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LT Lilith Evelyn Sullivan's Personal Log [LES001-004]

Posted on Mon Aug 19th, 2019 @ 4:38pm by Lieutenant Lilith Sullivan

[LES001: MD02, 2100]

Well, here we are. I finally made it to the ship after what seems like an eternity on the Gatineau. Strangely enough, it was more than just my stuff in the cargo hold that was destined for the Majestic. Some lady by the name of Leblanc-Reed is going to be joining the crew as well. Quartermaster wasn't really the talkative type, so I didn't ask.

What's there to say? The ship still smells like it's pretty new. The Majestic class finally got the full treatment it was supposed to have before the Dominion War messed things up, so it's nice to get to a ship where everything works more or less. Props to the engineering team.

Met the ship's chief diplomat. He's got a flattering way of talking, that's for sure. Oh, almost forgot - I attended the captain's wedding. Yup, four hours on the ship, one wedding attended. That's gotta be some kind of record. Her dress was gorgeous. I still don't know if the married thing is for me though. Oh well.

More tomorrow.

[LES002: MD03, 2200]

Day two in the books. Still no duty yet, but I'm going to enjoy the adjustment period while I can. Departmental meetings are all set up for tomorrow. Four of 'em, probably just gonna hold up a picture of me smiling on my PADD and hold it in front of my face. Seems like a good plan.

Ah, that reminds me, I figured out who Miss Leblanc-Reed is. Civilian diplomat of some kind. Seemed happy that her effects had made it over. Very pleasant to talk to, and very, very pretty. I only got to speak to her for a few minutes, but I hope that we can be friends.

And finally, can't go to sleep without talking about Alta. A dear old man, but... well, fair to say that sleeping with the captain's dad isn't going on my record. Like, ever. Dodged a big one there.

More later.

[LES003: MD04, 2105]

Haven't been sleeping worth a damn since I got on this ship, but that always happens when I get back to the boat after being on a planet for while. Met the XO, CO, CSTO, and CMO today. You can never really tell with career officers, but I think I got a positive initial reaction out of them. The XO was standing in what I can only assume is the same holoscenery that we used in SERE training. Talk about your PTSD moments.

Captain Saulitis seemed to be in good spirits. She has the most gorgeous head of red hair I have ever seen. Like I had to control myself, I wanted to touch it. Personally, I'd be mad as hell to be honeymooning on a dang starship, but something about that entire ceremony seemed to have a waft of facade about it. Not that it was disingenuous, but you almost get the feeling they had the real ceremony somewhere else. Oh well, incidental really.

Romulan chief of security has three kids in tow. Handsome fella, but you could definitely see some pain etched deep in the man's history somewhere when I asked about the picture on his desk. Probably best to avoid that topic in the future, I'm no psychiatrist.

Doctor Adamson says I'm fit for duty, but one of her scans showed a chip in my brain. That's pretty f---ing crazy if you ask me. Definitely handling it well. Definitely. Now I'm definitely not going to be able to sleep, but might as well try.

More tomorrow.

[LES004: MD05, 2300]

Hello from two and a half days with like four hours of sleep. This is fine. I'm fine.

Something is definitely going on with the crew. People are acting strangely, and I don't really have an explanation for it. Maybe it has something to do with the chip in my head. Maybe the others have one too and it's affecting them. The chef straight up almost cut his damn fingers off. Oh and note to self, don't raid his galley. My fingers might be next.

Oh, I finally worked. Like officially on duty. Some dude checked me out in uniform today while I was in my office. I mean, on one hand, at least I've still got a little somethin' somethin' but on the other hand, it's 2396 for cryin' out loud. Grow up! Oh, and my office, haha, I'm attaching a photo. It's a beaut.

Last but not least, I got to sit with the captain's yeoman and Cassie tonight and talk a bit about the mission. There is more to that Vulcan than meets the eye, of that I am certain. Dude had an arm in a sling, when I know Sandy could fix it in seconds. Cassie is lovely to talk to as I suspected, she's got a knack for what she does. Good to see.

More later.


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