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Lieutenant JG T'seng

Name T'seng

Position Diplomatic Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Vulcan/Human
Age 50

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10"
Weight 145
Hair Color Golden
Eye Color Green
Physical Description T'Seng is willowy and graceful. With some curves due to her human side. Her hair which looks like spun gold, reaches to below her shoulder blades.


Father Jeniat (Deceased)
Mother Alexia Boulide (Deceased)
Brother(s) Sutus
Sister(s) Feng
Other Family Human Side: Uncles Jacob and Kason
Aunts:Yasmin, Gracie and Libbie
Grandparents Ezra and Tabitha

Vulcan Side:
Grandparents Jereet and Se'Nen

Personality & Traits

General Overview T'Seng is a rather curious individual. She wants to explore different facets of life. She knows about the teachings of Surak however with her being in a stasis chamber with it being linked to Adna Stations computer, it has made her more open to emotions due to the young man whom had found her and in some way woke her mind up. Giving her a simulated life and happiness.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Has a unique perception of the waking world.
+ Has the capability to Empathize with others.
+ Open minded
+ Telepathic and empathic

- Does not want to sleep much
- Has a slight fear of going to sleep
- Is not wholly a vegetarian
Ambitions To experience life and make up for what she has missed while being in stasis. To be a good diplomat like she had been trained to do.
Hobbies & Interests Roleplaying games, reading. Experiencing life

Personal History Born in a rigid discipllined household, of which wouled be termed perfect for a vulcan. it was difficult for T'seng. Her parents showed no compassion and were strict in their upbringing when she was a child. For her father, it was to be expected. For her mother it wasn't as she was human. With T'seng being a Vulcan/Human mix it was difficult to bring her human side under control. She did her best but she did hunger for any sign of affection or even approval from her parents. She received nothing, no acknowledgement as to any improvement. Other gave her indication of mistakes or if there were improvements but not her parents. Nor her siblings either. For some reason her family were distant.

When she reached a certain age, it was recommended by other family members on her mother's side that T'seng should join the Diplomatic Corps as she seemed to have a knack to defuse what could be termed a volatile situation.

Her Parents quickly agreed and T'sng left for what she termed a better life. Some years down the road, on the way to a diplomatic meeting, T'seng developed an illness which caused problems to her heart. Unable to proceed, T'seng was left in care of those at Adna Station years a go, to hopefully help her out when the proper medical care was found. She was placed in a stasis chamber, to await help. This was twenty odd years ago.

During her period of waiting, a young man by the name of Myneer 'met' her. A sleeping beauty is what he called T'seng. He stumbled across her in the medical bay, attended by the EMH Gwendolyn. When he found her it looked like the stasis chamber she was in, was showing signs of wear and tear, and was getting ready to fail. He quickly found a solution, it was another stasis chamber which operated on an independent system which operated by itself and was connected to the 'dragon' Named Guardian. The interesting thing about this ancient tech was, that the mind could access the computer system sort of an individual wifi.