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Lieutenant Andrew Callaghan

Name Andrew Michael Callaghan

Position Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 33

Physical Appearance

Height 5'9"
Weight 165#
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green


Spouse LT. JG Megan DuBois, Medical Officer (fiancée)
Father Cmdre. Cullum Andrew Callaghan, 61, StarFleet Academy, Earth
Mother Cmdr. Helena Morgan Callaghan M.D., 62, StarFleet Academy, Earth
Sister(s) Lieutenant Commander Morgan Jaina Callaghan (37 yrs. old) – USS Carlin, Executive Officer
Lieutenant Addison Emory Callaghan (39 yrs old) - USS Nogura, Chief Medical Officer
Other Family Andrew is part of a large, traditional Irish family which includes numerous extended family members. He attempts, typically with low results, to keep in contact with most of them through recorded communications sent weekly to his family.

Personality & Traits

Strengths & Weaknesses Andrew is an oddity, as his strength and weakness could be considered the same. He's known to be very stubborn, but that has served him well in some situations. When he wants something, he isn't backing down easily. He's fiercely loyal to his crew and considers them family, but he needs to learn to keep that professional boundary. He tends to keep things very laid back, but when push comes to shove he will stand his ground.
Ambitions Andrew's honest only ambition was to make command, after that he honestly hasn't made too many career goals. In his personal life, he's preparing for family life and hopes in time to have children. Andrew doesn't feel like he's in a good place to have children yet but knows that it will happen sooner or later.
Hobbies & Interests Andrew is an amateur musician having learned to play the guitar at a fairly young age. He tends to downplay his skill, but in reality, he's rather good. Andrew's preferred music is country and bluegrass, but he can play almost anything put in front of him. Perhaps one of his most secret talents is the fact that Andrew can sing; however, he's terribly shy and doesn't enjoy singing in front of people. Many people have stated that they could hear Andrew singing from the Ready Room but no one has pointed it out.
Song That Represents Character John Denver - Take Me Home, Country Roads

Personal History Born on the 24th of December 2375, Andrew Michael Callaghan is the only son of Commodore Cullum Callaghan, a Professor at Starfleet Academy, and Commander Helena Callaghan, M.D. Raised on Earth, with his family who worked for Star Fleet; the expectation was set high from an early age. While the Callaghans were loving parents and cared for their child; Andrew and his father struggled in their relationship. The Senior Callaghan stressed Andrew's future career in Star Fleet and tended to treat the boy differently than his sisters; in hopes of molding him to what he saw in his mind.

Starfleet Academy - Security Cadet

Freshman Year: Andrew adjusted to Starfleet life faster than most of the Cadets in his class. As far back as Andrew could remember his father ran their house in a manner that mimicked Star Fleet's life. The Callaghan child was used to rigid schedules, inspections, and physical exercise. So for Cadet Callaghan, Star Fleet didn't present a challenge. Given his attention to details, schedules, and organization it was no secret that Cadet Callaghan selected the Security Track and a minor Flight Operations. For the most part, freshman year wasn't too eventful, things honestly went according to plan.

Sophomore Year: Andrew's second year in the Academy is where the Cadet started to slip. With his first year being so easy, the Cadet found himself becoming relaxed; even lazy. It was the first time that Andrew truly felt he could be himself. While he still sailed through Academy when it comes to physical exercise and the military aspects his educational training started to fall behind. Andrew's second year was truly a test of his determination when he was threatened with expulsion after failing a class. Andrew had lived under his father's roof for so long that he never questioned his career; it was always expected he would join Starfleet and continue the Callaghan tradition. While many saw the potential and ability, the same people also saw a lack of drive and passion. Most of Andrew's second year was just him going through the motions. It wasn't until the Dean of Student threatened to kick him out that Andrew realized he had to take things seriously. There was no backup plan.

