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Patrick O'Malley

Name Patrick O'Malley

Position Chef

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 26

Physical Appearance

Height 184
Weight 82
Hair Color Chesnut
Eye Color Grey
Physical Description Average height and built, clean shaven and shining slightly curled chesnut hair. often somewhat tousled but usually well kept.


Spouse Andrew Kincaid (deceased), Angus Murphy
Children none
Father Sean O'Malley
Mother Katie O'Malley
Brother(s) Seamus (15 years younger)
Sister(s) Katherine (2 years younger)
Charlotte (4 years younger)
Other Family A very large family on both sides of his parents family.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Patrick is a reasonably shy individual who does not seek out people contact. He doesn't have many friends and doesn't go out much. Though he's working on conquering this, with the help of the few friends he has, and his husband.

Over the course of time, has become a bit more accepting of people, but still doesn't go out much. To overcome his fear of people contact he has taken to tending the bar and serve food himself rather than have waiters do it for him.

In 2394, lost his husband in the Casino bombing on Starbase 80 (later renamed Cheron Base)
Strengths & Weaknesses + good taste for food
+ friendly
+ caring

- very shy
- not very talkative
- doesnt like crowds
Ambitions Just serve people good and honest food.
Hobbies & Interests Patrick's main hobby has been turned into his profession: cooking. Outside of that he loves to get his hands dirty in one garden or the other.

Personal History Patrick is born as the first child of four into a very large family. His childhood had been very carefree, though he spent many days caring for his younger siblings while his parents were working. He was very outgoing and gentle until he started to attend highschool and finally university.

Along the way, Patrick became more quiet and introverted, not having a great many of friends. His class mates started to notice he took no interest in the pretty girls in their year, and started to bug him about it.

In his last year in uni, when he was catering an event at starfleet academy, he met a young science officer named Adrew Kincaid, and the spark was there from the moment the two young men looked each other in the eyes. After four months of dating, the young couple was married, just after Patrick's graduation.

While serving on the Nimitz, Patrick spends most of his time in the officer's mess, preferring to serve actual food rather than replication. He has an absolute distaste for replicated food and refuses to eat it unless there really is no other choice. He is friendly and accepts his husband's friends even though he's not very outgoing.

While on mission to Salonia, and visiting the planet with his husband, Patrick became separated from him and was abducted by the Salonian Resistance Army. he was mistaken for an ambassador and was tortured and forced to send out a message, stating that the Federation has to withdraw from the planet. He was injured such, that his spleen suffered severe damage and had to be removed.

During the Landoria mission, Patrick was separated from his husband when he was sent with the civilians to reside in the barracks where it was considered safe. He was badly burned during an explosion when he and another scientist went to investigate a sound they had heard - and would later prove to be a Landorian drone. He made, however a full physical recovery though now he has a deep rooted fear for large open fires, and fireworks.

On SB80, manages Melinda Plumeri's restaurant and is her main chef.

Lost his husband, Andrew Kincaid in the 2394 Casino bombing on SB80.

After the death of his husband, and after some time of mourning, Patrick decided to leave the base and find a new place to have a fresh start. Needing to be 'out there' he requested a position as civilian chef on a starbase. Instead he was assigned to the USS Majestic as captain's personal chef.

During his time on the Majestic, Patrick fell in love with the chief engineer, Angus Murphy. Though the relationship was tested severely, even through severe injury, the two men grew more towards each other and their bond strengthened. Ultimately, in 2397, Patrick said yes when Angus proposed to him. It didn't take much longer for them to get married in an extremely small and private ceremony.
Service Record USS Nimitz - Chef
Starbase 80 - Chef
USS Majestic - Chef

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