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Lieutenant Commander Lhaes Sommers

Name Lhaes tr'Llhweiir Sommers

Position Guest Star

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Romulan
Age 40

Physical Appearance

Height 6'2"
Weight 185Lbs
Hair Color Mousey Brown
Eye Color Grey
Physical Description Tall, lean built; well muscled and fairly pale olive-green skin. Friendly face though he hasn't got the distinct Romulan forehead-ridges. His hair is lighter than usual for a Romulan; sunbleached due to spending much time outside, while his eyes are somewhere between grey and blue, leaning more towards grey.


Spouse none (divorced)
Children Liviana & Evaste (twin daughters, born 2390)
Galen (son, born 2393)
Father Ian Sommers (adopted)
Mother Kestra Sommers (Adopted)
Brother(s) Alonzo Callisto-Sommers (born 2375) (also adopted)
Sister(s) Melinda Sommers (6 years younger) (biological child of Ian and Kestra)
Other Family unknown
Katara R'Mor (ex-wife, location unknown)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Lhaes is forthcoming and generally will tell you straight off what he thinks, thereby not caring how people think about him. He is not aboard to make friends, but to do his job. That said, he is also fairly easygoing and pleasant to get along with. He's young and brash, and an experienced field agent. Aside from a degree in intelligence, Lhaes is also in possession of a medical degree. Given that he chose intelligence as his major, he never specialised beyond his basic medical degree. His knowledge, however, is sufficient to be called upon in a medical emergency.

He is very protective of his family, especially his younger sister Melinda. He has gotten into serious trouble during his teenage years, where the subject of the arguments was in fact Melinda. He fought off several would-be boyfriends, thinking her too young to be involved with them, and thinking them beneath her. For himself, he is a bit of a flirt but he'll never take advantage of a woman. He'd sooner give his own life, than allow a woman to be accosted.

Expert marksman when it comes to using a phaser; less so when using a rifle as he finds its use cumbersome.

His Romulan name is Lhaes i-Dekoa tr'Llhweiir though he prefers to be addressed as Sommers for a last name. He was nicknamed 'Dreamer' during his years on Romulus, due to his deceiving appearance of always daydreaming (especially during briefings).

Lhaes keeps both his Honour Blade and Kailune (he standard carries one but depending on mission type may carry more or none) coated in a strong sedative. The merest cut will sedate his victim for a few minutes, thereby negating the necessity to harm them through phaser fire or scare them out of their wits. He uses it as a defensive measure only, though he has accidently cut himself on both dagger and kailune on more than one occasion. Naturally, he isn't immune to the sedatives he uses, so he too will drop unconscious for several minutes when cut.

Has two pet cats:
Grey female Mittens
Black female Hackles

Lhaes is heterosexual (but is not opposted to portray any other orientation if that fits his assignment)
Strengths & Weaknesses strength: stealth, loyal, fierce, skilled marksman
weakness: hothead, argumentative. not a skilled close-combat fighter, allergic to milk(-substances)

Lhaes can go unnoticed for a long while, if he desires to do so.
Afraid of fire, due to having been trapped in a burning barn as a child. Also, due to an accident that happened in his first year at the academy, Lhaes is terrified of water. He'll go ankle-deep, but no further and only if absolutely required, as he prefers not to go near water at all.

While he isn't the most skilled fighter when it comes to close combat, Lhaes is most proficient in the use of his Romulan Honour Blade, as well as the Kailune.*

Telepathic, and empathic, but not fully trained as his abilities were discovered in his early 20s. He is still seeking to improve his skills.

Resembling to Human eyes something like a small metal profile of a bat in flight, the kailune is a throwing blade which Romulans once used to hunt for food, or sport. It is sharp on all edges, the better to increase the chance of inflicting a wound on a target.
Although it is generally not powerful enough to kill an adult Romulan, some masters have demonstrated a lethal pinpoint accuracy with it. On rare occasions a kailune's ability to kill will be increased by coating it with poison.

Size : 12.5cm long by 7cm wide and just under 1cm thick
Mass : 0.25kg (at most)
Range : 5 - 35 meters

Diagnosed with having a milk allergy (substance, not component) by Doctor Douglas Reid, CMO USS Apollo in 2386.
Ambitions To be the best spy and doctor he can be, while being of the best of service to Starfleet. Expand his knowledge and his skills so he can better blend in to an assignment.
Hobbies & Interests In his free time, Lhaes likes to play velocity on the holodeck and baseball, though he's not very good at the latter. Also, he is an amateur botanist. From a very young age, he helped his parents in their garden as it had helped him settle in after his adoption.

