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Posted on Wed Aug 7th, 2019 @ 8:16am by Cassandra Leblanc-Reed & Lieutenant Commander Lhaes Sommers

Mission: For Whom The Bell Tolls
Location: Deck 2 / Security Offices
Timeline: MD6, 1700-ish hours

Cassie rubbed at her temples in an attempt to fight a budding headache. The issues between the leading societies of the Claddin Empire were more complex than she had thought. One had to consider history, economics, culture... and neither were one the same page. She had quickly determined that talking with each representative directly would quite possibly be necessary, even before the official proceedings began.

A different approach would be needed for each species, and she have to learn common phrases simultaneously in three languages. And as one of the species, she had learned, was telepathic, her intentions would need to be made clear though non-verbal communication as well.

Thus the headache.

All this, and more, had been on her mind when she noticed someone move from the corner of her eye. She turned her head, and there he was. A naked man, running down the corridor. She recoiled in surprise and cocked her head as he casually waved at her. She hesitantly waved back, trying to analyze what, exactly, she had been witness to.

She was curious as soon as she regained her senses. She wanted to call to him, tell him to wait up. She jogged to where she had seen him turn the corner, but he was already gone.

"Wow. Okay," she told her herself, and burst out laughing at the ridiculousness of the situation. This was hilarious! She laughed so hard she doubled up in two, and had to catch her breath a couple of times, her headache completely forgotten.

She tapped her commbadge once her laughter had subsided, but she still chuckled at the thought that a streaker had just run past her. "Cassandra Leblanc to Security. I've just... uh... had a streaker run past me."

"Sommers here, do please come to my office and give me a clear description if you can," came the voice of the security chief. There was amusement in his voice, though it also had an edge of annoyance. No-one so far had been able to give him a clear enough description so he could send a security team to find the man. Oddly enough, internal sensors were of no help either, as if he knew where the blind spots were.

"Alright, I'll see you in a minute," Cassie responded as she moved toward the left at the end of the hall. Laughter threatened to bubble up in her stomach again, but she only let out a chuckle as she shook her head. "Security Offices, please," she instructed the lift as she entered it.

Just as the doors were closing, she saw the man pop his out of a nearby corner, and she quickly ordered the lift to keep the doors open. The streaker waved again, and vanished just as quickly as their last encounter, but at least she got a better view of his face.

She sighed as she re-entered the lift and instructed it to resume. Security.

A few moments later, the young diplomat entered Security Offices, and was met with a young officer, who directed her towards Sommers' office. Cassie thanked her, and soon rang the office's chime.

"Come in," Lhaes called, already having called up what little he had on the streaker. "Ah, Miss Leblanc, please have a seat." He smiled pleasantly at her. "I am Commander Lhaes Sommers." In case she hadn't learned his name yet. "Security Chief," he added, somewhat unnecessarily, "what can you tell me about the streaker? We've had multiple reports, but no clear description."

"Cassandra, nice to meet you," Cassie said as she sat. "Luckily, he played a bit of peek-a-boo just as I was entering the lift, so I got the chance to get a better look at him, but it's not much to go by."

She closed her eyes, remembering. "He's relatively tall, I'd say just a bit under 1.8 meters. Definitely fit. He has a youngish face, I would say. He didn't look old by anyone's standards. Curly golden hair, and I would assume blue eyes, with that hair colour." She opened them again. "He's definitely Trill. I did notice spots on the sides of his body."

The Romulan nodded as he made notes of her description. "Could the hair be dyed?" he asked carefully, "or the spots somehow drawn on?"

"If it was dyed, it was a pretty recent job. I didn't notice any darker roots. As for the spots, they looked pretty genuine to me. I only got a glance at them, and not from up close, so I could be wrong. But I don't see why anyone would bother, just for a prank like this," Cassie responded. A corner of her lips curled up, and she shrugged.

"True enough," Lhaes agreed, "such an intricate pattern takes time and possibly assistance, unless they are tattooed on, which again takes a lot of time." He made a few notes again. "Any other things you noticed that may help me and my team to catch him?" Grey eyes studied her for a moment. "Anything at all?"

"It happened really quickly. One moment, he was there. He turned the corner, I followed, and by the time I turned the corner myself, he was gone. He only reappeared when I got to the lift, and he didn't stick around for very long either," Cassie responded, then had an idea. "I was on Deck 2 when I saw the man. Maybe there's a pattern as to where he hangs out?"

"That's an interesting thought," Lhaes mused, "it's certainly something I'll be looking into. If at any given time you see him again, do please report it, as well as where and when you see him. Perhaps we can indeed extrapolate a pattern and predict where he'll appear next."

"I'll keep an eye open. I'm surprised the internal sensors haven't picked him out yet, though," Cassie commented.

"Ma'am, if people don't want to be seen or found, it's my experience that they'll find measures to do so." The Romulan smiled knowingly at her, as if he'd employed them himself in his past.

Cassie smiled back. She knew a few people like that. "Touché." She rose from the chair. "I'll let you know if I see him again. In the meantime," she said before continuing in Romulan, "have a nice day, Commander. It was an honour to meet you."

"And you," The Romulan returned in Federation Standard, "please do speak Standard ma'am, it has my preference. I may be Romulan, but I am a citizen of Betazed."

Cassie nodded not only in apology, but out of respect for the Commander's wishes. "My apologies, it was my mistake to assume. It won't happen again."

Lhaes just smiled. "Remember to report him again, if you see him," he reminded her as she started to leave. The more data we have the better we can predict his movement."

Cassandra Leblanc-Reed
Diplomatic Officer

LtC Lhaes Sommers


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