overview A quiet young man. His eyes are always moving, taking in and processing everything they touch upon. He is always analyzing every situation for each possible outcome, which makes him good at his job where attention to detail is everything. It unfortunately makes him seem timid.

While he tends to not know much about current events, get him started on something that happened a millennia ago and he will talk your ear off.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Dedicated, quick thinking, problem solver, trained in ancient sword fighting styles.

Weaknesses: Socially awkward, quiet, reserved.
Ambitions To find previously unknown civilizations and bring them to light
Hobbies & Interests Reading, history, ancient civilizations.

He can be found in the Holodeck getting exercise as a Gladiator in the Colosseum, a soldier on some ancient battlefield, a ronin in feudal Japan or waxing philosophy with the Greeks.
Song That Represents Character Code Monkey - Jonathan Coulton

Personal History Born Peyton Oranos Sempton Jr to Terran Archaeologist Dr. Peyton Janus Sempton and his Wife Arriana Sempton.

Peyton Jr's life was spent moving from dig site to dig site. Never in one place for to long, he never made any real friends and instead turned his interests to books, the only things he could take with him.

From the moment he could pick up a shovel and dig, his father began grooming him to take over his work. Peyton Sr's constant pushing of his son bred only resentment.

Tired of being expected to be the best because of his father, Peyton left home to enlist in Starfleet. He dropped his first name and modified his middle becoming Orin Sempton, thus taking himself out of his father's shadow.

After his first mission on board the USS Renegade where he and most of the command structure of the Renegade were taken hostage, he took the time to reflect on his own life. Returning home when the Renegade went into dry dock, he was able to reunite with his parents and make peace with his father.

Promoted and shipped out to the Triton Seabase on Amphitrite, Orin took over as marine archaeologist for the base. While the base was more shore-leave than work, he worked together with the USS-Ballard, a submarine, to create seabed images.

When the crew of the Seabase and the Ballard began to suffer serious mental and cognitive dysfunction and psychosis, Orin and the Medical officers worked nonstop to find the source of the problem. When the source was found, a type of krill native to the planet which had migrated into the Seabase, the science department was tasked with finding a way to stop the spread of the dysfunction, now affecting most of the crew, who had to be kept sedated. While analyzing the krill, Orin discovered that they were an intelligent species utilizing ultrasound and bioluminescence to communicate. When communicating with his superiors, he was given a direct order to kill the krill infecting the base to save the crew. Choosing instead to ignore the order, Orin initiated a purge of all the water in the base, collapsing the Seabase’s water tank due to the vacuum and rupturing most of the base’s interior systems.

Brought up on charges of gross negligence, and refusing a direct order, Orin was Demoted back to Ensign and shipped off to await a new transfer.

Service Record Ensign - USS Renegade
Ensign – Triton Seabase
Promotion Leiutenant JG –Triton Seabase
Demotion, Ensign – Triton Seabase, Refusal to carry out a lawful order from a direct superior and willful critical damage to seabase.