He absolutely loathes playing out holonovels however one of his best kept secrets is that he's not a half-bad ballroom dancer. At least four hours a week, he keeps himself trained on a holodeck, or in the privacy of his quarters. This skill accounts for most of his agility.

Personal History Born in 2356 on Betazed in the city of Dekoa, Lhaes is the only son of distinguished diplomats Nveid and Arrenhe of House Llhweiir. The couple had been just assigned to Betazed when Arrenhe went into labour and gave birth to a healthy baby boy. Unfortunately, Lhaes only vaguely remembers his biological parents, though visits their graves whenever he is home on Betazed, maintaining it and tending to the flowerbeds that surround it.

Lhaes was adopted by the Betazoid couple Ian and Kestra Sommers, when he was six years old. His biological parents were killed in an accident, while on diplomatic assignment to Betazed. The young couple took pity on the now orphaned child and adopted him. At that time, their daughter Melinda was a scarce three weeks old. He grew up being the only Romulan in their settlement, but he became a fierce defender of the weak. Almost every day of the week, he managed to land himself in a fight and nearly always he came home with a bloody nose, or worse. Lhaes never committed himself to learning how to fight in close combat, as it doesn't hold his interest.

As a touch-telepath and empath, Lhaes is suscpetible to the telepathy of the Betazoids around him as well as other telepaths. He is used to hearing voices in his head, thus is not as paranoid as your regular Romulan. He is able to shield his mind against invasion, but rarely does so unless he believes himself to be in danger. He does not readily read other people as it takes a strong emotion, for him to catch it. To actively screen for other people's emotions, is quite energy consuming. He'll not readily volunteer to perform a mind-meld, though he has received training in performing them from one of his Vulcan instructors at Starfleet Academy.

When Lhaes was ten years old, he and Melinda were playing in a neighbour's barn when suddenly the structure caught fire. The boy managed to push his sister outside but the roof collapsed before he could get out. He managed to survive by dunking himself into one of the animal's drinking trough, thereby keeping himself wet. He was rescued and taken to hospital with several second degree burns and smoke inhalation.

During his childhood, Lhaes spent much time out in the open, either trekking through the forests to collect plants, or work in his parents' gardens. He enjoys being outside in the fresh air, feeling the sun on his face. He's not shy about discarding his upper-body clothing if a situation demands it (especially since he loathes getting his clothes dirty). And he isn't shy about getting his hands dirty to get some work done either. On a starbase or vessel, Lhaes can often be found in the ship's arboretum. On occasion, he will just sit motionless for hours to observe the blooming of flowers.

At the age of seventeen, Lhaes was accepted into Starfleet academy, though he was rejected for his initial choice: security. Disappointed by the rejection, Lhaes pursued a course into intelligence. He had a rough time at the academy; being the only Romulan in his class had him often as the subject of scorn and taunting from his peers. Especially since Lhaes shouted right back at them. In his final year, he was very nearly expelled because he had willfully sabotaged the graduation project of one of his classmates. Except, since it had taken investigators months to track him down, it had shown his tutors an excellent skill in subterfuge and covert operation. Therefor, Lhaes' specialty lies in exactly that: subterfuge and covert operations. However, aside from intelligence, Lhaes also has a vast interest in medicine so in his second year at the academy he rearranged his schedule so he could also attend medical school. Taking two years beyond his academy graduation in the intelligence field, the young Romulan also earned a basic medical degree. He keeps up this skill by volunteering several hours a week in sickbay, such hours being on his own time and having no influence on his duties as intelligence officer.

In his first year of the academy, a terrible accident happened that had Lhaes at death's door for a few hours. While a member of the academy swimming team, he and his swimming partner Donovan Mitchell were practicing their synchronous dives from the mid-level ramp when they were ambushed and attacked by an opposing swimming team. Both teenagers were dragged under water and held there. Lhaes struggled and fought his attackers but to no avail; he was left unconscious at the bottom of the pool, where he was found minutes later. He was rushed to the academy medical center and barely made it alive. His diving partner was not so fortunate; he died en-route to the hospital. This near-death experience has left the previously excellent swimmer with an uncanny fear for water. He will tread it if necessary but won't enter it any deeper than his feet. He is ashamed of this fear, but it has left an incurable stamp on his psyche that no counselor has seemed to get him to talk about. He won't discuss the circumstances, period.

