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Reporting to investigate

Posted on Wed Jan 22nd, 2020 @ 9:06pm by Chief Warrant Officer Qurrac & Lieutenant Commander Lhaes Sommers

Mission: Promenade
Location: Security Chief Office
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Having Buttle press his uniforms a few days in advance helped in times of rapid business to be completed. He had report to the Executive Officer and now his future Department head must be informed of his arrival. He had memorized the main deck plans of the ship and made his way to Security and the COmmander's Office with a PADD in hand.

"Commander Sommers; I am CHief Warrant Officer Qurrac reporting as your new Investigations Officer ma'am." He gave way as introduction.

Lhaes arched a single eyebrow at the new arrival? "I think I would prefer 'sir' if you don't mind?" He commented dryly. "Have a seat chief and tell me a little about yourself."

Qurrac took the offered seat.

"Not really much to tell." He started. "I was an exchange recruit for Star Fleet from Risa where I was born. They discovered I have an aptitude for investigation; I follow the evidence to conclusion and give succenct reports of my findings. Then the Command and judicial systems take over." He explained. "I also dabble in mechanical sculptures as a hobby." He nodded. "I do not collect Latinum so among my People I am No Ferengi at all." He shrugged. "That should cover it Commander."

A Ferengi security officer, that certainly was a new one. "You are as much Ferengi as I am Romulan," Lhaes finally said, "that you follow a different path than what is expected of you, makes you no less than your peers. What do you hope to add to my department?"

"I am very good at collecting evidence and breaking down the elements of a crime." Qurrac began. "I follow evidence trail like a businessman seeking latinum. Curiosity is a tool; I am also a fairly good shot with a Phaser and have dealt with a side of society not often witnessed by those 'Hue-mons' of the Federation; the side where you do what must be done to feed yourself; thus, a side of those that would threaten problems. I have had to deal with ad fight off shady individuals. I have insights into criminal activity as a base."

"That could be quite useful." Lhaes looked thoughtful. "And noone would suspect a Ferengi as being part of an investigation team." He nodded in approval. "So undercover is up your alley?"

"It could be profitable." Qurrac replied. "It is also how I have done this well so far." He added. "Put me in a suit and no one suspects."

"You do understand, that profit is not something I can condone while you work for me?"

"Sorry Ferengi saying, I do not collect profits." He chuckled. "Much to the nix of the Grand Nagus and Congress of Economic Advisers. My resources are excluded from Ferengi Rules since I do not make business Profits. Investigation into corruption is among my Objectives Sir."

"Good. Then I'll let you get on with it." Lhaes smiled. "Good luck."

"Thank yo Sir." Qurrac bow slightly and turned to leave.

Lieutenant Commander Lhaes Sommers
Chief StratOps

Chief Warrant Officer Qurrac
Investigations Officer


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