Majestic Class    [ View Specifications » ]
Bridge   The 'Brain Center" of the ship.
Captain's Ready Room   The Captain's office.
Observation Lounge   The meeting room for Department Heads and diplomatic gatherings.
Diplomatic Officer's Office   Office of the diplomatic officer, used for communications and other essential functions of diplomacy.
Grand Hall   Ballroom used for diplomatic functions as well as ship celebrations.
Transporter Room   Ship's transporter room and main source of travel.
Aeroponics Bay   Used for the growth and production of the ship's food for diplomatic functions and crew meals.
Sickbay   The are of the ship dedicated to healing sickness and injury.
Chief Medical Officer's Office   Office used by the Chief Medical officer, adjacent to Sickbay.
Stellar Cartography   Used for the study of space, along with astrometrics.
Teh Lab   Labs dedicated to scientific discovery and equipment.
Astrometrics Lab   Used to study space along with stellar cartography.
Counseling Office   Office of the counselor, responsible for the mental health of the crew!
Engineering   The beating heart of the ship.
Intel Office   Intelligence Officer's Office.