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Lieutenant JG Coen Zacci

Name Coen Zacci

Position Chief Counselor

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Napean
Age 33

Physical Appearance

Height 6'0"
Weight 190lb
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Coen has an athletic build which he takes pride in. He also has a very ornate form of body art across the left side of his chest and shoulder, down his arm to the elbow. Often sporting a well groomed beard and intense deep blue eyes. He has an exceptionally gentle nature that seems to serve him well as a Ships Counselor.
His smile comes easily but can often be mistaken as being a very intese and foreboding charcater when not smiling. His hair is always just above shoulder length and kept tidy if somewhat unkempt.


Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Father Yazzar Zacci
Mother Leeys Zacci
Brother(s) N/A
Sister(s) N/A

Personality & Traits

General Overview Generally an easy to get along with person who puts the needs of his friends, family and crew ahead of his own. He is never afraid to get stuck in with anything and isn't really afraod of what others may think of him, instead he allows his actions and interactions with others tell the tale to the type of person he is. His Napean heritage lends itself very well to his chosen career track as he has the atypical sepcies ability of being Empathic.
Strengths & Weaknesses His greatest strength is his ability to put people at ease which can mostly be attributed to his Empathic sense. That being said he is the one who tries to keep an atmosphere light and free of conflict.
Another strength is his athletic predisposition.

Weaknesses include not being able to shut out strong emotions and they can overwhelm him easily. He also is not able to leave something well alone when someone is hurting or in pain.
Ambitions He would eventually like to open his own therapy service on one of the less developed Federation worlds either as a private practice or with Starfleets backing. Until then he is content gathering experience on a Starship, progressing through the ranks.
Hobbies & Interests Swimming, ballroom dancing, gymnastics, horse riding.

He has a keen interest in anthropology and sociology.
Song That Represents Character Evermore by Josh Groban

Personal History Coen Zacci’s early life is fairly unremarkable having been born into a loving family on the Napien colony world Narath’el. Raised by his parents to have a keen intelligence and curious nature. This grow into a love for psychology and his schooling leaned towards this form of science very heavily. During his higher education his focus became that of the Anthropology and moved into a Counseling track which also included basic Exobiology and Xenobiology.
The next logical step for him was to enrol in Starfleet once again focusing on the Counselors track even though some of his tutors had started to encourage him to go down the Science Division track and focus on his Exobiology Training. Instead he continued down his chosen track.
Again, his time at the Academy was mostly unremarkable sitting at the middle of his peers academically only really standing out with his Physical aptitude and his ability with the developmental psychology and criminal profiling.

Upon graduating the academy he was very quickly assigned to Starfleet legal service and their criminal investigation program. He worked on a number of minor projects over the span of four years with SFL. His memorable case from his time at SFL was dealing with the Orion Syndicate. The investigation leaned towards needing someone in the field and he was selected to go under cover within the Orion Syndicate because of his species and their lesser role within Starfleet, he would be less likely to arouse suspicion.
The investigation lead to a weapons smuggling ring operating within the boarders of the Federation which he was able to report on without breaking his cover and then make it back to Earth with all the evidence they needed.

With the conclusion of this case he found himself in a position of being able to pick whichever assignment he wanted and a change was needed. He chose to take a deep space assignment as Ships Counselor and was soon leaving Earth behind to join the crew of the USS Zheng-he. This assignment continued for a number of years with nothing much of note happening. He was often utilized during first contact missions, diplomatic missions and the day to day dealings with the crew and supporting them with their mental health.

Several of the notable missions include making first contact with a new militant species called the Hes'Agar that lead to formal diplomatic relations commencing. Taking a small hiatus from serving on the USS Zheng He to support with the medical efforst on a distant Human colony world after a massive natural disaster flattened the first major settlement. The final notable mission was aiding his Captain in negotiations between two species on the boarders of Federation space to reach some kind of peace accord. Both worked tirelessly to agree a cessation of hostilities and a tentative ceasefire agreed before the Federation diplomats arrived to finish the work they had started.

His great break came when the USS Majestic had an opening for a Ships Counselor. He was quick of the mark in sending his interest over to the Captain of the Majestic.
Service Record 2364 - Born on Narath’el
2382 - Enrolled into Starfleet Academy
2386 - Graduated Starfleet Academy
2386 - Started working with the Starfleet Legal Service as a field investigator
2389 - Began working on Orion Syndicate Smuggling ring case
2390 - Orion traders involved with smuggling ring brought to justice.
2390 - Transfered to active ship board duty: USS Zheng He as Ships Counselor
2392 - First Contact Mission: Hes'Agar species. Diplomatic relations commenced
2393 - Supported the medical relief effort on Human colony world devastated by natural disaster
2395 - Aided Captain in negotiations with two warring races. Cessation of military action agreed and a cease fire commenced ready for Starfleet diplomats to continue peace talks.
2397 - Transferred to USS Majestic as Ships Counselor

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