Junior Year: It wasn't until his Junior Year that Andrew picked up Flight Operations and Piloting as a minor. As his course work continued to get more and more challenging Andrew realized the need to find an out. Something that took his mind off of things and allowed him to refocus his mind. Piloting crafts, and flight navigation did just that. It was also the first time that Andrew found a skill he truly had to work at. This wasn't natural nor easy. He struggled and took pleasure in the struggle.

Senior Year: By his Senior Year Andrew was in his stride. He wasn't top of his class, but he wasn't near the bottom either. Andrew graduated from the Academy with no additional awards or commendations. This was a sore subject for Andrew's father, as he felt his son hadn't tried. The fact his son graduated in the midrange was a disappointment and he made sure his son knew it. Refusing to attend his son's Academy graduation was the turning point in the two's relationship. Andrew has never forgiven his father.

Starbase 24 - Security Officer

As a newly commissioned Ensign, Andrew found his first assignment abroad Starbase 24 working on the night shift, as a Security Officer. The station gave Callaghan an experience that he hadn't had, up until this point. Having grown up on Earth, and spending most of his childhood there, Callaghan enjoyed being away from dry ground. Meeting new species, new people, and experiencing the seedier side of the Federation was right up the Ensign's alley. While his career at the station was boring, after all, how much fun can the night shift be, he thoroughly enjoyed his time at the station.

USS Miami - Security Officer

The year 2390 saw a big change in Callaghan's life. Reassigned to the USS Miami, as their second shift Security Officer, Andrew was given a promotion to Lieutenant Junior Grade. The USS Miami gave Andrew something that the station couldn't have; a mobile life. Up until this point, Andrew had always lived a stationary life with everything he needed right there at his fingertips. Gone were the amenities that came with a base posting; no more fancy shops, or promenades. While Andrew considers his assignment on the USS Miami to be a positive one, it did end on a rather low note. During a Diplomatic mission to Draia VI, Andrew had a liaison with a young female Diplomatic Aide. Andrew lucked out in the fact he wasn't demoted, but he was transferred off the Miami.

USS Portland - Communications Officer

The USS Portland found Andrew back on the night shift and working as a Ship’s Brig Officer, definitely a setback. It honestly was a boring job with nothing to report. Andrew didn't enjoy his time on the Portland but understood that things could have been much worse. His tryst with the Diplomatic aide of a foreign government was forbidden. Andrew has no proof and isn't brave enough to ask, but he's confident his father pulled in a few favors, a fact that helped save his career. Taking his position seriously Andrew buckled down and worked hard. Over time, he worked his way back to the day shift, and even picked up several bridge shifts, before being transferred to the Hartford.

USS Hartford - Assistant Chief of Security

After three years on the USS Portland, Andrew was once again transferred, this time to the USS Hartford oddly enough as their Assistant Chief of Security. While still not a glamorous role, it allowed him to supervise staff, work on duty assignments, and filler work for the Chief of the Department. In simple terms, he had bridged the gap from Junior Officer to leadership, and he enjoyed it. Andrew had never considered command as a viable career path. Having grown up with an overbearing father, he wanted nothing to do with supervising or staff. However the Hartford changed his mind, and now he had a vision ahead of him; the center chair of a starship. Earning a promotion to full Lieutenant, Andrew felt he was on track and soon found himself accepting a Chief of Security post aboard the older USS Majestic. After serving on the USS Hartford for four years, Andrew is ready for the next step up in his career.

USS Majestic - Chief of Security

After a brief layover at Starbase 42, Andrew was assigned to the USS Majestic, along with his fiancee Megan DuBois. With a new assignment, and a family on the way Andrew feels things are on track, ready for the next adventure.
Service Record 2364 - Born
2382/2386 Starfleet Academy: Security Track
2386/2390 Starbase 24: Security Officer
2390: Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade
2390/2391: USS Miami: Security Officer
2391/2394: USS Portland: Brig Officer, Security Officer
2394: Promoted to full Lieutenant
2394-2397:USS Hartford: Assistant Chief of Security
2397: USS Majestic, Chief of Security

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