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Posted on Mon Sep 9th, 2019 @ 10:06am by Crewman Apprentice Stef & Razmi

Mission: For Whom The Bell Tolls
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: MD7

Alecx was worried. Even though he was only two years old, he understood the fact that daddy was always there for him and when he came home from care, daddy was always waiting for him. He was allowed to walk home alone, because really, where could he go on a ship this big? And the signs told him where to go, when he asked that nice unseen lady, didn't they?

And yet, when he walked inside, their home was still dark. "Daddy?" the boy called out, "Daddy are you here?" When there was no answer, he tapped the shiny delta he was told to wear, trying to hail his father. When there was no reply, he tapped it again. "Miss Razmi, this is Alecx.... is daddy with you?"

"Alecx, no, he's not. Where are you right now?" Razmi was rather alarmed, although she knew the boy had been taught how to use the comm system, he should be with someone at the moment. "I will come to see you and together we can find your daddy."

"Home," the boy answered, "Daddy isn't home. And he's not answering his comm..."

"Stay right there, I'm coming to get you and we'll go visit your dad together okay?"

Visit him where? Alecx frowned as he pondered those words. "Okay," he finally answered.

Razmi left the channel open just in case as she hurried to Stef's quarters. The doors opened as they normally did for her. "There you are." Razmi smiled down at Alecx and offered her hands out to pick him up. "Alecx," Razmi said carefully. "Your daddy is ill and he's in sickbay but we can go see him."

He flew into her inviting arms, hugging her tight as she lifted him up. "What's the matter with him? Daddy wasn't sick when we walked to school this morning. How come he's sick now?"

"We're not sure sweetie. But we will find out and make him better. He's sleeping right now but we can go and see him. I'm sure he'd like to see you." As if to take his mind off the worry of his father Razmi asked, "How was school today?"

"Miss Letty was nice," the boy said, "she's just letting me play really, and gives me pictures to paint. I'm not ver good at it." He tilted his head to look at her. "Can't daddy sleep at home?"

"Not just yet. We need to look out for him because he's sick. So Doctor Adamson and Doctor Sekat are doing just that. And don't worry about not being very good at art, it takes practice."

"I don't remember daddy ever being sick before," Alecx pondered, resting his head against her shoulder. He was quiet for the rest of the trip down to sickbay and when they reached it he wanted to be set down on his own feet. "They'll let us see him right?" he asked, pulling his face into an anxious frown.

"Yes," She rubbed his back. "He's right over here, but he's sleeping. You can sit with him though, and talk to him. He won't mind. And I'm sure he can hear you." She sat down with Alecx on her lap. "Hi Stef," She said quietly, "I brought someone to see you."

There was the slightest of twitch visible on the Vulcan's face as Razmi addressed him. It seemed more prominent when the boy cried out, "daddy!" He leaned forward to peer into the tank. "Why is daddy floating? He can't really swim...I swim better than he does... Can I touch him?" Alecx looked around, his slightly slanted eyebrows pulled together in a frown.

"They have him in there to make him feel better. And no, I'm sorry you can't touch him right now. But you can talk to him. Tell him anything you want." Razmi assured him, letting go of him if he wanted to walk around the tank.

Alecx leaned up, pulling himself up at the edge of the tank to peer into it. "Daddy?" he called softly, "Daddy I'm here... please get better... Please don't leave me alone..." he turned his head. "Can I stay with you while daddy is sick?" He bit his lip. "Unless you don't want me to... your friend doesn't seem to like daddy very much..."

"Of course you're staying with me. Or we can sleep in your quarters if you're more comfortable. I think Neenyo and your daddy will get along fine. They just need to make friends. Sometimes that takes time sweetie. Your dad is just a little protective of me. We've been friends a long time."

"Daddy said you're family," the boy whispered, "can we stay in my home?" He cast a sad look towards the tank. "He will come home again right? He will get better?" It was frightening to see the only parent he'd ever known, floating there, unmoving and seemingly unaware of his visitors. The boy didn't see the minute movement on the man's face, the faintest hint of a frown.

"He will," Razmi said, kissing him on the top of the head. "I promise you. He will come home. He is a fighter and he has you, he'd never leave you." She felt warm fuzzies at the mention of Stef thinking she was family. "Yes, we can stay in your home. Tell me when you're ready to go and we'll cook some dinner together. Would you like to bake something?" She glanced at the tank and knew that Stef could hear them, he was responding to their voices. She saw him twitch and move. "It's okay Stef, just heal for us. Alecx and I will be fine."

A faint smile seemed to form on the otherwise still form of the young Vulcan, his expression relaxing a little. It was lost in the child, who had turned away. "Can we bake cookies for daddy and your friend?" He asked. "Daddy might like some when he wakes up."

"Absolutely. I think that's a great idea. Both of them will love that." She stood up and held out her hand to Alecx. "What kind of cookies?"

"Chocolate." Alecx managed to smirk up at her. "You know he loves chocolate." He cast a final look over his shoulder, reaching towards the tank, his tiny hand just hovering over his father's without touching him. "Bye..." he said soflty before turning back to Razmi. "Can we go?"

"Sure. I'll see you later Stef." Razmi put her hand on the tank for a moment before leading Alecx out.

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