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Diplomatic Meeting?

Posted on Sun Sep 8th, 2019 @ 2:21pm by Lieutenant Neenyo Tadez & Petty Officer 1st Class Zirra Kajat

Mission: War Games
Location: Deck 3 Corridors
Timeline: IN ROUTE

Zirra had her eyes on her PADD as she searched for the lounge. Not looking where she was going, she collided with a tall humanoid.

Noting his pips, she said. "Sorry, sir. I apologise for walking into you, I was not paying attention to my surroundings." She then ended her apology with a toothy grin.

Tadez was what one might call an average height for a male Bajoran at 1.87 Meters and to a hulking form at over two meters was something of the Irresistible force and immobile object; the long awaited answer to that posed question is that one of them must change form. One is now a Mobile object or a resistible force.

Tadez knew he could not resist the force and gave ground; Simple physics did come into play, he was not taken aback as 'bumping into another of the crew is pretty standard. He chuckled for a few seconds; not out of nervousness but the fact such a large figure did not register on his mind as he walk.

"I believe this proves I also was in another mental place and took my hands off the wheel you might say?" He looked up to make eye contact with the Gorn. "I am Tadez; Neenyo Tadez but everyone calls me Tadez" He used the more accepted fashion of the name introduction in this case. "And I feel quite clumsy at the moment as well." He gave a Bow. "It is a common thing on a ship to met other crew like this every so often... small corridors." He smiled.

"I'm glad for your understanding, sir." Zirra said. "I'm Zirra Kajat, I just recently came aboard as a Security Officer."

Tadez stroked his chin for a few seconds pondering something. "And it might be quite fortuitous that you have come at this time, and in Security no less. "Tadez smiled. "How do you feel about diplomatic assignments?"

"I don't have any experience with diplomatic assignments, sir." Zirra replied.

"I think in this case you might want to be on my Diplomatic detail." Tadez grinned. "The Empire we are about to have relations with has diversity I think it might be good to show our diversity as well?" He told her. "You would not mind if I took the idea up with your chief would you?"

"I don't mind, I am always up for new experiences." Zirra said with a toothy smile.

"I will see about getting you assigned to my Security detail, I think your being as you are compared to me will show the Cladden Empire differences on appearances do not hinder our working to a mutual goal." Tadez suggested.

Zirra smiled. "That should be fun, Sir."

"That would be helpful; you being good and enjoying your time would be a message the Cladden Delegation might note?" Tadez remarked. "I was going to get some food at the Lounge, care to accompany me so we might get a better understanding of what I would require aside from your Security functions?"

"Sure, I dinner engagement with a handsome man, how could I refuse." She said with smile.

"I am glad you accept." He gesture for the Lady to go first; as it customary. "I think you will be very well suited for this and I admit getting to know you will be most enlightening."

"Thank you, kind, sir." She said as she led him towards what she hoped was the Lounge. "So, what made you want to become a diplomat?" She asked.

"It seemed to cover all the bases I needed to work and I had good Intelligence for it." Tadez nodded. "The training came easy and I was able to do the job well." He replied as they came to the Galley.

"And, do you enjoy your work? A friend of mine told me that was most important." She said.

"I take pride in being good at what I do." Tadez lead her to an open Table. "As for being fun, I have to calm people from arguments that can get people killed; there is a sense of doing well but I would not say that settling disputes is really fun." He chuckled. "Though I have thrown some good parties Officially."

Zirra laughed, a deep throaty sound. "I do enjoy a good party." She said.

"Party Girl is a nice touch." Tadez added. "You will be a help in all this Ms. Zirra Kajat."

"Glad to be of service, sir." Zirra said with a smile as she attempted a curtsy.


Lt Neenyo Tadez
Chief Diplomat

Petty Officer 1st Class Zirra Kajat


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