Cruel Meridian

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The crew of the USS Majestic is tasked with escorting a daughter of the Tulis Alliance to her wedding on Sozon II when she agrees to marry the emperor in order to end a decades long war. But of course nothing is as simple as it seems. The crew must make peace or do battle with their moral dilemmas. Will they allow her innocence to end or sacrifice more lives? They may get more time than they bargained for until everything is set right.

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A Majestic Affair

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For Whom The Bell Tolls

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Run Afoul

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The Crew of the Majestic visits Starbase 50 for some rest and relaxation and the wedding of Lhaes and Beatrice.


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Sun in the eyes and sand in the toes- a little R&R for the crew!

The Fool's Odyssey

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The crew of the Majestic has enjoyed a much needed rest on Marga III. As they prepare to leave something sinister occurs on the planet forcing them to make a choice. They can't leave a crew member behind but if they don't escape in time all of their lives could be irrevocably altered.

War Games

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