Settling In...Again

Posted on Thu Feb 14th, 2019 @ 12:10pm by Lieutenant Commander Dominic Aldrich

"After just recently being transferred from the Camelot to the Alexander I thought I'd be settling in for the long haul. Just as I was working to get the science labs equipped and running, I received orders to another ship. I am currently en route to the Majestic. Currently, the ship and crew are on assignment. As a result, I am being ferried to Marga III to await rendezvous. As with when I left the Camelot, I had to get special permission for the amount of items I am bringing with me. There are years of research and collections packed away, and I'm sure finding a place for them will be and interesting endeavor, as it tends to be. I am not particularly excited at the prospect of trying to find my place and comfort zone again. You'd think after this many years of service and command experience I'd have grown out of my reserved tendencies. Yet, they remain always the bane of my newly minted existence aboard a new crew. To this point, I know very little of the crew and their exploits. As I have a few days to wait until I am picked up, I will make sure to look into where they've been and what they've done. Other than that, I'll continue writing the paper for publication regarding the discoveries made while on Cheron station and the use of geological harmonics in the ancient religious practices of the culture that used to inhabit that world."

Lieutenant Commander Dominic Aldrich