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Captain Elijah Rutherford

Name Elijah Horatio Rutherford

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 42

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11"
Weight 165
Hair Color Dark Blond
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description Broad of shoulder, Athletic build, walks with catlike grace. Dark Blonde hair, Hazel eyes.


Spouse Jasmine Miranda
Children Matthew and Priscilla twins
Father James Rutherford
Mother Lillian
Brother(s) Percy
Sister(s) Anne (oldest)

Hope (second oldest)
Other Family Uncle Delancey Forsyth

Personality & Traits

General Overview Fairly easy going when off duty, but on duty he is clear concise and sharp as a tack. Very determined individual level headed.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Well educated, firm and disciplined, cool headed, but above all else fair minded. Protective.Extremely observant, Intuitive.


Can get rather focused.
Hobbies & Interests Reading, Sailing, swimming, martial arts. Flying old time airplanes. Chess, painting, plays the guitar. Dancing, Cooking. Wood Carving. Fishing.

Personal History DOB April 17th 2355

Elijah was born in Ledburgh, Scotland. Elijah and his siblings as well as his cousins grew up relatively happy. Enjoying the sea, going to school and having adventures with family. He and his cousins would play like they were sailing the seven seas. Then things changed with the first contact with the Dominion. Life became uncertain with the threat of the Dominion. He would remember quiet talks and the sense of worry that permeated the very air.

This was due the fact his father, James Rutherford and his uncle Delancy Forsyth were both captains of Star Fleet vessels. Several of Elijah's cousins also served in Star Fleet in various positions. Two of Elijah's cousins, Henry and Philip who were more like older brothers than cousins, to Elijah and his siblings. Henry and Philip joined Star Fleet two years before Elijah.

This instilled the desire to be a part of that life, Elijah wanting to take his own place in Star Fleet. He studied, under the guidance of his cousins getting him prepped for the entrance exams. He went to summer classes as well, passing the courses and sending in his application to join the Academy. His cousins had already graduated by the time he was accepted into the Academy,

He passed and was accepted into Star Fleet Academy at age 18. He was a diligent student, and in some aspect rather driven feeling the need to be out there. He had his reasons for putting a full effort into graduating. He had two cousins who had graduated 2 years earlier and had gone out to participate in the fight. They were killed when their respective ships were destroyed. One of his cousins Henry, was helm and the other Philip was in security. They were like brothers to him more than cousins, when they were killed it hurt immensely. The only way he felt he could deal with the pain of their loss was to work hard in his studies and graduate.

He did go through grief counseling, but the true therapy was in his studies. Out of honor for both of his cousins, Elijah sent in a request to do training in more that one field. It was granted, for his grades proved that he was capable of doing both. Helm as well as Security were the two fields he chose. Elijah became driven, and rather focused on his studies hardly taking time off. A few of his fellow students thought him to be way to intense, not liking this aspect of him. Elijah cared not one whit of what they thought. He was here to learn, not to go out and party nor sleep around. He did take time to keep himself fit, with weight lifting, gymnastics and martial arts and swimming.

When the holidays came around, he did go see his family minus his father who was out there fighting. His mind wasn't completely there in the moment as he was doing more studying, until his mother took his PADD away.

"Elijah, I am not letting you have this until supper is done and you are here mentally instead of back at the Academy. Your father can't be with us right now but I need you to be here fully. I am proud that you have gone into your studies with such vigor."She paused looking at her son with concern and love. " But dear, if you don't allow yourself some stand down time and let your mind relax you will give yourself problems later on."

Elijah protested, "But Mom, I have to continue---"

His mother snapped out. "I am the XO of the family, while your father who is captain of this household is out there, I am in charge. I am the one who keeps us and this home running. Which means, I am in command and you will not disobey my orders. Do you understand?!"

Elijah's eyes widened, he'd not heard his mother do something like this before.

There was some chuckling around the family dinner table, even if Elijah hadn't heard this side of his mother, the rest of them have on rare occasions. Hope and Anne teased their younger brother.

"Oooh you made Mom put on her command cap!" they said in unison.

"What do you mean? Mom's never been in the academy!" he retorted.

"Just because I've not gone to the academy, I know the routine. After all, your Grandfather was in Star Fleet and your uncle Delancey, don't forget he is my brother. I may not have gone but I know of rules regulations etc. " Lillian replied.

"And like what Da has said before. He maybe a Captain of the ship, but Mom is the boss of the home. If it weren't for her diligence and hard work, this family would be in shambles, he would be in shambles."Anne stated.

Elijah had respect for his mother before, but now he had an even more deeper respect and awe where his mother was concerned." Mother thank you, for all that you have done for us." getting up from the table and giving his mother a warm embrace and giving her kiss on top of her head.

"Oh now, you are making me blush, son." Lillian returning the embrace. "Now you go finish dinner and let me do so as well."

Elijah chuckled, and went back to the table.

When he returned back to the Academy from holiday, Elijah heeded his mother's advice and made certain to let his brain relax from the studying. He returned to some of the things he loved doing, playing the guitar, wood carving and painting. Elijah found that his scholastics, improved even more. He remembered something his mother had told him long ago, music helped in studies.

(2375)Two years later, in his 20th year, the war with the Dominion ended, there was great rejoicing which was bitter-sweet for the family. The return of both father and uncle, and the memory of two who would not come home.Elijah went on to finish the Academy, then went on to Branch School. He sought to do Branch School in two categories. Helm and Security. It is rare that a student is granted this request but he was granted his desire after presenting a succinct and appealing letter to those who were in the upper ranks. He demonstrated his gratitude by being dedicated to his studies. He graduated in the upper ranks his rank number was 6.

