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Lieutenant S'anra Shalakar

Name S'anra Shalakar

Position Chief Flight Control Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Orion
Age 24

Physical Appearance

Height 5ft 7in / 1.7 mt
Weight 135lbs / 61 kg
Hair Color Jet Black ( Length to bottom of shoulder blade )
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Slender but well toned, dancer type body. measurements: 38D-26- 34 ( 96.5D-66-86 cm ) Green skin with light green eyes and
dusty rose colored lips.


Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Father Evrath Shalakar ( Member Orion Syndicate.) Age 58
Mother Paraya Shalakar ( Model / Singer / Holo Actress ) Age 56 ( Looks to be in her mid 20's.
Brother(s) Wren Shalakar Age 30 ( Accountant for the Syndicate )

Hothren Shalakar Age 28 ( Sculptor / Artist ) people just beginning to take notice of his work.
Sister(s) Tellar Shalakar Age 26 ( Brothel Madam )
Other Family Ember Shalakar ( Aunt ) Age 40 Lt Cmdr and Chief of Security aboard the USS Repulse NCC 2544 ( Excelsior Class ) She is the one who got Sanra interested in joining Starfleet and getting her niece away from the " family business."

Personality & Traits

General Overview Sanra is serious most of the time. Can be flirty at times and has an interesting sense of humor. Calm the majority of the time but can be quick tempered when she feels she has been wronged
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Pragmatic, Confident, Reliable, and Honorable

Weaknesses: Quick tempered, Thrill Junkie. Lives for Danger & Adrenaline.
Ambitions To advance as far as she can rank wise in Starfleet and retire. To continue working as a test pilot at the Utopia Shipyard. And to design the next generation of helm controls for federation ships.
Hobbies & Interests Traditional Orion dancing ( Seductive ) Cooking, Singing, Sewing, mid level practitioner in Klingon Mok'Bara. ( Martial Arts )
Highly skilled in the use of the Kut'Luch. ( Klingon Dagger ) Enjoys game of chance ( Poker, Tongo & Dabbo ) Also enjoys playing Go ( Japanese game ) Message Therapy ( Orion Style )
Song That Represents Character Bob Segar Her Strut

Personal History Grew up on the Orion home world. Lived a sheltered life being tutored at home so as not to be kidnapped by a rival household and had bodyguards when outside the family compound. Went to a private high school when she was old enough and ran away from home when contacted by Auntie Ember and enrolled in Starfleet Academy at age 17.
Service Record Starfleet Academy Age 17-20.
Served aboard the USS Repulse NCC 2544 with her Auntie Ember. Age 20-22.
Test pilot at Utopia Shipyard Age 22-23.
Served Aboard The USS Tripoli. NCC 19386 Age 23-24.
Currently Serving aboard the USS Majestic NCC 82181 Age 24-current.