When he was 22, Ensign Lhaes Sommers was recalled to Romulus, as his records were still known there. He was subjected to endless interrogations, learning to withstand them through hardship and dedication. He also learned various interrogation techniques, through sheer observation, as Starfleet had trained him to do. His proven skill earned him his Honour Blade, which is engraved with both Romulan and Betazoid inscriptions, denoting his heritage. His Romulan tutors believed that the young man could be persuaded to come back and serve the Empire, making him believe that any past sins -mainly that of being raised by the enemy- would be forgiven. As family loyalty is extremely important in Romulan society, Lhaes believed it would be a mortal sin to betray the man and woman he knew as his parents. He rejected the offer and returned to the Federation, knowing he would never be able to return to Romulus. Even a return to the Empire would be a death sentence.

Starfleet treated this training as a loyalty test, as well as a covert assignment. After all, the young officer took back with him a wealth of information on Romulan interrogation techniques. Lhaes underwent extensive counseling, before he was declared fit for duty.

While it may not appear to be so from his records, Lhaes is a teamplayer. If asked to join into a game, whether he's familiar with it or not, he has a hard time saying no. However, there are times when he will tell someone off if he desires to be left alone and he won't be subtle about it.

Already shortly after coming aboard the Cheron, Lhaes managed to get himself into trouble when he became trapped in an office, after the ship crashed. The deck flooded with water and he nearly drowned, once more sparking his fear of drowning. He was injured in the crash as well, suffering a broken right arm, and a bad gash in his left leg. Thankfully he was saved in time, and the officer in question earned his loyalty and friendship.

After being rescued, Lhaes managed to get involved in a barfight, thereby finding a friend in Lieutenant Sa'Ree, an Orion female officer. He thought he was defending her, though in the end it appeared she was quite able to defend herself. It caused him to be stunned and incarcerated in the brig for several hours. While in the brig, a fairly xenophobic cell-mate attacked him while he was still in the process of regaining consciousness, thereby breaking his nose and several ribs.

A few days later, the young Romulan officer found himself to be reassigned to the USS Polaris, holding the position of chief intelligence officer. Upon meeting with the new captain, he received a warning that those who had entered the fight with him, were also assigned to Polaris, and was warned not to engage in any further fights if it could be helped.

After a brief period spent on a station called Harmony X, having been captured with most of the senior staff, Lhaes managed to seize a shuttle and flee the station, then warn Starfleet of Polaris' situation. Deciding that returning to Polaris was not the best move for him, Lhaes requested a transfer from the Polaris and was subsequently assigned to USS Apollo, also as chief intelligence officer. With him also transfers his long-time friend and assistant, Altaïr Ferenze.

Now, Lhaes has made a life for himself aboard the Apollo and actually managed to make a few friends. He's madly in love with fellow officer Alyssa Meadows, who seems to respond positively to his affections. He is also learning a few new skills, namely ice-skating and ice-hockey. At present, he is the assigned guardian of a 17-year old stowaway named Alonzo Callisto, though he has asked the chief medical officer, Doctor Douglas Reid, for assistance.

Involved with Ensign Alyssa Meadows; he's proposed to her in light of her condition known as pon farr and she's accepted. This would, by Human custom, constitute being engaged. After having bonded with her, and going tjrough pon farr with her, he became exceptionally loyal to her, and protective of her. Some might see this as possessive, but if there's something he isn't, it's possessive. It is, however, quite clear that he does love her, and will do anything to keep her happy and safe.

In 2390, his relationship with Alyssa Meadows came to an end after she delivered healthy twin girls, then disappeared off the Apollo, suddenly transferred away without explanation. The telepathic bond with Lhaes was broken by unexplained means, leaving Lhaes feeling abandoned and with the care of his daughters. He has named them Liviana and Evaste. Their official Romulan names are Liviana i'Apollo t'Lhweiir and Evaste i'Apollo t'Lhweiir. They also carry his adopted name Sommers.

