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Petty Officer 1st Class Douglas Robb

Name Douglas Choudhury Robb

Position Engineering Officer

Rank Petty Officer 1st Class

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 28

Physical Appearance

Height 5’11
Weight 187 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description At 5’11 Douglas is relatively tall. His dark hair and skin are a holdover from his mother’s side of the family, whilst his accent is from his father. Broad shouldered, but a little wider about the waist than when he was younger. His nose has a slight indent from a youthful break, and his eyes are a dark brown. He keeps a short beard and his voice and laugh are deep.


Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Father Nigel Robb
Mother Sheila Choudhury
Brother(s) Ross Dipankar Robb
Sister(s) Laura Nuela Robb

Personality & Traits

General Overview He is close to his siblings and enjoys visiting his parents occasionally, although his extended family is relatively unknown. He is empathetic but often seems distant as he prefers to approach situations in a logical, thought out manner.
Strengths & Weaknesses Although empathetic, Douglas is sometimes naive and over trusting. Added to this, his rational approach to situations sometimes leads other to believe he is uncaring, although in reality he is a very compassionate man.
Ambitions Douglas one day aims to be a Chief Engineer, however he is aware his lack of officer training makes this unlikely. He has enjoyed learning about engine and shield Subsystems but also revels in sensor technology. His ideal would be Chief Engineer on a test vessel for new technologies.
Hobbies & Interests Douglas is a keen rugby enthusiast and archer. Both hobbies passed on by his parents. He enjoys taking apart old mechanical objects to learn their internal workings, but also enjoys linguistics. Douglas learnt Andorian early on, and a smattering of Tellarite.

Personal History Douglas was born on Proxima Centauri, to Nigel and Farah Caldwell. The middle of three siblings, Douglas was a trouble maker growing up. His elder brother, Ross, was the studious one, whilst their younger sister, Laura, was the quiet one. Douglas would often escape the watchful eyes of both of his siblings and find things to take apart. Dua-scanners, holo players, even a replicator once; Douglas would disassemble everything he could. This fascination with technology would continue well into his teenage years, and was clearly inherited from his mother; once a private starship engineer herself. However he also enjoyed bending the rules as much as possible as child, trying to trip his parents up as much as possible.

Douglas’ father ran a small clinic on Proxima Centauri but encouraged his children to pursue their own interests. As such, when Douglas was 12, his brother Ross would leave the family home to join Starfleet Academy. Ross’ departure would affect Douglas greatly. No longer were his brother’s watchful eyes on him and he found himself avoiding trouble more often and helping around the family home more, especially with the care of his sister. He helped his mother more with small engineering repairs around the habitat block and decided shortly after Ross left, to follow him into Starfleet.

Douglas however, was the least studious of his siblings and knew he would never make it into the academy proper. He resigned himself to becoming an enlisted crew member, and once he turned 18, set out for Earth. His natural talent and aptitude for mechanics and engineering lead him join the Engineering Division of the academy. With the Dominion war over the focus at Starfleet was back on exploration and discovery, allowing for more cadets to join non tactical divisions.

After his basic training, Douglas transferred to the Technical Services Academy on Mars and enrolled in his finishing training. He passed his finishing training with distinction and was enlisted as a Crewman Third Class. He was posted to his first assignment, a training vessel; the USS Calypso. The listing lasted for almost eight months and Douglas learned from some of the best instructors in Starfleet. He especially took an interest in shield and sensor systems, showing a flair for design and improvements.

During this posting Douglas also learned a lot from the science division but struggled with engine engineering and once over Douglas assigned to a science vessel, the USS Lancaster, an older, refitted Ambassador class vessel, where he was promoted to Crewman Second Class. The vessel spent eleven months surveying the protostars of the Volterra Nebula and further exploring the region. Douglas helped analyse the nebula and provided great insight into managing the shields and impulse engines to protect against the effects of the protostar radiation.

Following this mission, Douglas was offered re-assignment, along with a promotion to Crewman First Class. He took the re-assignment onboard the USS Finlandia, a Nova class starship. Douglas served on board the Finlandia for almost three years. The Finlandia continued research into the Briar Patch region, mapping out new asteroid belts, planets and stars. Although the Finlandia was based mainly survey based, it was involved in three minor skirmishes. The latest, involved a pirate Son’a battlecruiser. The battle crippled the Finlandia, which was ill equipped to fight off a dedicated war ship. The Finlandia managed to return home, albeit with heavy casualties, to Starbase 36 but the ship herself was deemed unsalvageable and was decommissioned.

Douglas was re-assigned to Starbase 36 temporarily and assisted their Chief Engineer in day to day station management. Although challenging, Douglas had grown used to ship board life and quickly grew tired of the fixed life on board a starbase. He took the first open ship based assignment that was available, on board the Sabre class USS Rapier. Working as a tug and escort the Rapier was employed as a patrol vessel along the Cardassian border regions. The small vessel for the most part was employed alongside the Starfleet Engineer Corps, recovering mines from the borders and escorting diplomatic envoys. Douglas stayed aboard the Rapier for two years but was transferred, along with a promotion to the USS Buran, taking a position as a Petty Officer 2nd Class.

Finally Douglas was able to return to exploration missions. The Buran set out on a two year mission to not only explore the Cyrene Sector, a largely uncharted sector, but also to test new shield and engine technology; both of which Douglas took a great interest in. He spent hours pouring over data about thrust ratios and shield modulation. The Buran’s Chief Engineer allowed Douglas to assist with a lot of the hands on work and credited him with his contributions; although minor in comparison to some of the officers on board. During the Buran’s mission they charted the Cyrene sector and initiated first contact with two races, both major achievements for the crews records. The Buran eventually completed its two year mission and the experimental engine designs were approved for wider use. The Captain of the Buran, Sr’Pel, put in Douglas for a commendation and recommended he seek further assignment to prove his calibre.
Service Record 2385 - Starfleet Academy - Enlisted Training Programme
2386 - Technical Services Training Academy
2387 - USS Calypso - Training Vessel
2388 - USS Lancaster - Engineering Officer
2389 - USS Finlandia - Engineering Officer
2390 - Starbase 36 - Engineering Officer
2392 - USS Rapier - Tug Engineering Technician
2394 - USS Buran - Engineering Officer/Technical Specialist

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