For his cadet cruise he found himself on a Galaxy class ship, the USS Argonaut. His final grade on his 6 month cadet cruise, Elijah passed with high honors and was promoted to Ltjg. Elijah went on to Departmental Head School.

(2378)Age 24 Once he graduated, Elijah was assigned to the Federation Diplomatic Corps as Assistant Chief of Security. He was there for Four years rising up to the rank of full lieutenant. During his time of service there, Elijah made certain to keep up on his skills of piloting. He flew dignitaries to their various destinations, and escorted them as well.

On two occasions, Elijah showed his skills of piloting when those who opposed the negotiations between two warring countries tried to stop said diplomat from making the peace talks. He avoided the enemy ships only damaging them enough to make certain they limped away to lick their wounds. Feeling that his talents at piloting were going to waste, his commanding officer insisted that he be transferred to where his skills could be utilized better. Elijah didn't wish to go as he was enjoying his time with the diplomats. His commanding officer, Security Chief Rollins, brought up the fact which caused Elijah to rethink being obstinate. If he wanted to command a ship sometime, he would need to move up the ranks and go into Helm.

(2382) Elijah's next assignment was helm on to his surprise, the USS Argonaut, the very same ship he had taken his cadet tour on. He was welcomed by Captain Matthew Jenkins, the same captain who was there for the cadet tour. Elijah was made second officer besides being Helmsman. He also gained the rank of Lieutenant Commander.

Feeling that there was more for Elijah to accomplish and seeing a future of the second officer being a Captain in his own right. Elijah was in command of the ship while Captain Jenkins and the XO Commander Abner Wright having been on an away mission, he was able fend off an attack on the ship and then rescued those that were stranded on the planet they were at. Captain Jenkins insisted that Elijah go back to Star Fleet Academy to go to Command School.

(2386) Elijah went to Command School, receiving the Rank of Commander. During this time, Elijah met the girl of his dreams. A woman by the name of Jasmine Miranda Pratchett. He didn't know who swept whom off their feet but there was a connection between them that there was no words to describe. Jasmine encouraged Elijah to go for his dreams all the while she sought hers. Her dream was to be a ships counselor.

(2387) Elijah was transferred to the USS Starstrike an Akira Class Star Ship as XO under the command of Captain Josiah Emmett. He served with great distinction and Captain Emmett was well pleased.

(2390) Elijah was offered a command of his own, The USS Nighthawk a nebulae class ship. He leaped at the chance, and gained the rank of Captain. He's been on the ship since. A year in being Captain he reunited with his love, Jasmine. They married and she transferred to the USS Nighthawk as Ship's Counselor.

2391 Elijah had an encounter with a cadet by the name of Lily Marlow. She was there for her Cadet Tour where she became friends with his wife. Jasmine thought that the girl who had studied medicine before joining Star Fleet was a rather interesting individual. She was bright, perky and had an upbeat attitude. Elijah certainly thought she had rather interesting perceptions on life and the medical knowledge she had wasn't the run of the mill sort. In fact the girl had no trouble in geting to know as many of the crew as she could possibly do. She helped out a great deal with those in medical. Then her six month cadet tour was ended and she left.

Elijah had commented to his wife. "Now there went a force of nature. How does anyone keep up that sort of positivity?"

Jasmine could only smile and say this. "She's had her own sort of trouble. I think she made the concious choice of being whom she is."

Elijah could only nod in agreement.

2393-2395 Brought several surprises to Elijah's life. The first surprise was the arrival of a very familiar woman. Dr. Lily Marlow. She had been transferred to the USS Nighthawk as assistant chief of medical. She was welcomed by his wife with open arms. The other surprises were the fact that Jasmine found that she was pregnant. Nine months later they had twins, a boy and a girl. The boy was named James after his father, and the girl was named Priscilla. The USS Nighthawk had been called back to the Alpha Quadrant which Elijah thought was rather fortuitous. Priscilla could visit with family and let the grandparents ooh and ah with their newest grandbabies.

A two week shoreleave for the crew whom welcomed the chance to see various family members etcetera. Then the USS Nighthawk had been asked to be escort for some important cargo to go to a colony. He accepted the assignment. It was deemed that it would be best for Priscilla and the children to stay behind on Earth while he and the ship proceeded on thier assignment. A kiss a tearful goodbye and Jasmine telling Elijah, "Make sure you come back. I do not wish to be a young widow."

Elijah could only smile at that. "I will do my best, not to get into any trouble. And I hope and pray that I come back to you and the sweet bairns." giving his children a kiss on their heads holding them close.Then set off back to work.

The escort mission started out as routine, no trouble at all. Several would be raiders had been chased off. When they got to the colony, the cargo was transferred, no problem and then the return home. They were mostly home when the USS Nighthawk was attacked by a swarm of raiders. A heated battle ensued. The raiders were chased off by reinforcements but the USS Nighthawk was heavily damaged. The ship limped its way back to the Alpha Quadrant, to wait for repairs.
Service Record 2373-2378 Star Fleet Academy
2378 Cadet cruise on the USS Argonaut he was promoted to LTJG
2378-2782 Federation Diplomatic Corps Assistant Chief of Security
2782-2386 USS Argonaut as Helm
2386 Command School
2387-2390 XO on the USS Starstrike (Akira Class)
2390-2396 Captain of the USS Nighthawk (Nebula Class)
2396- Captain of the USS Majestic.