That same year, he discovered that Doctor Katara R'Mor has impregnated herself with his DNA, against his consent after her repeated attempts to get him to mate with her. Dutiful and honour bound as he is, he has acknowledged the child she carries as his, and will assume parental responsibilities as a consequence. This also results in a fierce desire to protect her and keep her and the child from harm.

In 2391, married Katara R'Mor in order to protect her and their son, who was named Galan upon birth. Over time, Lhaes has come to respect and perhaps even love his wife. Shortly after the birth of their son however, Katara disappeared and has been reported to have returned to Romulan space, leaving their baby son with his father.

In 2392, when the Apollo crashed and Lhaes was severely injured even before the crash a a result of an away mission, the young intelligence chief realized that he needed a change of scenery and requested a transfer off the Apollo. Also because the chief medical officer deemed it necessary to keep him in sickbay (sedated if needed) for days, rather than use the medical knowledge at hand to heal him and have him return to duty sooner rather than later.

Even before he could true and well arrive on the USS Ragnarök, he received word that he was to be reasigned yet again. It was said that the Crown was in better need of his skills.

His medical records, due to the nature of his profession, are sealed and are eyes only for the chief medical officer. No portion of his records may be shared with other medical personnel without prior consent (by either himself or written consent by the chief medical officer in case of his inability to give such consent) Psychological records are sealed due to the nature of his profession. Prior consent from officer must be obtained before they can be accessed.

After the destruction of the Crown, Lhaes was reassigned to Starbase Protector as Chief Strategic Operations Officer, however the position was too much of a desk job for him and he requested a reassignment back to a fleet vessel. He was accepted on the USS Fearless however as the position was for a Lieutenant Commander that meant he had to take a reduction in rank. Preferring a sharship assignment over a starbase, even if he had to leave his family behind on the starbase -well cared for by professionals though- he was happy to take the demotion.

Even before ever having set foot aboard the Nagasaki, Lhaes found himself reassigned yet again. However this reassignment forced him to resign his commission as he was to serve as chief medical officer aboard a civilian vessel. This time, Lhaes hopes to find some peace in his assignment and actually have a safe environment to raise his children.

As it turned out however, his resignation was only a farçe and he was in fact undercover on the SS Mary Rose, posing as their chief medical officer while investigating the commanding officer, Captain Rueben Gregnol.

His assignment now completed, Lhaes is thrilled to be back in uniform and serve as what he loves to do: chief intelligence officer.

Not finding the assignment as fulfilling, he transferred to the USS Majestic to first serve as chief intelligence officer. However, finding he needed a change of direction, he requested a reassignment to chief of security. It took him a few months to realize that this wasn’t the challenge he needed so he decided to pursue his other love: medicine. His change to chief medical officer was approved and he set himself to the task, using much of his free time to brush up despite always having kept his medical licence valid.

However, spending much time in sickbay, kept him away from his family. In 2397, he made the toughest decision in his life and he chose to leave the Majestic and head for the colony that SB21 was setting up as a civilian. He needed to spend more time with his children and it was likely to be safer to do so as a civilian, rather than a Starfleet Officer.
Service Record 2373 - 2377 - Attended Starfleet Academy, majoring in intelligence, minoring in medical, earning his degree in intelligence
2377 - 2378 - Attended special Intelligence courses and apprenticeships to hone his skills, earned his medical degree
2378 - 2382 - Recalled to Romulus for special tactical training
2383 - Returned to Earth to formalise alliance with the Federation, an action which brands him as a traitor in the empire
2383 - 2386 - Various covert assignments, records classified.
2386 - Assigned to USS Cheron, Chief Intelligence Officer
2386 - Reassigned to USS Polaris, Chief Intelligence Officer
2386 - Transferred to USS Apollo, Chief Intelligence Officer (may 2010) (also serves a few hours per week as medical volunteer to keep up his medical skill)
2387 - Promoted to Lieutenant Commander
2394 - Promoted to Commander, transferred to USS Crown, CIO
2394 - Reassigned to Starbase Protector, Chief StratOPS
2394 - Transferred to USS Fearless, CIO, demoted to Lieutenant Commander
2394 - Reassigned to USS Nagasaki, CIO
2395 - Reassigned to SS Mary Rose, CMO
2395 - Reassigned to USS Majestic - CIO and later CTSO
2396 - Reassigned to USS Majestic - CMO
2397 - Resigned commission to continue service as civilian

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